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Trading places.

July 31, 2021

Apparently Kris Bryant, is from Las Vegas and who has seemed like a potential long term fit for the SF Giants, cried in the Cubs dugout when he found he out was being traded.

Welcome to San Francisco, Mr. Bryant, where we know real men do cry.

Aww… but wanna feel old? This is Barry Bonds with his GRANDSON?


Thinking sentimentally about Dusty Baker returning to San Francisco and realizing most of SF Giants players were kids when he managed the team from 1993 to 2002.

If they were even born when Dusty started with the Giants.

Washington Nationals & Chicago Cubs basically traded most of their stars away today. So will fans at Nationals Park tonight in DC at least get a discount on beer? Since presumably they paid to watch major league baseball?

From my funny friend Marc Ragovin : “I’m not saying the Nationals are rebuilding, but Congress just voted a supplemental $100 million appropriation for them as part of the infrastructure bill.”

At this point a lot of rumors about MLB trades turned out to be just rumors. But was pleased to see I am not the only SF Giants fan who really has become attached to Lamonte Wade, Jr.

As we good closer to the 1pm PT/4p ET MLB trade deadline, baseball fans refreshing their Twitter feed like many of us were refreshing appointment schedules in desperate hopes of a COVID vaccine back in March.

Maybe it’s just me but thinking this line isn’t getting enough attention in those notes from Velveeta Voldemort pressuring the DOJ to say the election was corrupt: “Leave the rest to me and the R congressmen.”

Florida Senator Rick Scott regularly rails against inflation now & costs to Americans. ICYMI, Scott resigned in 1997 as CEO of Columbia/HCA, one of USA’s largest hospital networks, amid federal investigation, they ended up being fined $1.7 billion by the DOJ for defrauding Medicare.

So great seeing Amy Klobuchar & Tina Smith honoring Minnesota native and Hmong-American Suni Lee on Senate Floor today.

Meanwhile seems like a lot of conservative white guys are disappointed an American, & daughter of a refugee at that, won Olympic gymnastics gold. Gets in way of narrative trashing Simone Biles.

Now that DOJ said the Treasury “must” give The Former Guy’s tax returns to Congress, wonder where all the Merrick Garland haters are today?

Can’t believe some of these people who can’t fathom how guidance on masks might change. So if they were in New Orleans after Katrina would they tell rescuers, I’m not leaving, there wasn’t water in my street last night?

More than 295,000 pounds of raw beef products from Greater Omaha Packing are being recalled for possible with E. coli. Well, instead of a recall, why don’t they just ship the meat to Texas and Florida? Their governors don’t believe in silly stuff like science.

Gym Jordan claims he can’t remember if he spoke to the President on January 6. Which is about as likely as Jordan’s claim now he had no idea that Ohio State wrestlers were being sexually assaulted.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has three young children: ‘My wife and I are not going to do the masks with the kids; we never have. I want to see my kids smiling. I want them having fun.”

Wonder how much fun parents of kids in ICU with COVID think their children are having?

Golden ticket?

July 30, 2021

Conservative media has been apoplectic about Simone Biles’ withdrawal for mental health reasons costing USA a gymnastic gold medal. So you think they’d be thrilled an American woman actually won the all-around gold! Oh wait, Suni Lee is the daughter of refugees. Never mind.

Olympic Gold Medalist Sunisa Lee is Hmong-American daughter of Hmong refugees. Her dad was 7 when his brought him to US. from Laos. Her granddad was Hmong soldier who fought alongside U.S. military in Vietnam.

(Another story you won’t hear on Fox News.) Immigrants ARE America!

Would Republicans have more respect for Simone Biles if instead of remaining in Tokyo to cheer on her teammates Simone had instead decamped for a few days at the Ritz Carlton Cancun?

On top of everything else with this train wreck that is NBC’s Olympic coverage, even if you’re up late and able to watch events theoretically in real time, there’s often no obvious way of knowing what is live and what was recorded hours ago for the East Coast.

