Draft night

Evaluations of picks on NFL draft nights are like evaluating long term relationships after a great Tinder first date.

Some do result in long term relationships. Some in short term relationships. And some … well, maybe it was a great night.

So will Velveeta Voldemot’s GOP cult members now demand states require ID at farmer’s market to purchase dangerous fruit.

And is another reason Velveeta Voldemort won’t return to Minnesota not just that he lost in 2020, but also that residents might throw frozen fruit?

So as we approach picnic season in some states are we going to need permits for open carry of tomatoes and pineapple?

Montana Senator Jon Tester on Senate floor talking about increased monopolies in farming business – resulting in hundreds of thousands of farms lost. And higher prices for consumers. But media will ignore him and keep saying Democrats need to reach out to rural voters.

Marjorie Three Names, who lost it over Jimmy Kimmel’s joke and couldn’t handle being questioned by Jim Acosta today, is proof that even Southern states like Georgia can have really big snowflakes,

Remember when during the hearings for Ketanji Brown Jackson, that Ted Cancun Cruz was caught checking Twitter for his mentions? So is that what this whole Elon buying Twitter thing is about?

If Republican Senators had to pay the prices for prescription drugs that average Americans on Medicare pay, the bill to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices would pass unanimously.

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