Over and almost out.

After forgetting to hit publish the other night.. back on semi-schedule.

Give Kyrie Irving credit. He’s probably single-handedly created more Celtics fans than anyone outside of Boston.

Apparently Nationals were upset SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler had runner try to score from 1st in 9th w/ 6 run lead Friday night.

Uh, remember 2002? – Giants had 5-0 lead in 7th of Game 6 of World Series vs Angels.

Or 2016? 3 run lead in 9th in NLDS game 5 vs Cubs?

Or the Cardinals last July with a 6-1 lead on the Cubs into the bottom of the ninth and Chicago came back to win.

Bullpens happen.

For fans of non-political intrigue, a court just rejected Yankees’ appeal to keep a 2017 letter sealed from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred to GM Brian Cashman that allegedly documented NY’s sign-stealing scheme. Pass the overpriced popcorn.

Yankees fans in right-field bleachers pelted Guardians outfielders w/ bottles, cans etc after NY’s 5-4 walk-off comeback win against Cleveland today. Media would call them thugs, but w/ price of tickets & beer at Yankee Stadium most of these jerks were probably wealthy & white.

SNL was off this week.. But how much would we all love to see a skit with Cecily Strong playing Marjorie Three Names at her hearing yesterday/

Asked about when the January 6 insurrection started – “We thought it was Antifa dressed up as Trump supporters.” And Marjorie Three Names says that with a straight face.

But Marge’s top response? – “I don’t recall.”

You know who didn’t need to keep saying “I don’t recall” despite 11 hours of testimony? Hillary Clinton

So with this “T-Mobile for Business” ad when do all these obnoxious people singing “I want it now” get turned into giant blueberries?

RIP Orrin Hatch. Remembering his friendship with Ted Kennedy & all the bills he ended up doing together. After Ted’s death, Orrin said ” ‘When we did agree, everyone turned to get out of the way. They thought if Kennedy and Hatch can get it together, it must be good.”

Looking at those pictures of parents who took their children to Ron DeSantis’s signing ceremony and made them applaud his attacks on Disney. Shouldn’t that count as child abuse?

France votes for their President tomorrow. While those of us who believe in democracy are rooting for Macron, note, France votes on Sunday! How much better might it be for democracy in US if we put election day on a weekend? Or better yet, made election day a national holiday!

Really don’t care if Madison Cawthorn wears women’s lingerie on a cruise or under his suit on the House floor. But imagine if similar pictures appeared yesterday of ANY Democratic member of Congress.

Mike Pence’s “I’m not getting in that car” is chilling. But these words from Jamie Raskin should be equally chilling ” his was not a coup directed at the president. “It was a coup directed by the president against the vice president and against the Congress.”

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