The long goodbye.

Tom Brady now says he hasn’t decided if he will retire or not. So not content with breaking more of Drew Brees’ records for passing this year, Brady is now trying to break Brett Favre’s records for indecision.

Tom Brady also has pulled out of Pro Bowl, citing a shoulder injury. Wonder if Brady hurt himself throwing Microsoft tablets in the locker room after Buccaneers playoff loss to Rams?

Stephen Colbert on Super Bowl. “Most exciting thing to happen in Cincinnati since they found all that spaghetti under their chili.” Dear Stephen: You REALLY need to stop into Graeters Ice cream to die for like black raspberry chocolate chip. (And I don’t even live in Cincy.)

Not that I think he should do it, but if President Biden suddenly told GOP they were right about looking at other SCOTUS picks, nominated Merrick Garland (again) and then nominated a Black woman to replace Garland as Attorney General, Republican heads would STILL explode

Velveeta Voldemort nominated Amy Comey Barrett to the Supreme Court eight DAYS after RBG died. So GOP should have no problem with President Biden, who’s clearly been mulling options, naming his nominee by the end of the week.

So who had “Irish fishermen” as the staunchest defenders of liberty against Russia?

Somehow I have forgotten all the NY Times and other media’s interviews & front page stories with Hillary Clinton voters in 2018, saying how they still supported her and how she really won the 2016 election.

Rachel Maddow sharing WaPo report on how some Former Guy records sent to January 6 committee were torn up & had to be taped back together. At least probably was easy for commitee to see which documents Velveeta Voldemort handled himself – look for pieces showing Sharpie marks.

Stephen Colbert also Monday night on Velveeta Voldemort’s promises to January 6 protestors. “Well, as long as you’re doling out pardons, f*ck you,” “Pardon my French.” Merci beaucoup Stephen!

If you’re looking for a birthday gift for a child or teenager in your life, may I suggest a banned book?

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One Comment on “The long goodbye.”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:

    I am thinking that Antonio Brown is not so secretly helping his and Tom Brady’s Career Out the Door, especially if Antonio and His Dad had Bad Endings to their Careers, and I’ve never liked Tom Brady, especially since when he put a Stop to the Greatest Show on Planet Turf.

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