Snow place like home?

Maybe Aaron Rodgers should have done his own research on the 49ers defense.

So for side-effects of ivermectin can we add “makes you into a loser?” #AaronRodgers

Aaron Rodgers did his own research on COVID. Wonder how many millions of Americans did their own research tonight on the term “schadenfreude?”

Apropos of nothing except fun, tonight’s loss to the SF 49ers was the most consequential of the year for the Packers. But Green Bay’s most humiliating loss of the year was the season opener – 38 to 3 to the New Orleans Saints. #WhoDat

In a polarized county one thing at least we can all agree on: “Joe Buck S*cks.”

Nine sacks by the Titans defense?! And Bengals won. Joe Burrow succeeded today while spending so much time on his back – maybe he should be named an honorary Kardashian.

Last Sunday the NY Times did a full page profile on Marianne Williamson. What’s next, one on Tulsi Gabbard? And some wonder why Americans don’t have more positive views about Democrats and their messaging.

I believe in the right to privacy with healthcare. Having said that, on the anniversary of Roe V Wade, would love to know how many Republican leaders have had someone in their immediate family, or a hypothetical mistress, have an abortion.

Am as annoyed at Manchn & Sinema, especially Kyrsten, as anyone, because she represents a purple state. But again & not for last time, neither up for re-election until 2024. Want to take away their power? Pick a close 2022 Senate race to work on so Dems can increase majority!

Biden stuttered as child & almost guaranteed he’ll stumble over word or two in most public appearance. Media “Let’s obsess on what this means for Joe’s Presidency.” Velveeta Voldemort couldn’t/can’t put single coherent sentence together. Media “Nothing to see here, move along.

If the media has to spend so much of its time talking about what someone who lost a recent Presidential election thinks, can’t they put a microphone every day in front of Hillary Clinton?

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3 Comments on “Snow place like home?”

  1. Marc L Ragovin Says:

    On the bright side, Aaron Rodgers was given a year’s supply of Ivermectin as a parting gift.

    On the bright side, Aaron Rodgers is still Serbia’s favorite quarterback.

    and more seriously, he’s lucky he has that one SB ring — as many as Trent DIlfer btw– or he’d be alone of Mt. Rushmore as most overrated qb ever. As it is, he still might be #1. Unlike Marino or Brees, most years he has the horses with him to be a big winner and doesn’t get it done. Awwwwwwwwwwww ,

  2. Augustine Ruiz Says:

    Who dat that didn’t make the playoffs? Balls shrink in cold weather. Niners wore ball warmers I hear. Maybe they can add that to a State Farm commercial. Brings a whole new meaning to a “Rogers Rate.”

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