Winning for losing

Now that the 7-2 SF Giants are have as good a record as anyone in baseball, how much will ESPN drop them in this week’s power ranking?

Boston Red Sox “expect to be without multiple unvaccinated players for an upcoming series against Toronto Blue Jays in Canada.” Red Sox were last MLB team to integrate their organization, in 1959, 12 YEARS after Jackie Robinson started for the Dodgers. Plus ca change…

So we now have an NBA playoffs without both the Lakers and the Clippers. And last just December they changed their arena name from “Staples Center” to “Crypto. com Arena.” Coincidence?-

Florida banned 54 of 132 math textbooks, and a staggering 71% of submitted textbooks for grades K-5. for alleged CRT and “indoctrination.” State won’t give examples of what books said. Anyone researched who wrote/published books that DID get approved? And who they donated to?-

Wonder if a pollster asked some of these DeSantis disciples if Florida schools should teach about multicellular organisms?

No longer have a child in school, but with all these GOP Governors demanding parents have role in their children’s education, why aren’t moderate and liberal parents speaking up and demanding their kids be taught actual history and have access to all the books they want?

Went to high school during a time when many of us envied the most popular girls who tanned with baby oil and aluminum foil. But even in our craziest days we never thought of tanning testicles.

Some conservrative media saying how Texas Governor Abbott was praised by others in GOP after sending buses with asylum applications to the US Capitol. Funny, they don’t mention praise for his border closure stunt that’s resulted in rotting produce AND food shortages.

Have known for a while that many Americans cannot name their own member of Congress or Senator. But on both sides of the aisle, increasingly struck by how some of the biggest names nationally are often those who get the least done.

Former EPA head Scott Pruitt has filed to run for Senate in Oklahoma. Maybe he’s run out of all his pilfered Ritz Carlton lotion and needs an excuse to return to DC regularly?

Considering that Putin would rather destroy Ukraine & its people rather than surrender or say he was wrong, why is anyone surprised that a GOP led by Putin’s puppet would make Americans suffer rather than let President Biden look good?

If Senator Mike Lee had just slapped someone would the media be paying attention to his texts?

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