So long, farewell?

Tom Brady wouldn’t be so petty as to start a retirement controversy weekend of the NFC/AFC conference championships just to steal headlines from NFL postseason he’s no longer part of, would he?

Tom Brady is retiring. Did that loss to the Rams, after TWO losses to the Saints in 2021 leave him deflated?

Ah, now Tom Brady says he’s not sure about retiring. “The first time is the hardest,” responded Brett Favre

So if you can’t stand any team left in NFL postseason, Peyton Manning on SNL Saturday night making a strong case for turning off the games and turning on “Emily in Paris.”

Raiders released 2020 1st round pick Damon Arnette when video surfaced of him making threats w/ gun. Chiefs signed the CB to reserves contract to give him chance for 2022. Last night Arnette was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. KC released him this am. Who’s next?

Not sure who Joe Biden’s SCOTUS nominee will be, but I’d match her LSAT scores and law school record up against any Republican in the Senate. Starting with Roger Wicker.

Would Roger Wicker, who seems so concerned about qualifications with SCOTUS, like to give us one reason why former football coach Tommy Tuberville was qualified to sit with him in the US Senate?

Can anyone imagine if over a year after the Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton was ranting at regular rallies?

Velveeta Voldemort at his rally tonight “If I run & if I win, we will treat those people from Jan. 6 fairly And if it requires pardons we will give them pardons. Because they are being treated so unfairly.” Brian Sicknick says “Hi.”

I’ve lost track of political candidates I’ve supported since I was about 8 years old. Many I’ve liked, some I’ve loved. But none of them have caused me completely to lose my mind.

Seriously WTF is wrong with some of these Velveeta Voldemort supporters?

Not sure if I can pick very favorite book as a child or teenager. But I know this. Books that stayed with me usually disturbed me. Whether they were fiction/nonfiction, about unjustice or sexism or racism or whatever… The best books make you feel. And think.


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