Not so good sports.

So on Monday, how many Americans watched as much of the Olympics as they watched in the last two weeks?

Meanwhile today MLB negotiations went nowhere. Per ESPN “No one either side believed Monday would be the game-changer — as deadline to play Opening Day on time is at least a week away.” Who cares if spring training trips get canceled and businesses in AZ suffer.

Medina Spirit, who died in December, has just been disqualified as the 2021 Kentucky Derby winner over a banned medication & trainer Bob Baffert was suspended 90 days. So Kentucky Horse Racing Commission wouldn’t give Bob the option of the “Baffert Racing Committee?

At least Medina Spirit didn’t live to learn he’d been disqualified. Although heck, both he and Maximum Security know they won.

So two of the last three horses, Medina Spirit and Maximum Security, who crossed the Kentucky Derby finish line first have now been disqualified. It’s enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.

Wonder how many times Velveeta Voldemort and Vladimir Putin have chatted in the last week?

If President Biden does meet with Vladimir Putin, whatever happens, at least we know he won’t flush the records down the White House toilet.

Tulsi Gabbard is planning to speak in Orlando at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) this week. Time to start the pool on what day Tulsi announces she’s becoming a Republican?

Also is it too soon to start a pool on how long Truth Social will last?

Former Russian Ambassador Michael McFaul points out how Putin calls leaders of Ukraine separatist regions “People’s republics” – that’s what Stalin called his puppet regimes in Eastern Europe. Wonder how close we came in USA if TFG were re-elected to being a “puppet regime?”

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