Rules and other fantasies?

While refs clearly missed an offensive pass interference call against the Bengals, there was another missed call early in game when Rams’ defender grabs Cincinnati’s receiver’s pants enough to see material stretch on Bengals passing attempt at 11 yard line,

Then after letting them play for 58 minutes, refs called THREE straight penalties in last two minutes as Los Angeles drove for their final Super Bowl winning TD. Including an incredibly ticky tack defensive holding.

We’re shocked, said all Saints fans.

So how long until Fox News tells their viewers to blame Super Bowl halftime show on President Biden?

Olympics have just decided because Kamila Valieva is only 15 years old, & thus a “Protected Person,” she can keep her team gold, & be allowed to compete despite positive test for banned supplement.
Stand by for record numbers of under-16 Russian athletes in future Olympic games.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport decision verbatim on ROC skater Kamila Valieva – “The athlete should benefit from following exceptional circumstances, she is under 16 & protected person under the World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) code.”

Exceptional BS.

Due to outrage about Kamila Valieva being able to keep her gold medal (for now at least)l AND compete as the favorite for the women’s figure skating gold medal despite positive test for banned supplement, I fully expect the IOC to say they will at least keep her out of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Tara Lipinski, talking about 15 year old Russian skater Kamila Valieva who “skated” on her positive drug test due to her age, tells how when she was 12 her mother was terrified to give her medicine when she had a cold and “I was afraid to eat a poppy seed bagel.

Roger Goodell said this week that the NFL believes in “diversity as a value.”

Zero is a value, right?

GOP Pennsylvania Senate candiate was running a “Let’s Go Brandon” ad during the Super Bowl.

But tell me again how both parties have contributed to a lack of civility in this country?

Just imagine GOP and conservative media reaction if wealthy liberals in Canada were crowdfunding Black Lives Matter protests in summer of 2020.

Very weird to hear some of the talk about “spoilers” for “Death on The Nile.”

Especially when you grew up reading all of Agatha Christie’s books.


Lindsey Graham says President Biden should pick J. Michelle Childs for SCOTUS, saying any other candidate would be “problematic” in getting GOP votes.

I missed Senator Graham’s concern about Velveeta Voldemort nominating judges who could get Democratic votes.

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2 Comments on “Rules and other fantasies?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    Havoc at the Olympics, as many of athletes have contracted a bad case of Monobocleosis

  2. Hah, I heard monobob and thought something like a dorothy hamill haircut

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