Ron DeSantis is “America’s Governor” like the Dallas Cowboys were ever “America’s Team.” And of the two, I prefer the Cowboys.

Meanwhile, Cowboys QB Dak Prescott apologized Tuesday on Twitter for his postgame comments after the teams loss Sunday to the 49ers.

When he heard fans were throwing things at the officials (not at players), Prescott said “”Credit to them then. Credit to them.”

So maybe Dak should have said if fans were throwing anything it should have been for whoever called a plan down the middle with no time-outs left on the clock?

(For anyone who didn’t see the game, Cowboys got a first down and were driving for a potentially game winning TD, but the clock ran out before they could spike the ball.)

So now that Djokovic was sent home most Americans have gone back not to caring about the Australian Open?

Tim Kaine sums up the question Democrats will bring to the Senate floor tomorrow. “Should we change that secret filibuster to a public filibuster?” Democrats aren’t even asking Republicans to walk the walk. They’re just asking them to talk the talk.

Rachel Maddow reporting that CNN says January 6 committeee has subpoenaed phone records from Eric Trump and Don Jr’s fiancee Kimberly Guilfoyle. Shocking. The committee thinks Eric might have had actual contact with his father?

Would all these Republicans who claim these new state voter suppression laws do not discriminate by race like to provide us some examples of how the changes make it harder for white people to vote? Or even for suburban people to vote? I’ll wait.

Mitt Romney on Senate floor today saying that Democrats didn’t talk to Republicans at all in working on election reform.

Manchin has been talking to GOP for months. And we know other Democratic leaders have done same. Doesn’t the Book of Mormon have something about truth?

Meanwhile, in closest we’ve seen to an actual debate on the Senate floor in forever. Senator Merkley challenging Chuck Grassley on his filibuster defense.

“Help my memory… Did you not vote to strike down the filibuster on Supreme Court nominations?” (Editor’s note – Chuck did just that.)

Amy Klobuchar gave a blistering speech on the Senate Floor for Tuesday for voting rights an hour after returning from Ukraine. Don’t tell me no Democrats are fighting for our democracy.

Stephen Colbert – Despite Sinema’s claims, “50 GOP Senators filbustering voting rights represent 41 MILLION fewer Americans than 50 Senators who support it.

Colbert added “Stop acting like filibuster is anything other than an anti-democratic tool.” Which is also pretty good description of Kyrsten Sinema.”

Fox News accuses Stephen Colbert of misogyny for calling Kyrsten Sinema “Mrs. Hamburglar” w/ picture of her in black & white striped sweater. Now, Colbert is an entertainer. But missed Fox outrage when Laura Ingraham clapped in glee at General Mark Milley’s Covid diagnosis.

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