Cold day in heck?

So when did the NFL Wild Card weekend become a three day game weekend?

And while temperatures will warm to a balmy 30 on Sunday, the evening temperature tomorrow in Buffalo will be 4. Yes. Four.

So of course the NFL in their infinite ratings $$$ wisdom will have tomorrow’s Patriots Bills game Saturday NIGHT in Buffalo.

On the other hand, while NBA season regularly has upsets, hard to get too wrapped up in games in January when Sunday means the playoffs are only three MONTHS away.

Whatever you think about Novak Djokovic, and even whatever you think about vaccines, he could have avoided most of this drama by just telling the truth.

Protesters against NYC coronavirus vaccine mandates arrested tonight refusing to leave Olive Garden in Times Square. Uh, Olive Garden has over 800 restaurants in US, many in locations like FL & TX w/ no vaccine mandates. Guessing weekend trip would have been cheaper than bail.

MIke Pence wrote op-ed in Wash Post defending filibuster – but it included “On January 6, an angry mob ransacked Capitol, largely to try to get Congress & me to use federal authority to overturn results of presidential election that had been certified by all 50 states.”

Uh oh, don’t tell Former Guy. Those are hanging words.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is furious at the Supreme Court. Saying Kavanaugh and Roberts have no ‘backbone’ after they voted to keep Biden’s vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. So SCOTUS isn’t doing enough to kill people for him?

GOP Sen Roger Marshall introducing FAUCI Act after he couldn’t find Dr. Fauci’s PUBLIC financial records. It requires Office of Govt Ethics website to provide financial records of administration officials. Could we do this retroactively for officials who worked for Former Guy?

Kyrsten Sinema won by about 2.5% in 2018 against Martha McSally. Wonder if has occurred to her that if Arizona GOP had instituted some of anti-voting measures some Republicans want, Sinema herself probably wouldn’t have been elected to the Senate.

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