Wanna get away?

For Military Appreciation day at Nationals Park in Washington DC, the Army sent a plane from Joint Base Andrews with the Golden Knights parachute team on board for a flyover pre-game landing.

Except someone at FAA forgot to tell Capitol Police, and the plane flying around the area triggered an evacuation of the US Capitol ended up briefly evacuated.

Nancy Pelosi in a statement said the FAA’s failure “to notify Capitol Police of the pre-planned flyover Nationals Stadium is outrageous and inexcusable.”

The FAA did not respond to a request for comment. Presumably because they were busy figuring out who to fire?

San Diego Padres now first team to announce a deal for ads on 2023 uniforms, as they’ll wear patch with a Motorola logo. Teams like Baltimore Orioles have to wonder, how much could they be paid not to wear a logo on their uniform?

Only hit for Shohei Ohtani today was by Astros catcher Jason Castro. Almost 10 years ago, SF Giants fans might remember the last batter on June 13, 2012 was also Jason Castro. Only that night Castro grounded out…and Matt Cain had a perfect game.

Kathryn Kimball Mizelle, Velveeta Voldemort appointed judge who overturned the mask mandate, is married to Chad Mizelle, a Stephen Miller crony & former DHS general counsel who once represented Tom Brady in appealing his Deflategate suspension. Scumbags of a feather.

Seriously ESPN? NBA playoffs underway, MLB in full swing… and the top headline on your website is “Bucs ignoring Dolphins ‘chatter’ around Brady” I really don’t care, do U?

Delta Airlines has walked back their statement “COVID-19 has become an ordinary seasonal virus.”

Today’s effort: COVID-19 “transitions to a more manageable respiratory virus — with better treatments, vaccines & other scientific measures to prevent serious illness.”


Since the media SO loves to both sides everything, what about “both sides-ing” the fact that President Biden quietly and with no drama released his tax returns this week?

All you need to know about how completely FUBARed with celebrity culture in America is hearing that Rudy Guiliani was on the Masked Singer.

Rick Scott wants to raise taxes on the middle class.

Ron DeSantis is trying to destroy Disney.

Makes you wonder what Marco Rubio will feel compelled to do to keep up.


What if Walt Disney World builds a wall around themselves…. And makes Florida pay for it?

Most of Florida Governor’s actions (anti-women’s rights, anti-LBGTQ, anti-public school, anti-Disney, anti-democracy ) are being done with eye towards running for President in 2024. So what Ron DeSantis is telling us – authoritarism & hate have become GOP brand,

Had forgotten that Senator Mike Lee of Utah was on Velveeta Voldemort’s original 2016 list of potential SCOTUS justices..

French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen actually wants to ban Muslim headscarves in French public spaces. Uh, I’m a pretty secular white woman of half-Christian half-Jewish heritage and that would make me want to wear a head scarf in solidarity.

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