After Monday…

And now four straight victory for San Antonio Spurs, who moved within 1/2 game of the Los Angeles Lakers for the last play-in game spot, with 7 to play.

Lebron James possibly missing even the play-in game?

Well, good thing NBA referees don’t have any potential impact on games.

Women’s Final Four is set. Three #1 seeds and #2 seeds.

Now, actually some games have been close. But is parity really that bad, or are the “seeders” in Women’s college basketball much better than those for the men’s game?

Kyrie Irving, unrepentantly anti-vax but now able to play in New York: “I’m standing for freedom, in all facets of my life. Nobody enslaving me. I don’t want anyone telling me what to do with my life.” So next time he gets injured, Kyrie’s going to heal himself & ignore doctors?

Stephen Colbert on Kremlin’s phases of war. Phase One: We lose. Phase Two: War is over, we win. Reminds me of an old Soviet joke I heard as a child on USA car beating USSR car in a match race. Pravda headline “The Soviet car came in second, the American car was next to last.”

Washington Post headline “Cruz’s battle to keep Trump in power has cost him friends, sparks questions.”

Shocking, Ted Cruz HAD friends?

Ron DeathSantis today – “In Florida, we not only know parents have a right to be involved, we insist parents have a right to be involved.” Has it occurred to the Governor that liberals are parents too? Heck, GAYS are parents too. Hoping in Florida THEY start getting involved.

Underreported comment made by President Biden today, “that he doesn’t think anything anyone says has much of an impact on Vladimir Putin. “Because Putin doesn’t listen to his own advisors.” Where have we heard that before?

Forgot to hit “publish” last night..

No matter, apparently most of the world has forgotten to move on.

Apparently slugging someone on national TV because you are annoyed at a joke is a way to get past our collective ADHD.

Violence is wrong, period. But if anyone would have been justified in responding to hurtful words last week by taking a swing at someone it would have been Ketanji Brown Jackson with a few members of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

So I gather any potential scheduled roasts for Will and Jada Pinkett Smith have been canceled?

Reality check: A well-known husband of an actress not liking a host’s joke and deciding to throw a punch should be a one day story. A well-known wife of a SCOTUS judge not liking a country’s vote, and deciding to overthrow an election should be a big deal.

So when will Fox News demand Joe Biden take away Hunter Biden’s security clearance? Oh, wait, Joe Biden, unlike Velveeta Voldemort, didn’t gave his child a security clearance. Never mind.

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