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Four gone conclusion.

January 24, 2022

So the two loudest anti-vaxxers in NFL recently have been Aaron Rodgers and Cole Beasley. Both of their teams lost this weekend. Suppose it would be wrong to needle them about it.

Until that last drive and game winning field goal as time expired, LA Rams playing like they want to be known as the West Coast version of the Atlanta Falcons

Best athletes in world need about 5 seconds to run 50 yards. Without pads & need to avoid tacklers.

Worst case – without Stanford band on field – Buffalo squib kick & decent runback kills more than half of 13 seconds left. Leaving time for Chiefs to have ONE play.

Sorry Bills fans. Saints fans feel your pain.

Didn’t have a dog in this fight. But whoever wins this NFL playoff games should not be determined by whoever wins a coin flip.

Another fun thought today: You KNOW Velveeta Voldemort was all ready to issue a statement praising Aaron Rodgers for beating the SF 49ers after Rodgers slammed Biden last week…

Joe Biden doesn’t hold grudges. But our President might be forgiven this weekend for watching the end of 49ers Packers game and being tempted to tweet “Let’s go Aaron.”

The “My body my choice” signs carried by some pro-Velveeta Voldemort anti-vax protestors in DC today would be funny if Roe V. Wade weren’t hanging by a thread.

All this talk about parents having a say in what their children are taught in public schools: Especially in purple-blue Virginia, where are the LIBERAL parents demanding their votes be heard?

Colin Jost on SNL Weekend Update. “Kyle Rittenhouse is petitioning the court for the return of his rifle, allegedly so he can destroy it.” “Careful Kyle, trying to get your memorabilia back is how they finally got OJ.”

Newt Gingrich – Jan 6 Committee Members ‘Face Real Risk of Jail’ if GOP wins House. For those too young to remember, Newt led impeachment against Bill Clinton over adultery while he was cheating former mistress/2nd wife w/ then current mistress & now 3rd wife. Projection much?