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Strong slaps.

February 24, 2022

Much of the world is putting strong sanctions against Russia. Had Putin invaded during the Olympics wonder what the IOC would have done? Made them change their team name again?

Your reminder, not only is Senator Tommy Tuberville stupid both the last universities where he coached PAID him big bucks to go away.

Dear America: The next time you feel like electing an amateur former celebrity to the Senate and wonder “how bad could it be?” here’s yet another example. Tommy Tuberville says Russia is still a ‘communist country’ and is invading Ukraine because ‘they need more farmland’

Novak Djokovic will lose his #1 ranking after being upset by Jiri Vesely (who?) in Dubai quarter-final. Thinking now maybe Djokovic wishes Dubai had given him the excuse of a vaccine mandate?

As Russia starts an unprovoked war against Ukraine, one that will involve deaths of many innocent people, Governor Ron DeSantis at CPAC is talking about “The Brandon Administration.” Not only are some GOP leaders awful, but also they have the maturity of spoiled 10 year old boys.

While this won’t solve anything major in the long run I’d be happy to make a donation to an animal shelter of Jill Biden’s choice if Willow the First Cat would just cough up a hairball on Peter Doocy.

Not that I was a real M*A*S*H fan. But how could “Hot Lips Houlihan” possibly have been 84? RIP Sally Kellerman.

If President Biden is sanctioning those who derive much of their wealth from Russia, does that include the guy at Mar-A-Lago?

As some Republicans and right-wing media types seem to be on the side of Russia, who’d a thunk Americans would support a megalomanical would-be dictator who cares about no one and nothing but his own power? Oops, never mind.

So with Russian banks being sanctioned and money transfers frozen, what is this going to do to GOP fundraising?


As the world churns

February 24, 2022

Back in sports, MLB says they’ll cancel regular season games if players don’t agree to new collective bargaining agreement by Monday. And players will not be paid full-season salaries. If Russia weren’t invading Ukraine this might be one of the bigger outrages of week.

Tom Brady will apparently appear in and produce a film, which will star Lily Tomlin, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Sally Field as women who travel to see Brady play in Super Bowl LI.

Not a fan of Brady. But silver lining as a Saints fan. that’s the Super Bowl where the Atlanta Falcons led the Patriots 28-3.

Per The Hill ” Rep. Rashida Tlaib will deliver ‘Working Families Party”s response to Biden’s State of the Union address next week.”

WTF. Not comments but an actual REBUTTAL? From the “Working Famiies Party?”” What happened to being Democrats? Are “progressives” TRYING to make midterms worse?

The so called People’s Convoy of truckers leaving California for Washington DC today is basically a well-funded anti-government protest. Organizers say the “government has forgotten its place.” So why don’t they drive cross-country on private roads then?

If there’s a grain of truth in GOP statements that Putin would not have invaded Ukraine had TFG been re-elected it’s that Vladimir knew with Velveeta Voldemort in the White House he was already winning the battle against democracy.

As Mitt Romney might be entitled to feel some redemption tonight for being laughed at in 2012 when he called Russia our “No. 1 geopolitical foe.” it would be a good time for Mitt to urge his own GOP to get over partisan petty politics & unite behind our President. #Ukraine

Most Americans are horrified about the idea of a deadly attack on Ukraine. Why do I get the idea, however, that Velveeta Voldemort will watch bloodshed with the same glee he watched the fatal insurrection on January 6?.

So as an optimist I have to say I don’t think tonight was September 1, 1939. But as a realist I have to say, if tonight WAS September 1, 1939, many in today’s GOP would be cheering Hitler.

Oops, forget to hit publish…

February 24, 2022

More Stephen Colbert “

Of course Norway won Winter Olympics, they invented winter. Americans would dominate if it was the ‘getting into a fistfight over steak at the Golden Corral Olympics.'” (Or sadly if biathlon applied to more sports, we’re good at shooting stuff. And people.)

A Republican party that will take the side of a deadly virus and a deadly insurrection will take the side of a deadly dictator.

Imagine if Mexico decided that Texas, Arizona and California were historically Mexican, so they were declaring them independent territories rather than states, and sending in “peacekeeping troops.”

Some are saying GOP is dismissing Putin’s attack because it’s Ukraine, a country few Americans could find on a map. But let’s be real. Some Republicans would dismiss a Russian attack on England or France if Velveeta Voldemort supported it.