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Youthful indiscretions?

February 15, 2022

So. teenagers can only sign MLB baseball contracts at 16. But based on this “Protected person” BS from the Olympics does that mean that kids can take PEDs all they want while they are 15 and under, then sign on their 16th birthday?

With medal ceremony delayed indefinitely over Kamila Valieva doping controversy, Team USA figure skaters will get some medal, eventually. But not in Beijing.
Imagine working for years to reach Olympics, winning medal & finding out you’ll get it in mail or something, someday.

And now NY Times reports Kamila tested positive for three “heart” drugs, only one of which were banned. Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many others on Russian team might have taken the other two?

My Canadian pal TC says he’s waiting for a PED curler to fire a rock into about row 6.

President Biden says “we have not yet verified” Russia’s claim of withdrawing troops near Ukraine.
It would be very good news if the claim is true.
But isn’t it nice to have a President who doesn’t believe and/or parrot whatever Putin tells him?

In California when voters register need to put their COUNTY, not city on the form. Many people get it wrong unless it’s pointed out or corrected.
But California promptly writes if there’s a problem. California wants people to vote.
Voting rights shouldn’t depend on your state.

Same conservatives clutching their pearls over Canadian PM Justin Trudeau invoking emergency powers, had no problems with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s new law saying it’s okay for motorists to run over protesters.

Very clear looking at increasing revelations about January 6 conspirators: They weren’t worried about being caught. They expected to win. And to be rewarded by their would-be dictator king.

Does anyone doubt that if Velveeta Voldemort was still in the White House he’d be telling us why it would be a good thing for America for Putin to invade Ukraine?

Has a single Republican complaining about inflation said a word about trying to rein in excessive corporate profits?

I’ll wait.

Tucker Carlson tonight was apparently talking about “Canadian-style tyranny.”
So is anyone shocked that Tucker is more critical of Justin Trudeau than he is of Vladimir Putin?

All that glitters.

February 15, 2022

Absolutely thrilled for Erin Thomas and her speekskating gold medal.

But can we have a moment for someone who deserves much more love than she gets in Olympic history, first Black woman to win a medal in the Winter Olympics?

She was mesmerizing to watch – Debi Thomas.


As a white woman who grew up watching Super Bowls before anyone cared about the halftime show, I can cheerfully acknowledge even if it wasn’t my style of music, it seemd like a good show yesterday.

Why is that so hard for some people?

If the first doping scandal made Russia compete with ROC uniforms, now what will this latest figure skating scandal do? Make them compete under the banner “‘Athletes formerly known as Russia”

The gospel according to the Olympics – If a 15 year old girl is given performance enhancing drugs she is a “Protected person.”
But if a 15 year old girl is sexually abused by a team doctor, she’s on her own.

ESPN report-MLB wants to eliminate “hundreds” of minor league playing jobs in latest labor offer to players
In 2021 MLB raised minimum MONTHLY salary for AAA players to $16,800, AA to $14,400, Class A to $12,000, complex league to $9,600 & Dominican Summer League to $3,000!

So how much money are we talking about for billionaire owners?

Velveeta Voldemort’s longtime accounting firm, Mazars, has fired him, saying they no longer trust Trump Organization documents.

Standby for more Fox “Breaking News” about Hillary Clinton.

We know Putin has talked to President Biden about Ukraine this week.

Wonder how many times Vlad has talked to The Former Guy.

Hearing about 40% of mail-in ballots in Harris County, largest in Texas, being flagged as faulty under new rules. Showing GOP really is making it harder for “some people to vote.” Just imagine SCOTUS ruling on voting rights if Hillary Clinton had chosen the last three judges.

Mitch McConnell called out celebrities who were seen ignoring mask rules at the Super Bowl.
Fair point.
Hypocrisy s*cks.
But even COVID exposure is dwarfed by comparision by hypocrisy of ignoring rules for multiple lifetime SCOTUS appointments.

Dr. Deborah Birx is the latest Former Guy flunky with a book deal.

I really don’t care, do U?

Hate guns. But love this 79 year old woman named Valentina in the Ukraine,”a retired accountant and great grandmother” on @Maddow tonight. Valentina is training to handle an AK-47.

“If Putin will come, I should be able to shoot.”

Sadly, hard not to get the sense that the media is rooting for a Ukraine invasion. #ratings