Hidden costs.

Didn’t have a dog in the fight with Oakland-Cincinnati game. But this headline – “Burrow, Bengals end playoff drought in a win that put a spotlight (again) on officiating.” If only NFL could afford full time officials.

Not that it mattered today, since Philadelphia looks like a team with vacation plans next weekend. But early on when the game was close some Eagles player touched St. Brady.

So refs called roughing the passer. I am shocked, shocked..

Time change, especially on the East Coast has long meant the Australian Open gets the least attention of US Grand Slam tennis events. Suppose thus that Djokovic has made sure that won’t happen this year.

Late great KNBR host Ralph Barbieri used to say “2 things can be equally true.” 1. Djokovic had real case saying because he had COVID he didn’t need to be vaccinated. 2.If Novak hadn’t lied about pre-Australian Open travel & in general been such a d*ck, he’d have been playing.

Republicans will do everything they can to discourage their base from vaccines and masks, then attack President Biden for not ending COVID.Like telling people not to take swim lessons and blaming the life guard for drownings.

As GOP rails against “Federal involvement in elections,” how long until they call to repeat the 15th, 19th and 26th amendments?

If the media really feels the need to report what former Presidential candidates have to say, I for one would prefer to hear from Hillary Clinton.

New VA Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued executive order banning teaching of “divisive concepts” in schools. “Divisive concepts” includes idea “one race or sex is inherently superior to another race or sex.” Wait until some supporters realize this bans teaching of white male supremacy.

James Austin Johnson as President Biden last night on SNL “This winter is so dark Republicans don’t think it should vote.”

If media is going to cover GOP politicians, most of them wealthy white men, with school aged children railing against vaccine and mask mandates, then can they start interviews asking one question: Does your child’s school have mandates?

And finally, it’s MLK day. If you don’t support voting rights, please STFU. Thank you.

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