The Atlanta Falcons were shut out tonight! No, I didn’t watch the game. But as a Saints fan I like writing that sentence. #WhoDat

Antonio Brown has been accused of buying and using a fake COVID vaccine card. Since he’s one of Tom Brady’s favorite receivers, how hard will the NFL slap his hand?

Governor Ron DeSantis made a special trip to Brandon, FL, a suburb of Tampa, to sign anti-vaccine mandate bills, just so he could troll Joe Biden with “Let’s Go Brandon” chants. On top of everything else, today’s GOP has the grace & maturity of badly-behaved 12 year old boys.

If only Facebook had put as much time and money into safety and security as they are spending on their current ad campaign to convince Americans that Congress shouldn’t come down too hard on them now….-

Louisiana GOP Sen. John Kennedy attacked Soviet Union-born Dr. Saule Omarova saying “you used to be a member of a group called The Young Communists.”

Uh, one, it was REQUIRED for young people in the Soviet Union. Uh, if anyone knows about how much you can change from your youth… Kennedy is 69. Until John was 53 he was a Democrat.

President Biden test driving an electric Hummer in Michigan yesterday didn’t get a lot of coverage. Of course, had he bumped the Hummer into so much as a traffic cone it would have been front page news.

If GOP really thought Americans would hate Build Back Better, they’d let Democrats pass it and campaign against the bill in the 2022 elections. Period.

Kevin McCarthy thinks someone like Jimmy Stewart is going to play him in his wannabe remake of “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?” More likely it will be an infomercial featuring Scott Baio.

How many Republicans watching Kevin McCarthy tonight were suddenly terrified of the idea of a standing filibuster?

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