Shooting from long range

Congrats to Stephen Curry for breaking the all-time three-point record today. Great line from Tom Tolbert thought today on KNBR about Madison Square Garden being a sports mecca. Basically, yeah, because a lot of people come in and have record breaking nights against the Knicks.

On a less cheery sports note, NFL, NBA and NHL all dealing with a serious spike in COVID cases.

Are players, who are generally vaccinated, taking more than average chances as far as exposure?


Are they being TESTED more often than average?


So how many undiagnosed COVID cases are out there.

(Get vaccinated, get your booster)

No issue too small for clickbait. CNN headline – “‘Diet’ soda is disappearing from store shelves.” Supply chain issue? No, the truth of the story is that many soft drink manufacturers have removed “diet” from their drink names, and are calling them “no sugar” beverages.

For anyone who has friends and family who only watch Fox News, realize they are not hearing ANYTHING about Fox News hosts texting Mark Meadows on January 6. Maybe Fox is still busy with coverage focused on their Christmas tree brulee?

The ACA allows for insurance companies to charge smokers up to 50% more than non-smokers. So seems reasonable that unvaccinated Americans should pay more for health insurance than vaccinated Americans. And that GOP should support this business decision.

In case anyone missed it with those “unnamed lawmakers.” We don’t know who they are. Yet. But the January 6 committee does.

Rachel Maddow has Jamie Rankin showing a text from an unnamed lawmaker to Meadows on Nov 4. Looks legit. The unnamed (so far) GOP lawmaker can’t spell “aggressive.”

May be an image of 1 person and text that says 'November 4th, 2020 LAWMAKER To MEADOWS HERE's an AGRESSIVE STRATEGY: Why can sic] the states of GA NC PENN and other controlled state houses declare this is BS (where conflicts and election not called that night) and just send their own electors to vote and have it go to the SCOTUS. REAKING NEWS OUSE TO VOTE TO HOLD MEADOWS IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS MSNBC'

Something else about Florida’s big jump again in COVID cases. Governor Ron DeSantis says virus is largely harmless, thus if many Republicans get sick they will treat COVID like a cold & not get tested unless they end up in the hospital. So real numbers are probably much higher.

Stephen Colbert “Less than year since Jan 6 violent isurrection on Capitol Hill & we’ve all gotten little too comfortable w/ near death of the Republic. We’d pay more attention if democracy died on a Peleton.”

Never watched Sex in The City, the original or the reboot & know what Colbert means so think he’s right

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