Draft Day

Tonight starts the NFL draft at 8pm Eastern Time

And by about 8:30pm some team’s fan base will be convinced their team screwed it up.

Bucks put Bulls out of their misery, Warriors come back and beat the Nuggets to clinch their playoff series.

Meanwhile, at least in New York and Los Angeles there are no distractions from the NFL draft.

If someone had told me SF Giants would have LaMonte Wade Jr, Tommy La Stella & Evan Longoria still injured, Duggar out, 2 of 5 starting pitchers on IL, Joey Bart w/ 23Ks in 38 AB…. And that their record had a 13 & 6 in it, I’d have expected the numbers to be in reverse order.

Today’s NRA and Velveeta Voldemort-owned GOP.

1. Guns are safe.
2. Tomatoes are dangerous.

Delta Airlines will start paying flight attendants for boarding time, apparently 1st major US airline to do so. They haven’t paid before? Boarding has to be one of most stressful parts of job…”My 3rd bag is tiny”, “am SURE it will fit,” “supposed to have a better seat”, etc.

If you want to reduce abortions, you should want to increase the availability of birth control. It’s that simple.

Thinking if you’re a Republican who believes in cutting things like food stamps and the child tax credit, when it comes to the subject of abortion you should sit down and STFU. Once again, four words, “Pro Life My A**.”

Loved Mitt Romney talking about Orrin Hatch telling him to loosen up his language a bit. So Mitt says he started using “dang.” Wonder if Orrin got Mitt after rough days to do double shots of milk.

Words I didn’t expect to hear on Senate Floor from Sherrod Brown “I’d like to thank Senator Cotton.” Apparently Tom Cotton decided he’d had enough of making Americans less safe by blocking DOJ nominations. But we take our small victories, and small civilities when we can.

4,099,505 to 4,089,472 Yes, a difference of about 10,000 out of over 8 million. That’s how much Rick Scott beat Democratic Senator Bill Nelson by in Florida in 2018. Don’t tell me Marco Rubio isn’t beatable by Val Demings. Don’t let anyone tell YOU your vote doesn’t matter.

Since GOP is upset about US taxpayers subsidizing college costs, aren’t US taxpayers already subsidizing college for the children of millionaires and billionaires with Republican/Velveeta Voldemort 2017 tax cuts?

Rachel Maddow is covering Velveeta Voldemort transcript where he was telling the audience to “knock the crap” out of people throwing tomatoes and other fruit. Because “its dangerous stuff, somebody could get killed. NBC SNL skit writers are going “We give up. Can’t top that.”

Rachel Maddow also covering how Wisconsin & Michigan Republicans are continuing their 2020 election review after pressure from Velveeta Voldemort. Uh, WHY is GOP genuflecting before a loser?

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