Numbers game

Yes, this is a real sentence about the College Football Playoff rankings “The No. 3 Ducks remained one spot ahead of No. 4 Buckeyes, as committee apparently still gives a lot of weight to Oregon’s 35-28 victory at Ohio State on Sept. 11.”

So you mean with all the “strength of schedule” conjecture head to head competition is still worth something?

So apparently starting Christmas Day, Staples Center will now be named Crypto. com Arena. Is, a Singapore based company, paying the $700 million naming rights deal in Bitcoin?

SF Giants’ Gabe Kapler being chosen Manager of the Year was a vote not even Donald Trump would challenge..

Stephen Colbert’s latest shared nickname for Velveeta Voldemort – “The Vanity Manatee.” Cute, but kind of insulting, to manatees.

Would be a little less p*ssed off at the media’s Chris Christie redemption tour if the same media hadn’t told Hillary Clinton to “go home and knit.”

New York ethics panel rescinds approval of Cuomo’s $5.1M pandemic book deal. Uh, New Jersey – anything you can do about Christie’s “Republican Rescue?” Not Cuomo fan but figure Chris Christie’s Trump support & Covid misinformation was at least as ethically unsound & more deadly.

We can argue about charges and the verdict all we want. This is a simple truth. If Kyle Rittenhouse had stayed home on Aug 25, 2020, most Americans wouldn’t remember the Kenosha protests over the shooting of Jacob Blake. And two men would still be alive.

Rachel Maddow talking about Congressman Gary Palmer of Alabama the, FIRST Republican member of Congress claiming credit in press release to his constituents for Democratic infrastructure bill, a bill he voted against & called “terrible and reckless.”

Too soon to start pool on who in GOP will be 2nd?

So since many GOP members of Congress still claim to be against the infrastructure bill, maybe it’s time for a new slogan: Republicans for Potholes!

Democrats were supposed to bring people like Cory Booker to our neighborhoods.

Republicans want to bring more people like Kyle Rittenhouse to our neighborhoods.

I know what side I’M on!

New Washington Post-ABC poll says Americans say by a roughly 2-to-1 margin that the Supreme Court should uphold Roe v. Wade. GOP is going to hear that and just figure they need to work harder to suppress votes

So with DeJoy not fired yet, will this be the first Christmas that Black Friday will be too late to mail Christmas presents?

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