After a two game win streak, the San Antonio Spurs are 22-35.

And as of tonight they are 1 game out of a postseason play-in game against the Los Angeles Lakers.

Curling is seriously underappreciated as a Winter Olympics sport:
Not only is it a sport you can watch and imagine doing, but also it’s a sport as an adult you can imagine doing without seriously injuring yourself.

An Olympics with competition planned on nothing artificial snow is now having problems with actual SNOW in Beijing delaying events.

Should not laugh, but my better angels are definitely still socially distance on this one.

By the same experts who before the 2021 season picked Cincinnati Bengals 28th out of 32 NFL teams.

Okay then.


So we know Fox News is getting nervous about Russia and Ukraine because their website headline is about allegation that Hillary Clinton’s campaign paid to try to link Velveeta Voldemort to Russia.

Would be almost funny if it weren’t a potential world war we’re talking about.


Conservatives who applauded Ron DeSantis’s new law allowing Florida drivers to run over protesters w/ their cars, suddenly are clutching their pearls over Canadian government doing anything more than waving their fingers at protesters blocking US-Canada border.

Wonder what some of these GOP politicians & pundits who claim to support the so-called “Freedom Convoy” protests in Canada would do if protesters honked horns all night outside their houses.

Apparently New Zealand is playing ‘Baby Shark,’ and Barry Manilow’s greatest hits outside their parliament buildings in hopes of chasing away ‘Freedom Convoy’-inspired protesters

Uh, put on “It’s A Small World” at top volume and problem solved in an hour.

“After several weeks of rapid growth, death reports have leveled off at around 2,500 a day.”

2,500 Americans a day.

This is not exactly “living with COVID.”

While right-wingers send $$ to truckers, a few facts:

About 80% of Canadians are fully vaccinated against COVID.
85% of Canadian truckers are vaccinated.
Ontario Premier Doug Ford has declared state of emergency & calls blockades” “an illegal occupation.”
Ford is conservative.

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