Changing places.

Tom Brady said after he retired Feb 1, he spent time with his wife and kids and reflected on his decision to leave football behind. He said he still had a “love of the game” and started to get the feeling that he should still be playing.

Possible translation – didn’t take long for Giselle to be tired of having him around the house.

Well, at least tonight Dodgers fans can’t complain about Dave Roberts not letting Clayton Kershaw go deeper into the game. (He gave up 4 ER in 5 innings.)

Hasn’t taken long for the good and bad teams in MLB to differentiate – as of right now both the Giants and Dodgers, individually, have won as many games as the Diamondbacks, Reds and Rangers put togethre.

SCOTUS today declined to hear a challenge brought by NY & nine other states to GOP 2017 tax law’s $10,000 state & local tax (SALT) deduction cap. Short version: States rights matter to this court, unles they’re blue states

Leaving Twitter aside, Elon Musk claimed in a TED Talk that one-way tickets on his SpaceX rockets to Mars are a “doable” cost – that ‘almost anyone’ could save up $100,000. Tell me again how billionaires need to keep their tax cuts?

So since all these airlines immediately dropped their mask mandates with zero notice to allow passengers to make a choice, I hope they allow travelers who bought nonrefundable tickets & now don’t feel safe to make the choice to get refunds.

Just pointing out, while mask mandate on planes was probably on way out in 2 weeks anyway, the Florida judge who overturned it is 33 years old, one of Velveeta Voldemort’s last appointees, & ABA sent letter to judiciary saying she was not qualified. Judges matter.

Elizabeth Warren today – “If Republicans want to use the filibuster to block policies that Americans broadly support, we should also force them to take those votes in plain view,” Agree, 100% When Senate returns next week let’s start with the $35 a month price cap on insulin!

Kevin McCarthy has proven himself unable to protect American democracy. I don’t give a flying fig newton what he thinks President Biden should do in Ukraine.

My college major focused on Tudor England. In 16th century, while Henry VIII broke from the Pope, he was against Bibles in English. Because he & church didn’t want average people being able to read the Bible & thus making their own judgments. Feels a lot like what’s happening in Florida.

So how long until Ron DeSantis removes biology books from Florida schools that teach evolution?

Wonder what GOP and conservative media would be saying if Saudis had given so much as a few thousand dollars to Hunter Biden.

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