COVID aside, must admit I didn’t know that Tokyo weather in the summer rivals the worst of the East Coast for summer heat and humidity. So why have Summer games in late July/early August instead of September? Or October as they did in 1964.

Not competing with football was a big rea$$$on. I am shocked.

Nothing against Mike Tirico but in the limited time I’ve been watching Tokyo Olympics coverage on NBC feels like I’ve seen a lot more of him than I have of “the human drama of athletic competition.”

-For all the legitimate worry about athletes getting COVID in Tokyo, what about all these friends and family members of the athletes NBC keeps showing at unmasked viewing parties in FLORIDA?

Unvaccinated Bills WR Cole Beasley claims “I’m not anti- or pro-vax — I’m pro-choice.” Wonder how it would work if he told a police officer who pulled him over, “I’m not anti or pro-speed limits, I’m pro choice.”

There are places in all 50 states where you are at no further risk from COVID when you don’t wear a mask. Those places are called “coffins.”

Mitch McConnell has actually aired an ad telling people to get vaccinated. Because he finally figured out an increasing number of Republicans dying from COVID could be more detrimental to GOP long-term prospects than making President Biden look bad?

RIP Ron Popeil, 86 who pioneered the informercial for products like the Veg-O-Matic. Assume Ron’s funeral will have a short break in the middle, if only for someone eulogizing him to say “But wait there’s more!”

If you were born before 1980 you almost certainly have memories of being in a car without a seat belt. And objectively a seat belt is actually much more uncomfortable than a mask. But you get used to both of them.

I’m so old that I remember when everyone I knew was desperately trying everything they could including standby lines at 6a and refreshing our computers at midnight to get a COVID vaccine appointment.

Wonder how many of these COVIDiots who believe it’s THEIR choice on vaccines & masks despite how much their actions affect others, are the same clowns who justify their choice to pee in public pools?

Former Senator Mike Enzi, who died Mon, talked about 80-20 rule.

Said he & Ted Kennedy “agree on about 80% of issues that come before our committee. We disagree on 20%. We’ve agreed to focus on 80% where we agree. Other 20% we’d set aside & take it up another day…”

Senate needs more Enzis.

Also from Enzi”s 2020 farewell address: – “Ask yourself, has anyone really changed your opinion by getting in your face & yelling at you or saying how wrong you are. Usually that doesn’t change hearts & minds.” Not surprising, Enzi didn’t spend lots of time on Twitter.

Ratings dive?

July 28, 2021

So with the Olympics, most of the big name events that happen in the wee hours of the morning in US, aren’t shown until the night afterwards, well after almost everyone knows the outcome.

And if you want to find something, anything, live, it’s like a treasure hunt between NBC, CNBC, USA Network, etc…. not to mention streaming services if you do those.

Late night on West Coast managed to find, and become a fan of synchronized diving, which I didn’t realize existed.

But they wonder why ratings are down?

More conservatives are attacking Simone Biles’ over her mental health issues in Tokyo than attacked Ryan Lochte over his vandalizing a gas station and fake assault story in Rio.

U.S. women’s basketball team won their Olympic opener against Nigeria, their 50th straight win. Worth noting, that unlike men’s Team USA, , women’s have had no one need to withdraw over COVID. And the WNBA is 99% vaccinated. Women are smarter.

Unvaccinated Bills WR Cole Beasley claims “I’m not anti- or pro-vax — I’m pro-choice.”

Wonder how it would work if he told a police officer who pulled him over, I’m not anti or pro-speed limits, I’m pro choice.

Charlie Kirk calls Simone Biles a “shame to the country.” for dropping out of Olympics events. ICYMI, Kirk himself dropped out of community college. Charlie also applied to US Military Academy in West Point, & when he was turned down, for some reason chose not to enlist.

Asked “is Kevin McCarthy a moron?” Nancy Pelosi responds that “Science, science, science, on almost any subject you can name science is the answer. And “to say that wearing a mask is not based on science, is not wise. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

There’s a story going around on Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher not bathing their chiildren or themselves-that often – Kutcher said of their kids “If you can see the dirt on them, clean them. Otherwise, there’s no point.”

