Hard to root for an unvaccinated Kirk Cousins. But against Aaron Rodgers who is both unvaccinated and lied about it…. #SKOL

AP poll is out with Georgia #1, Ohio State #2, Alabama #3 and Cincinnati #4. Notre Dame is #5 You know many wanted to put the Fighting Irish higher than the Bearcats. Except Notre Dame’s only loss… was to Cincinnati.

Aaron Rodgers apparently was dealing with a serious toe injury during today’s Packers’ loss to the Vikings. So during his COVID week off Rodgers somehow didn’t have time to do his own research to fix the toe?

Just saying. There are a whole lot of mediocre football teams in the NFL this season.

Hell freezes over. I have to say something nice about the former coach of Cincinnati Bearcats He made original scholarship offer to now star QB Desmond Ridder which current coach Luke Fickell honored.

The former coach in question – who UC paid $1 million to go away? He’s now Senator Tommy Tuberville.

SNL Weekend Update… Colin Jost talking about Rep. Matt Gaetz offering Kyle Rittenhouse an internship. “Because Gaetz has always supported teenagers willing to do terrible things.”

I’m tired of hearing about Rittenhouse, but how frightening is it to see him smile & talk about the “correct verdict” after he went to an out-of-state protest and shot three people? This means he’d do it again.

YouGov/ Economist poll: 51% of white women without college degrees polled said 2020 Presidential election was stolen, vs 29% of degree-holding white women. If you needed yet another reason why GOP is against helping w/ college costs & student debt. Education causes Democrats.

Police are searching for a man who fled Atlanta Airport after accidentally firing a gun at the security checkpoint. When they find him can he claim self-defense from TSA?

As Build Back Better, with a huge focus on care costs, now moves to the Senate – a question – “How can the economy work if it’s too expensive for women to work?

Kevin McCarthy now claims what drove him to keep talking for eight hours was “so the American people could understand what’s in the bill.” Uh, the American people couldn’t even understand what was in one of McCarthy’s sentences.

Governor Ron DeSantis, signing bills against vaccine-mandates “Nobody should lose their job due to heavy-handed COVID mandates, we had a responsibility to protect the livelihoods of the people of Florida…” Uh, how about the LIVES of the people of Florida? Over 61,000 now lost.

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