And then there were two.

Wonder how many people turned off the AFC Championship game at halftime? To quote Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman ‘Big mistake, Huge!”

I’m a rare Saints fan in SF Bay Area. But hey, San Francisco fans… Given a choice, Super Bowl might be a good time to dig out that orange and black. (Those are the Bengals colors.)

Have a good friend in Cincinnati who is NOT an NFL fan. Texted her to say “I figure your neighborhood is loud.”

Her response “Is there some football of which I am unaware. There is a lot of noise here…”

Nice thought: At least until if and when baseball gets started we are DONE with the Tomahawk Chop for a while.

As much as GOP is attacking President Biden for following through on his promise to appoint a black woman to SCOTUS, can you imagine if Joe said now he would look at other options? Republican talking points would start “you can’t trust a thing Biden says.”

So is there anyone still expecting that Susan Collins learned a “pretty big lesson’ from voting to confirm Brett Kavanaugh?

Susan Collins said she “wouldn’t rule out” supporting Velveeta Voldemort in 2024. So Susan means to do it she’d have to clutch her pearls really really hard?

Would some reporter please ask Susan Collins why she “wouldn’t rule out” supporting Velveeta Voldemort in 2024 after she voted to impeach him in 2021.

So if Hillary Clinton had just encouraged her supporters to storm the Capitol after 2016 and then had rallies where she offered to pardon them, would Democrats have chosen her for their 2020 nominee?

Gosh, for some reason Fox News isn’t covering Velveeta Voldemort’s statement today where he states that Mike Pence “could have overturned the election.” I wonder why?

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