Pitchers and catchers on hold?

With no progress between owners & players, now looks like MLB spring training, scheduled to start Feb 14, will be delayed.

One time of year when between the Super Bowl & March Madness, baseball has least competition for attention. This wouldn’t happen if MLB had a commissioner.

Dear media. Tom Brady didn’t die. He just retired.

So have to assume all those who say Barry Bonds should not be in the Hall of Fame because they say he cheated feel the same about Tom Brady. #Deflategate

Former NFL Dolphins’ Coach Brian Flores claims Miami owner Stephen Ross offered him $100,000 for every loss his first season. NY Jets fans thinking “Hey, our team does it for nothing.”

Well, if the Miami Dolphins want a coach who can lose games, Urban Meyer is available.

From Jeff Asher “The full list of division teams to sweep Tom Brady in the regular season in his 21 years as a starting QB in the league:

2020 New Orleans Saints

2021 New Orleans Saints

Italy is tired of COVIDiots. “Effective today, all unvaccinated people who are over 50 years old – both Italian citizens and foreigners living in Italy – are subject to €100 fines.

Stephen Colbert’s rant tonight on Velveeta Voldemort trying to seize voting machines is better than I can capture in 280 characters. But this kind of sums it up – “do you know how crazy you have to be to hear you’ve gone too far from Rudy Giuliani?”

Eachel Maddow reporting that more than 14 historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) have reported bomb threats today. Today! )Tuesday)

So will Republicans demand this disturbing story not be talked about in schools?11238

GOP likes to accuse Democrats of wasting money. Wonder how much money we’re spending in the US on ICU care for unvaccinated patients.

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