Weenie weekend

Stanford friends will know what I mean.

And some of us put aside our dislike of Aaron Rodgers when he was not longer at Cal.

Aaron Rodgers, mad at Biden saying Green Bay QB should be vaccinated, says he doesn’t know how President has any constituents “if you watch any of his attempts at public speaking, but I guess he got 81 million votes.” Would it be churlish for a rousing chorus of “Let’s Go Aaron?

Antonio Brown “There’s nothing wrong with my mental health.”

And what about the mental health of those who continually ignored his serious issues because the guy is very good at football.

Four NFL home games this weekend. In Nashville, Green Bay, Tampa and Kansas City . And the only one the league scheduled to start at night is in Green Bay…where temps in 20s will drop close to zero during the game. National Frostbite League?

You don’t have to believe the Former Guy’s attempted coup would have worked.

Attempted murder is still a crime.

Including the attempted murder of democaracy.

If Ivanka agrees to talk to January 6 committee how long until Velveeta Voldemort says she was just his “covfefe” daughter?

In a long list of pathetic things done by Velveeta Voldemort, was anything MORE pathetic than trusting his intended election coup to a team led by Rudy Giuliani?

Listening to some Republicans claim today they want to work with Democrats reminds me of a line from the great Will Durst “Yeah, like a kid with a magnifying glass wants to work with ants.”

Not that I think Democrats should stoop to this level. But I really would love to see GOP reaction if a purple-blue state decided to close polling places or limit voting hours in wealthy white retirement communities or in conservative rural areas.

GOP Senator James Lankford pontificating on Senate floor against abortions & claiming how much he wants to protect children. Yes, the same Lankford who fought Build Back Better and its successful child tax credit expansion that has helped keep kids out of poverty.

Then Mitch McConnell pontificating about being pro-life. Thinking if you fight like hell for fetuses but don’t give a damn once a baby is born, you should STFU on this one.

Just how delusional is Velveeta Voldemort? He not only calls his phone call to Georgia’s Secretary of State asking for 11,780 votes, “perfect,” he reminds us all of his phone call to the Ukranian president at the same time.

So were some election official at first suspicious of Rudy Giuliani’s fake electors because the papers were duly sworn at the Ritz Cracker Barrel?

Sharing my etymology lesson for the day: The word “filibuster” comes from a Dutch word for pirates. In 1800s it was used for people from US who traveled to Central America in order to illegally encourage revolutions.Seems somehow on brand for today’s GOP.

Democrats really need to hold onto seats for Senators Warnock, Kelly & Hassan in 2022. And win more Senate seats in states like WI, FL, PA & NC. Otherwise you can bookmark all anti-filibuster comments and tweets from GOP this week & point out irony when Republicans scuttle filibuster in 2023.

Who says there’s no good news these days? Tonight the National Archives says they’ve turned over ALL the records that The Former Guy tried to keep the January 6 committee from getting.

Some conservatives & media are outraged that in California a 17-year old now can get a COVID vaccine without permission from their parent. But for some reason I missed the outage when without parental permission, 17-year old Kyle Rittenhouse went out and got himself a gun.

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