And then there were six.

Coach K, as emotional as I have ever seen him as a Duke coach, is going to his final Final Four. And all snark aside, this is a moment, and whether it’s love, coaching, bonding, whatever, this team seems to have come together and grasped it.

Most of even this year’s Duke team’s PARENTS were too young to remember when Coach K started coaching the Blue Devils. But sure seems like the 75 year old guy has seriously inspired the kids. And more power to him.

Meanwhile, Tara Vanderveer, who is NOT retiring, is one win away from another Final Four herself.

Charles Barkley on Houston, down 20 to 27 at halftime to Villanova “They’re going to have to find a way to score or they’re not going to win this game.” When he’s right, he’s right.

Herschel Walker says he’s sick and tired of CTR in schools. Herschel Walker might be a walking ad for those of us increasingly worried about CTE in football.

Some of MAGA’s clutching their pearls as whether Biden actually literally meant “Putin cannot remain in power,” had no problem when Velveeta Voldemort suggested in speech USA “put the Chinese flag” on military planes & “bomb the shit” out of Russia. “Then we say, China did it…”

I guess some conservatives would have been happier if President Biden had said “Putin cannot remain in power, person, woman, man, camera, TV

If Velveeta Voldemort had said Putin cannot remain in power GOP would be saying he belonged on Mount Rushmore.

So has Fox News attacked President Biden for visiting Ukrainian refugees without throwing paper towels yet?

Florida just reported 1,167 more COVID fatalities, for total of 73,027 Florida resident deaths. (State doesn’t count tourists & visitors & have been accused of undercounting.) California, with almost double the population, has had 88,689 COVID deaths. No wonder GOP hates math.

The GSA has approved sale of Trump’s DC hotel lease to a Miami investment group which will turn it into a Waldorf Astoria. So we’ll get the “Trump” name off the building before they get it off the Republican party.

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