Will say that given a choice between neighbors who don’t bathe and neighbors who don’t vaccinate, I’ll take the side of a little dirt every time.

Gym Jordan says Pelosi kicked him off Jan 6 committee because she feared him blaming her as the Speaker of the Hosue by “raising question, why wasn’t there more help?…”It was a terrible day & people who did wrong need to be held accountable.”

Uh, The former Guy & others said it was “loving crowd” & “tourists.”

How much do we want the Former Guy to testify at the January 6 committee? And for that “You’re G*ddamn right I ordered the insurrection” moment?

Listening to Senate Republicans complain about the trillion dollar cost of Biden’s infrastructure program. I clearly missed them complaining about the trillion dollar cost of the Former Guy’s tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.

Open question to these clowns who can’t deal with the fact COVID recommendations and mandates change: If you go outside on a day when the forecast for sun, do you refuse to use an umbrella if it starts raining?

Per even Fox News, as of July 27, 21 states have high viral spread -Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Tennessee & Kentucky, Missouri & Alaska.

Common link?

Amy Klobuchar talking today about the need to recruit more Capitol Police. Gosh, watching how much Republicans, nearly half the Congress, are supporting the current Capitol police, can’t imagine why it’s hard to get new recruits. (Where is my sarcasm emoji?)

Before any Republican, including and especially Kevin McCarthy is quoted now on January 6 hearings, can the interview be played in conjunction to what they said ON January 6 – just after they were in fear for their lives?

Going going gone.

July 27, 2021

As we approach the MLB trade deadline, how many kids are learning the time honored tradition of having sadly having “your” team say, “we’re waving the white flag”, and trading your favorite player?”

Today’s kids will never know the thrill of cheap motel pools with diving boards. Though watching synchronized diving, and as a veteran of those times I can safely say I don’t think I could have even sychronized a cannonball with my sister.

Another really cool Olympic story in spite of the IOC.

And yes, the Olympics is too much about money & probably shouldn’t be happening. But it’s hard not to feel warm and fuzzy when you see Lilly King and Lydia Jacoby after the 100 M breaststroke tonight.

Florida, with about 6% of US population, now accounts for over 25% of US COVID-19 cases. Governor Ron DeSantis hopes his disciples are as bad at math as they are at science.

In the name of consistency, can the science-rejecting anti-vax GOP leaders also please tell their disciples to continue rejecting science and medicine by staying home when they get sick?

Fortunately former Senator Barbara Boxer was not seriously injured when shewas robbed of her cellphone today in Oakland.

Fox News headline “Former Dem senator assaulted and robbed in crime-ridden Golden State.”

Meanwhile the actually most dangerous states…..

(Yes, they are almos all red)

Delta variant & unvaccinated COVIDiots already causing cases to surge in US. Wonder if part of reason to extend international travel restrictions, even for vaccinated travelers, is to keep Republicans from blaming what will be almost certain worsening surge on foreign visitors?

CNN reports one of the outstanding issues in infrastructure talks is “funding for highways and bridges.” So would GOP like to provide Democrats of a list of which bridges they are okay with falling down?

Ron DeSantis is vaccinated. His rich buddies are vaccinated. All of them have access to top medical care. But to have the illusion of beating COVID AND saving the state’s economy, Deathsantis is happy to turn less privileged Floridians into COVID fodder.

As we approach August, more than 6 months after President Biden’s inauguration & watch GOP drag out many confirmations of Biden’s appointees, your reminder: Mitch McConnell confirmed Amy Comey Barrett to a lifetime seat on the Supreme Court in 30days, 38 days after death of RBG.

Same GOP lying that Democrats want to “defund the police” also want to strip their own House members from committees for trying to investigate a mob who attacked the police. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

Mitch McConnell today blamed Joe Biden for vaccinations hitting a plateau, saying Former Guy had left USA on a good “trajectory.” So after spending months encouraging people not to be vaccinated GOP is going to blame our Democratic President. Ladies and gentlemen, this IS evil.

