Rock on

Friday night was women’s curling. South Korea vs Russian Olympic Committee.

ROC Olympic team competing under shadow of doping scandal, but how would you know in curling? If one of the women threw the curling stone through the ice?

So because Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva is under 16, she may “skate” on any doping penalty & both keep her gold medal & compete for an individual medal.
While I feel sorry for her doesn’t that mean Russia can just start focusing Olympic training on athletes 15 & younger.

Colin Kaepernick had been as good a QB as Aaron Rodgers some team would have hired him. But also have to think if Kap were playing this year and were found to have lied to NFL, the league would have done more than slapped his hand. Let alone made him MVP.

Can we stop with these stupid polls on what Americans think about Biden nominating a black woman to SCOTUS?
He promised it during the campaign.
Voters knew that
He’s keeping his promise.

Dolly Parton has announced that Dollywood Park will pay all higher ed costs for employees.

Like many Americans, I loved the movie “9 to 5.”

Love it more now that we know she wasn’t just acting.

Ali Velshi subbing for Rachel Maddowt points out how Velveeta Voldemort was obsessed with talking about toilets not flushing well enough.
Now it comes out that he was flushing documents.

If TFG doesn’t end up in jail there’s a great potential Ty D Bowl endorsement here.

The Canadian so-called Freedom Convoy is the perfect vehicle for rich right-wingers in USA:
They can throw money at something they think makes liberals look bad. Without being inconvenienced in the slightest themselves.

So what kind of tell-all books will there be after Joe Biden leaves office?

That he used to sneak a second scoop of ice cream when Jill wasn’t looking?

“GiveSendGo” “#1 Christian Fundraising site” is raising millions for truckers in Canada, calling them “our heroic arrivals.”

“This is Canada wide rally determined to stop all mandates.”

Uh, Jesus said “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

He’d have gotten vaccinated.

If you wonder where you’ve heard of GiveSendGo before, they did have another big crowdfunding campaign. For that model of Christianity Kyle Rittenhouse.

(WWJS – who would Jesus shoot?)

So add Maggie Haberman to the list of people who sat on, or should we say shat on, information that might have resulted in Velveeta Voldemort’s impeachment, because “book sales over country.”

Fox News’ Mark Levin said McConnell should be replaced as Senate Minority leader, saying Mitch “does not represent contemporary mainstream of GOP.”
Quiet part out loud: A radical obstructionist who illegally installed 3 right-wing SOTUS judges, isn’t crazy enough for today’s GOP.

Whatever they say, you know Fox News and otherconservative media are hoping that if Russia does invade Ukraine, there will be some Americans who have decided not to leave, so they can blame Biden for not rescuing them.-

Tucker Carlson claims US right-wing subsidized trucker blockade means “Canada’s working class has finally rebelled after yr of relentless abuse,” & refers to Trudeau’s “creepy little govt”
Uh, Justin just won re-election.
And 84% of Canadians have at least 1 vaccine shot. #Facts

Wondering how Fox News is spinning the story of Velveeta Voldemort taking classified documents from the White House to Mar-A-Lago?
They aren’t even covering it.
Fox News is, however, covering Biden calling Holt a wise guy, and Hillary Clinton’s planned speech to NY Dems.

CNN reporting Center for Politics at Univ of Virginia found most GOP friendly state in USA is West Virginia.
Not Joe Manchin fan but reminder, primarying him is waste of time & $$. He’d only be replaced by someone worse.
Let’s focus on states we can turn blue in 22.

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