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Not so fast.

November 20, 2021

Detroit Free Press reported Wednesday that Michigan State was set to offer 10-year $95 millon contract to coach Mel Tucker.Today MSU lost 56-7 to Ohio State.

Uh, is the ink dry on that contract?

So what’s the Power Five CFB playoff argument going to be next week now that “Cincinnati Bearcats’ wins haven’t been convincing enough” has to be at least temporarily retired?

(48-14 over SMU, and it was a shutout until late 4th quarter.)

After UCLA’s Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s scored on a TD run today, fan wearing USC colors handed a UCLA hat & sharpie to him. The Bruins’ QB signed it and gave it back.

Thompson-Robinson was prompty assessed a 15 yard penalty for “unsportmanlike conduct.”

Was the ref auditioning for the No Fun League?

Fox News Headline “Embattled MLB star blasts media in Rittenhouse tweet after acquittal.” The tweet “Guess it’s important to know all facts before jumping to conclusions. Not everything written in media is true.” Trevor Bauer, whose sexual assault DEFENSE is “she asked for it.”

Disney World caved to Governor Ron DeSantis and decided Florida Cast Members don’t have to be vaccinated. So many Americans may soon be nostalgic for the days when the worst thing you brought back from a Disney Vacation was an overpriced t-shirt.

If you’re really mad about yesterday’s verdict in Kenosha and worried about upcoming SCOTUS decisions on abortion….it’s not too soon to pick a 2022 race, or several races. Local and state elections. Get involved. The democracy you save may be our own.

Media giving far more attention to Rittenhouse case & verdict than Infrastucture bill being signed and Build Back Better passing the House. And we wonder why Biden’s approval ratings are low.

Since conservatives are now so into the idea of self-defense, the next time a woman kills her husband/partner and says he was abusive, they’re going to celebrate her, right?

After Alec Baldwin accidentally fatally shot someone, he was photographed looking horrified and distraught. Kyle Rittenhouse, who claims he was just trying to “help”, fatally shot someone and then ran and shot two more.

Dr. Saule Omarova, 55, emigrated to US from Moscow 30 years ago “with one suitcase and a fifty-dollar bill in my pocket. She got a PHD at Wisconsin & JD at Northwestern. And CNN headline is “Watch senator grill Biden nominee on Soviet upbringing.”

Another CNN headline missing lede: “California Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier becomes latest high-profile Democrat not running for reelection.” As anyone in SF Bay Area knows headline should be “Jackie Speier retirement sets off feeding frenzy among local Dems to take her place.”

Have friends in pharmaceutical industry who argue that some drugs, especially new drugs, need to be expensive to cover the cost of development. But regardless how you feel about that argument, there is NO excuse for expensive insulin.

Republicans claim their policies are what America wants. Democrats claim their policies are what America wants. So let’s pass the #FreedomToVoteAct and let actual Americans decide!

So wonder how many GOP pundits and members of Congress lauding Kyle Rittenhouse as either a victim or a hero would be okay with him trying to date their daughters?

I’m a white suburban woman and I’d sure as hell rather have Cory Booker in my neighborhood than Kyle Rittenhouse.