For those who know someone unvaccinated and hesitant, maybe the best argument I can make: If the vaccines weren’t good, why did so many rich and privileged people do everything they could, including cheating, to get their COVID shots first?.

The $ky’$ the limit.

July 26, 2021

Whatever happens at the trade deadline, looks quite likely the Dodgers might be the first team in MLB to hit $300 MILLION in payroll. Will LA start selling beer on the installment plan?

Random MLB baseball temporary parity weirdness: Looking at NL standings and except for St. Louis Cardinals at 6-4, no other team in the league is better than 5-5 in their last 10 games. And only the Washington Nationals at 3-7 are worse than 4-6.

Cool story. But the gold and silver medalists in women’s street skateboarding, both age 13, won’t be able to drive actual cars on the street for at least three years.

The Texas Rangers, who have a 12 game losing streak, next have two games against the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have MLB’s word record at 31-70. Who says baseball doesn’t have bowl games? As in Toilet Bowl.

Caitlyn Jenner is campaigning for Governor of California during a two week hotel quarantine before her appearance on Big Brother VIP in Australia. Meanwhile, GOP get apoplectic when President Biden goes home to Delaware for a weekend.

Arkansas Gov. Hutchinson signed bill banning mask mandates Apr. 29. Today “At that point we had very low case rates in state & people knew exactly what to do. They were capable of making their decisions.”

Uh, as Arkansas cases surge w/ 22% positivity rate, clearly they WEREN’T.

In US, even big Olympics fans are frustrated with the major television tape-delays. Now, to be fair, the Tokyo time change makes things difficult. But I remember being in California in 2010…. where the Olympics were tape delayed from Vancouver!

Think we need to keep reminding people: The so-called “pro-life” party is willing to sacrifice countless Americans with anti-vaccine anti-mask rhetoric, just to make President Biden look bad. #CovidFodder

By the numbers

July 25, 2021

ESPN and other sites have started posting a daily Tokyo Olympics medal count.

Shouldn’t they be also posting a daily COVID count?

I’m tuning in a bit. Just a bit. With COVID-19 raging through Tokyo hard to watch the Olympics.

Athletes vs. the Delta Variant feels a bit too much like Christians vs. Lions.

Although must admit, synchronized diving is such a strangely fascinating sport to watch. And how cool to watch the biracial Canadian women’s team win silver.


Most cheerful thing for SF Giants fans to think about so far this weekend, the Pittsburgh Pirates are not in the NL West.

Reports that TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech have reached out to the Pac 12? Because nothing says the Pacific like Texas?

A 10-year old may have died of the plague in Colorado. While the plague is treatable with antibiotics, these days it seems like if any Democrat reminds people of that publicly, Republicans might stop using antibiotics period.

Springfield Missouri, one of the nation’s COVID hot spots in Ozark County, has maybe 35% of residents vaccinated.

And yet they’re still having the Ozark county fair. I miss the days when the biggest dangers to your health at county fair were things like deep fried butter and chicken-fried bacon.

Florida was averaging about 1,500 COVID cases a day last month

Last Thursday, over, 13,000 cases.

How long until the daily case toll is higher than the 32,500 votes Ron DeSantis won the election by?

All you need to know about Fox News these days is illustrated by one of their top website headlines Sasturday night:

“DC crime wave: At least 2 injured on busy street, sending pedestrians running for their lives.” The incident was 2 days ago, nobody died.

(Unlike on January 6.)

The same doctor, Ronny Jackson, who said Velveeta Voldemort was 6ft 3in tall & 239lb, with “incredibly good genes” and a “sharp” mind, thinks President Biden will be forced to resign because he’s not fit for office. You can’t make this “stuff” up.

GOP strategy for 2022 is all about Democratic voter suppression. Did they just figure out that the Delta variant is going to suspend many Republican voters permanently?

