A couple days late …

Milwaukee Bucks’ Khris Middleton will miss two weeks due to a sprained knee. Fortunately, assuming the Bucks get past the Bulls, there are still about eight weeks left in the NBA playoffs.

Might be one of the strangest NBA box scores you will ever see:

By quarters.

MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES – 21- 23 -23 – 37 – 104

MINNESOTA TIMBERWOLVES – 39 – 12 – 32 – 12 – 95

How do you score 71 in 2 quarters, & 24 in the other 2?

Stephen Colbert talks about the DeSantis-Mouse feud, and points out that not only is Disney the largest private employer in the state but also “Disney is also the only reason anyone goes to Florida.”

Well, since DeSantis insists Disney is a California company maybe Walt Disney World can give California visitors a residents’ discount while they start charging Floridians full price.

Rachel Maddow tonight quotes new book”This Will Not Pass” saying Mitch McConnell told advisers on January 11 at least SEVENTEEN Republicans would vote to impeach Velveeta Voldemort.” So who got to Moscow Mitch & some of those senators and how much did they pay?

DeSantis’s bill to strip Disney of its special status doesn’t go into effect until 2023. So a new Governor can issue an executive order overturning the bill. Ron just handed Florida Democrats a campaign issue in 2022.

For those who know anyone insisting Disney should have nothing to do with gay rights – a reminder, the lyrics to “Beauty and the Beast,” along with those to “The Little Mermaid,” were written by Howard Ashman. Who died of AIDS in 1991.

Remember “Miracle on 34th Street” when the judge’s grandchildren won’t go near him because they hear he’s going to put Santa Claus in jail? Wonder how Ron DeSantis’s kids are going to react when they find out he’s attacking Mickey Mouse?

In all seriousness, Disney is going to be just fine. Maybe they’ll do more expansion in California or another state. But black voters in Florida are being royally screwed by DeSantis and that should be getting more headlines.

Couldn’t stand Dick Cheney and never was a fan of Liz, but i wouldn’t bet against her in a bar fight. And I sure as heck wouldn’t try to attack her personally.

Russia has decided to ban more than 2 dozen US citizens from traveling to Russia. As a travel agent, I am not sure there are 2 dozen US citizens right now who WANT to travel to Russia.

Today’s GOP – Judy Blume’s “Forever” describes a fictional consensual sexual relationship in high school. Let’s ban it.

Also today’s GOP – A guy is credibly accused of actual sexual assault in high school. Let’s put him on the Supreme Court.

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