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Just saw that Tom Brady said in an interview today he doesn’t receive favorable treatment on roughing the passer calls. Points to the Bucs QB for saying this with a straight face.

On a different note, getting a SF Giants Season Ticket holder “Spring Training Games Presale.” During a winter where owners have locked out players. COVID aside, what are the odds there will even be Spring Training games?

Admit to no interest in Wordle, but maybe if I ignore it long enough it will go away?

If GOP feels so strongly about the 60 vote threshold seems reasonable they should cheerfully rescind their 2017 Millionaire/Billionaire Tax Cuts… which McConnell set aside the filibuster to pass 51-48.

Today Oklahoma Senator James Lankford went off on a tangent claiming we are all united on some things, including love for Betty White. And he moves into an anti-abortion and anti Roe v. Wade rant.

Dear Senator Lankford – the late great Betty White was pro-choice.

Supreme Court rejected Former Guy’s attempt to block his administration’s records from being handed over to Jan 6 Committee. They’re showing as much loyalty to man who installed them on SCOTUS as he has shown to all those who helped him become President. Karma’s a b*tch.

Debbie Stabenow with a simple statement on a long day where Democrats are fighting for voting rights: “The Founders didn’t have an opinion on the filibuster because it didn’t exist.”

Marsha Blackburn speaking against voting rights on the Senate floor actually said “When someone tells you who they are believe them.” Would it be wrong to say I hope Maya Angelou haunts the Tennessee senator’s dreams?

Cory Booker bringing facts – “You want to know what’s going on in Georgia. Dwindling polling places in diverse areas, w/ some voters in predominantly black areas waiting up to 10 up a day’s salary. It’s a modern day poll tax.” (White people don’t wait to vote.)

GOP – Some people need to show and wait hours in line to vote. Also GOP – we just voted to continue a filibuster practice where we can effectively vote without showing up at all.

Can someone ask Republican Senators who don’t think they need to walk to the Senate floor from their offices and spend any time at all to filibuster, why they think some Americans need to drive and then spend hours standing in line to vote?

Stephen Colbert last night has clip of Stevie Wonder outraged about voting rights. “Any Senator who cannot support protection of voting rights cannot say they support Constitution. Stop the hypocrisy. Cut the bull tish.” When even Stevie Wonder can see through the bull “tish.”

Dear fellow Democrats. We can’t primary Sinema until 2024. We CAN defend Mark Kelly’s Senate seat in 2022. And get him and good Democrats help in the Senate.

Val Demings in Florida would be a fine start.

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