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Bowling for ratings?

December 19, 2021

So, as of Saturday night, there have actually already been eight college football bowl games. And if you can name more than one or two of them you might need a life.

Urban Meyer says he is “heartbroken” over the way his 11-month tenure with Jacksonville Jaguars ended. Presumably because the team is trying to get out of paying Meyer the last four years of his five year contract?

NFL will postpone three games this weekend due to a surge in Covid-19 cases among players. Waiting to see what expert researchers like Aaron Rodgers think.

Omicron has football fans seriously worried about their teams’ games. Chicago fans, however, feel confident their Monday night game against the Minnesota Vikings will be played. Da Bears can’t catch anything.

While I haven’t followed trial of Kim Potter for shooting Daunte Wright in detail, seems likely that a well-trained experienced officer made a negligient and deadly mistake. And some people want amateurs with guns “protecting children” in our schools?

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort’s tour with Bill O’Reilly is socially distanced for attendees. Not on purpose, they just can’t sell many seats.

For all that right wing media loves to claim vaccines & masks don’t matter, have yet to see Fox News story about a previously healthy pro-vaccine pro-mask public figure who died of COVID. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Orange County FL, (Disney World) is now considered COVID “rapid riser county” & state reported 29,568 new cases this week among residents, bringing total to 3,739,348. But NON-RESIDENT cases aren’t counted. Well, not like any non-residents visiting or returning from Florida.

SNL tonight has a prerecorded skit about moms wanting grandchildren for Christmas. Well, the way this Omicron variant is going and everyone thinking about spending the holiday at home…. there may be a LOT of grandbabies for Christmas 2022.

Confession, I’ve had fantasy of being in hotel room (ie warm & w/ bathroom) overlooking Times Square for New Year’s Eve since I was a kid. But being actually in that crowd, where you can’t move for hours, didn’t sound appealing BEFORE COVID. And right now with Omicron…? WTF?

I’m so old I remember when we all thought Rick Perry’s appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” would be the nadir of his career.

On a brighter note for Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, testing positive for COVID the day after claiming vaccine mandates and masks on planes aren’t needed has to be the best #WannaGetAway commercial ev

So if we convince Republicans that Democrats want to keep all the COVID shots and boosters for themselves THEN might more of them get vaccinated?

Fox News has a conundrum ahead. How will they blame President Biden for Omicron variant in US at the same time they criticize any measures Joe takes to mitigate it?

Has anyone said on their deathbed “I really regret getting vaccinated and wearing a mask?” Asking for a country tired of COVIDiots.