The Minnesota Vikings probably won’t win the Super Bowl, again, this year. But at least players’ chances of ending up in the ICU or worse just went down with the firing of anti-vaxxer assistant coach Rick Dennison.

If Doug Jones were still Senator from Alabama he’d have televised getting his COVID-19 shot and would have been leading a vaccine drive.

Suggestion for a slogan in the battle against the Delta variant: Would it kill you to wear a mask? Because it might kill you NOT to wear one.

UK Daily Mail reporting ABC looking for “Trump Republican” to replace Meghan McCain on “The View” 3 names mentioned- Megyn Kelly, Candace Owens & Kimberly Guilfoyle. Cue chorus of “Big Yellow Taxi.” “Don’t it always seem to go, you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?”

Rings not the thing?

July 23, 2021

As we await the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics have to wonder, will the games make it to a closing ceremony?

After blowing last night’s save, Kenley Jansen was booed by Dodgers fans coming into tonight’s save opportunity against Giants.Tyler Rogers had horrible Tuesday outing. But he wouldn’t have been booed by Giants fans Wednesday if last night’s game was in San Francisco.

The best part of NFL rule directed at unvaccinated players. Now we’re talking peer pre$$ure! “If a game is cancelled and cannot be rescheduled within the current 18-week scheduled due to a Covid outbreak, neither team’s players will receive their weekly paragraph 5 salary.”

Some NFL players are upset about the league’s new penalties for unvaccinated players who get COVID. Well, perhaps some anti-vax owner can sign all of them? Such a team scheduled against vaccinated teams could end up being a nice second bye week.

Since vanity is often a powerful motivator, reminder, as a woman if you wear a mask you are MUCH more likely to be carded buying alcohol, even if you are considerably over 21.

Conservative media apoplectic over shooting on 14th Street NW in DC, a normally safe upscale area favored by politicians. Wait, by the standards of January 6, shouldn’t we just call people with guns in a normally safe part of town favored by politicians, “tourists?”

With the Delta Variant spreading so aggressively now, saying “I’m vaccinated, why should I wear a mask?” is a lot like saying, I follow the speed limits, why should I wear a seat belt?

Per CNN – “Florida leads the nation in new COVID-19 cases.” I missed the Ron DeSantis tweet taking credit.

CNN chyron “McCarthy on Vaccines – I don’t think we shifted our tone.” – Uh, how hard would it be to come up with a virtual banner to put over these chyrons? – “LIE DETECTED!”

If Velveeta Voldemort had investments in asbestos companies, he’d no doubt have his cult members rushing to include it in any new homes they were constructing. Mesothelioma is only science, right?

Fox News attacking Biden tonight over CRT (which is an academic theory not actually taught in schools) with the headline “Ex-education secretary reveals…” Even Faux News knows they don’t want to headline Betsy Devos.

High hopes.

July 22, 2021

An Australian equestrian athlete been provisionally suspended for the Olympics after he tested positive for cocaine. Did officials get suspicious when he was clearing jumps without his horse?

Sentence no one expected to see:

Diamondbacks finish sweep of Pirates with 6-4 victory.

Let’s be honest. Did anyone expect to see a sentence starting “Diamondbacks sweep ANYBODY?”

If you needed some good news this morning. Today is the first day that Velveeta Voldemort’s adult spawn aren’t getting Secret Service protection on our taxpayer dime!

Kevin McCarthy now says GOP will form their own team to investigate January 6. Uh, the name “House Committee on Travel and Tourism” is already taken.

Kevin McCarthy throwing a hissy fit over the January 6 committee reminds us again that most men are just too emotional to hold political office.

Gym Jordan couldn’t even investigate young men being sexually assaulted under his nose at Ohio State. Leaving aside the fact he helped instigate the January 6 insurrection, what makes anyone think Gym is capable of investigating anything important for our democracy?

Words Democrats never expected to say ever: “Thank God for Liz Cheney.”

