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Post season

January 11, 2022

Wasn’t watching but aware of College Football National Championship score.

If you believe in signs. Let’s see – in the last Senate election – Georgia elected Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock. Alabama elected Tommy Tuberville.

Since the NFL is all about sponsorships, how long until we start hearing about “Black Monday, brought to you by Linkedin?

So the Los Angeles Rams, by taking most of the 2nd half off, managed to scr*w the Saints without even playing the Saints. Very on brand

D*mn, bad enough Saints were eliminated today thanks to complete Rams collapse. But now I have to root for team associated w/ Yankees?!?! The Athletic reports “Rachel Balkovec will manage low-A team for NY Yankees this season – 1st female skipper in affiliated pro baseball. “

Tom Brady should send the Rams flowers for that 2nd half no-show. Now he doesn’t have to play the Saints again.

This Chargers vs. Raiders game was like watching the Prisoner’s Dilemma played out on a football field. Had they tied, and they almost did, they were both in the postseason. But if one won… the Steelers squeaked in ahead of the loser.

Gym Jordan is going to treat the January 6 Committee like he treated college wrestlers being sexually abused – pretend it isn’t happening.

From Marc Ragovin “Jimmy Page turned 78 this past Sunday. Heard he celebrated by buying a stairlift to heaven.”

Ron DeSantis was bragging last week about AOC being in Miami Beach, saying Florida is “the first place you want to flee to, to basically be able to enjoy life.” So has DeSantis sent AOC good wishes now that she tested positive for COVID-19?

Velveeta Voldemort was NOBODY in the GOP’s first choice to run for President, and he made outrageous comments & gaffes on a regular basis. But he got still less criticism in office from other Republicans than Biden gets from some “Democrats” on a daily basis.

Even Fox News came out and slammed Politico for mistakenly identifying Chuck Schumer’s wife, Iris, who was dining with Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Amy Klobuchar, as Sonia Sotomayer. So does Fox have scruples? Or are they worried that Politico is becoming competition?

Wait, Kevin McCarthy now saying if GOP retakes House they will investigate how Nancy Pelosi allowed January 6 to happen? At the same time many others are calling the insurrection/coup attempt insignificant or just “tourists.” This is SO confusing.

So with urine as the latest “cure” for COVID wonder if Velveeta Voldemort spent some of today trying to figure out how to monetize his pee tape?

Fox News’ Peter Doocy, who says he is triple-vaxed, still got COVID. Fortunately thanks to his vaccinations it was a mild case.

But yikes. The virus is jumping species.

How it’s going for the Former Guy? “You’ve always been one of my BIGGEST supporters, which is why I want YOU to be our VERY FIRST DONOR of 2022.” Note the date-time that this spam arrived in my in box – “Mon, Jan 10 at 2:03 PM”

Not a doctor but drinking your own urine seems like a piss-poor way to cure COVID.

Apparently horse owners had a hard time last fall finding Ivermectin when the horse dewormer was falsely trumpeted by some Former Guy supporters as a cure for COVID. We’ll know the urine insanity has really taken hold when people start stealing port-a-potties.

I want to see ONE person who claims changing filibuster will result in Republicans using it against Democrats if they take control of US Senate stand up and say, with a straight face, that GOP won’t do that anyway.