Trap season

So SF 49ers, the same 4-5 NFL team who just beat 7-3 LA Rams by 21, lost last week to 8-2 Arizona Cardinals by 14, who themselves lost this week to 5-5 Carolina Panthers by 24. And rational people still bet on NFL football?!!

This NFL season definitely illustrates the “Any Given Sunday” axiom (Or Any Given Monday, or Any Given Thursday.) Except when the Detroit Lions are involved. Because they’re not going to beat anyone.

Rumors were that OBJ, who wants a Super Bowl ring, wanted to wait until after this week’s NFL games to decide who to sign with… So did he sign too soon. Or is he a reason the Rams’ chances are now worse?

Aaron Rodgers said yesterday’s game “definitely got me a little misty.” Uh, since he’s not vaccinated is the Packers QB sure that mist isn’t “COVID brain fog?”

Patrick Leahy, who has been a Senator since 1974, will not run for re-election in 2022. So Bernie Sanders, at the age of 82, will finally no longer be the JUNIOR Senator from Vermont.

So the next time someone gets arrested with loaded gun at TSA checkpoint will their defense be they were just trying to be available as an onboard volunteer medic?

Marjorie Three Names tweeted yesterday “The AR-15 is one of the best guns ever made. It’s easy to hold, especially for women…Buy a gun, try an AR-15.” Wonder what she’d say if black women took her up on that?

A simple question: If the situation was so dangerous on August 25, 2020 in Kenosha, how come the only three people shot all night were shot by Kyle Rittenhouse?

If President Biden had a 95% approval rating, the media would be doing front page articles and “breaking news” stories interviewing those in the remaining 5%.

“If our democracy falls, the rest of it is irrelevant.” Stacey Abrams knows it all comes down to voting rights.

Any Republican who wants to take a principled stand against the bipartisan infrastructive bill still has time to submit a list of roads in their district they don’t think need to be fixed, and bridges they are okay with falling down…

If you’re upset about the judge for Rittenhouse murder trial, before the next election, please do a little reading on the judicial candidates, including incumbents, on the ballot..

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