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Naturally ungifted?

February 3, 2022

So as Hue Jackson has joined Brian Flores in claiming he was paid to lose, how many NFL teams are crafting press releases? “Really, we were just that bad.”

LA Clippers beat LA Lakers 111-110 tonight. Apparently it was a heck of a game. But who thought these two Los Angeles rivals in 2021-22 might be battling to avoid a play in game?

Good news for those afraid of needles – Stephen Colbert says the next COVID vaccines could be something nasal you just inhale up your nose. “Turns out, Don Jr. was just trying to fight COVID this whole time.”

You can be pro-capitalism & still know we need some anti-trust legislation w/ Big Tech: Infrastructure bill Democrats fought so hard for included $65 billion for broadband in rural areas, low-income & tribal communities. Zuckerberg lost $31 billion in Meta stock value in 1 day.

So Meghan McCain is complaining about Whoopie Goldberg’s “mild” punishment? As opposed to all the harsher punishments Meghan herself got for saying offensive things on The View? Oh wait. Never mind.

Adored the late great Molly Ivins and got to meet her twice. She believed VERY strongly in the First Amendment and free speech. A comment she made has stuck with me – “It’s easy to be for free speech when you agree with the speakers.”

In Henry VIII’s England, the Catholic/Anglican Church fought hard to keep people from reading the Bible in English. In fact, having a Bible in English was a crime. The church wanted control, and to keep people from learning on their own. Sound familiar? #BannedBooks

Meanwhile will someone tell Republicans defending Joe Rogan’s right to free speech that it’s kind of hard to talk about First Amendment rights when you are banning books?

President Biden announced a US Special Operations forces a raid in Syria that killed an Isis leader. So how long until Fox News starts headline coverage of Hunter Biden? Or some migrant “caravan?

Who’d have thought the Republican party would completely debase themselves before a man who not only has no loyalty to the GOP, but also only registered as a Republican in 2019?


A lost cau$e?

February 3, 2022

Stephen Colbert is all over the Brian Flores racism lawsuit, noting that Flores said NY Giants informed him they had hired someone else – three days before his scheduled invterview. On a brighter note for Flores, at least he didn’t have to coach the NY Giants

So NFL allegedly was paying coaches to lose? Looking back 5 years to 2017 the two teams tied for worst records in NFL – both 22-59 – have been NY Jets and NY Giants. Well, the cost of living is high in New York.

CNN headline “Liz Cheney isn’t going down without a fight.” If you read the article, however, the story is that Cheney has outraised her Former Guy supported GOP primary opponent almost 10 to 1. ($7.1 million to $745 thousand) Guess that’s not as a dramatic a headline.

Same Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis who signed law saying OK for motorists to run over protesters, was asked about Nazi protesters, and condemned “these people,.. these Democrats who are going to use this” politically against me. As Rachel Maddow reminds us. “It is not hard” to condemn Nazis.

Apparently some MAGA folks are upset with Garth Brooks because he’s got vaccine mandates at his concerts. What about this “choice” & “cancel culture” they love to talk about?

It’s not that I have a problem with Whoopi Goldberg saying something offensive and getting suspended. It’s that that I have a problem with all the white men saying something offensive and getting excused. Or worse yet, elected.

Again, anyone thinking of taking GOP complaints seriously about President Biden’s future SCOTUS pick really needs to spend a little time watching C-Span2. Doesn’t matter WHO Joe picks. For whatever position. At least 30 something GOP Senators (often more) vote against him or her on principle.

WTF? Rudy Giuliani was on the Masked Singer? Wait until Velveeta Voldemort hears this. He’ll probably attack Rudy for voluntarily wearing a mask.