Approaching turkey time.

NY Giants- Tampa Bay Buccanners on Monday Night Football. So for NFL fans the Thanksgiving Turkey came early this year.

Marc Ragovin’s line last week about the Jets “I’m not saying the NY Jets defense was bad against the Bills the other day, but the last time so many Buffalo ran free was about 1845.”

Giants defense was so bad tonight, well, last time Tom Brady had it this easy might have been his rookie year… which was also about 1845?

Saints TE Adam Trautman has an MCL injury and will miss 4-6 weeks. WR Michael Thomas and QB Jameis Winston are out for the year. Plus RB Alvin Kamara, OTs Terron Armsted & Ryan Ramcyzyk were out last week.

New Orleans isn’t a football team, they’re, it’s an episode of General Hospital.-

Just took a look at NBA standings and the Houston Rockets are 1-16. Shocking. Does anyone remember them winning a game?

On anniversary of JFK’s assassination reading about all these awful COVID spikes especially in areas with many unvaccinated. “Ask what you can do for your country” can be as simple as “Get vaccinated now!”

If a tree arrives at the White House and FLOTUS doesn’t drop a few F-bombs about decorating it, does it still make a sound?

Things that seriously make you question evolution: Buying a 2 pound bag of gold potatoes for roasting – and seeing on the instructions – “Remove potatoes from bag before cooking.”

Only good thing about RNC paying some of Velveeta Voldemort’s personal legal bills. That’s less money they can use to run ads against Democrats.

According to some people now:

if you’re a black man jogging alone you’re suspicious.

If you’re a white woman jogging alone you’re inviting sexual assault..

If you’re a white man jogging alone you’re just jogging.

Arbery trial now reminds me sadly of interview with Senator Cory Booker last summer: Cory mentioned when he walked to DC apt from US Capitol late at night, he stayed in a suit, no matter how hot it was, because he was nervous about looking like random big black man on DC streets.

Apparently when Kyle Rittenhouse was on with Tucker Carlson tonight, he complained about conditions in the jail where he spent 87 days. From the Chicago Tribune “‘Imagine putting that kid in jail,’ Carlson told viewers in a tone typically reserved for pearl clutching.”

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