And here we go…

For all those who thought Super Bowl week was too much hype.. It’s now NFL Draft week

Thinking if President Biden wants absolute bipartisan approval for something he could issue an executive order firing umpire Angel Hernandez.

But really, with all the polarization in this country can we at least get bipartisan agreement on one thing? Angel Hernandez should NOT still be employed as a major league umpire. Heck, Angel Hernandez should not even be a Little League umpire.

With Mike Yastrzemski on the COVID IL, SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler decided to try Joc Pederson as his leadoff man. Think it’s safe to say the experiment looks like a success.

You don’t have to think Emmanuel Macron is a perfect leader to be thrilled he won just re-election against Marine Le Pen. Sometimes it really is a vote for good vs evil. Or more specifically, democracy vs authoritarianism.

Apparently Marine Le Pen breeds cats professionally. So in the spirit of bipartisanism, and as a cat lover I would like to wish her the best for the next several decades with her cat breeding business.

Hey media downplaying today’s election between Macron and Le Pen. 58.8% to 40.6% Those numbers, while close, are NOT from France. They were Reagan’s margin over Mondale in 1984 and you called it a landslide.

Newt Gingrich, a man who cheated on his first wife while she had cancer. married his mistress and cheated on her as his second wife with his third wife, is upset that Elizabeth Warren called Kevin McCarthy a liar. Okay then.

United Airlines is actually cancelling some flights out of Johannesberg this week due to fuel supply Issues. But explain to me how gas prices are all President Biden’s fault?

Marine Le Pen has conceded the election to Emmanuel Macron. Waiting for Velveeta Voldemort to attack her as a loser for that.

So is NY Times going to send reporters over to rural French cafes to interview Le Pen supporters?

On top of all the insanity with Velveeta Voldemort and Q-Anon cult members, has anyone reminded them that JFK Jr, even if he rose from the dead, would still be an unabashed liberal?

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