If Jeffrey Dahmer were a Republican, Kevin McCarthy would have put Hannibal Lecter on his jury.

John Kasich thinks Nancy Pelosi should have let Jim Jordan stay on the January 6 committee. As if John Kasich himself could stand to be in the same room with his fellow Ohioan Gym Jordan long enough to eat a bowl of Cincinnati chili.

“You’re 5 yrs old, you’re 9 yrs old & your parents want to go to US…What could a kid say about being brought here illegally? President Biden on DACA. They couldn’t say anything anymore than Ted Cruz at age of 4 could have told his mother not to move from Canada to Texas.

Meanwhile, over on former State TV AKA Fox News – headline IS not about how more & more GOP are recommending vaccine, but “White House weighing major change to mask guidance — even for vaccinated Americans.” Because it can’t be a day on Fox without negativity towards Biden.

Next season.

July 21, 2021

So now that the NBA finals is over in late July, what day does the NBA pre-season start next week?

Can’t stand Tom Brady but suppose grudging respect that he turns out to have had as little loyalty towards his Former Friend as the Former Guy shows to everyone else.

SF Giants & LA Dodgers have 6 games against each other in next 9 days. Max Muncy may go on paternity list as his wife is expected to give birth this week. I think I join most Giants fans in congratulating them & suggesting that Muncy take all the time he wants w/ his new family.

GOP leaders and pundits are treating Delta Variant like First Class passengers on the Titanic viewed a shortage of lifeboats.

Dr. Fauci: “Senator Paul, you do not know what you are talking about, quite frankly. And I want to say that officially.” If we did a secret poll guessing about 95 members of the Senate would give Dr. Fauci a medal for that statement alone.

Okay, give the devil his due. Giving money for the great Chef Jose Andres to use to help people is something I will actually applaud Bezos for doing.

But also Jeff Bezos credit. There are very few ways to unite both sides of the aisle in politics these days: By Bezos might have done it with the bipartisan outrage over putting Van Jones in charge of giving away $100 million

So has Velveeta Voldemort said Thomas Barrack was just his inaugural covfefe boy?

Okay, I cannot be the only one who hears the name “Thomas BARRACK” being indicted and wonders how GOP, Fox, etc will try to slant this to somehow make their followers blame Obama.

Remember back in 2018 when it came out that Melania’s friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff was paid $26 million by the inaugural committee? Now as Rachel Maddow talks about allegations against the Former Guy’s inaugural committee head Tom Barrack, $26 million seems so quaint.

“Highly contagious Delta variant now makes up 83% of US coronavirus case” CDC says”

“Siri, can you help me understand exponential math?”

I have a suspicious mind: But how many of these GOP members of Congress and pundits who say they are now getting the COVID-19 shot have already been vaccinated, but didn’t want to admit it?

Has it started occurring to some GOP politicians right-wing media that for all they are trying to suppress voting, the Delta Variant is taking many of THEIR own voters permanently off the voting rolls?

Marjorie Taylor Greene has three now apparently grown children. But when they were younger and she enrolled them in school and was asked for vaccination records did she respond “This is a violation of my HIPAA rights?”

Fox News headline – “Texas Gov. Abbott calls out Democrats ‘disaster of a trip’ fleeing Austin for DC: ‘Constituents getting upset'” Gosh, I missed Fox and Abbott calling out Ted Cruz fleeing Texas for Cancun when his constituents were freezing to death.

Testing, testing

July 20, 2021

So this Olympics, along with the daily medal count, is gonna have a daily COVID count?

SF Giants win a big game 7-2 against LA Dodgers with their ace Kevin Gausman starting. Just like they drew it up. Except Gausman barely made it out of the 3rd. #BeatLA

Florida has worst COVID numbers right now in country, w/ about 20% of US cases. So what does Fox News cover? “Gov Ron DeSantis stepped up criticism of Biden’s immigration policy, saying law enforcement informed him many migrants they encountered at border were bound for Florida”

Again, ICYMI, while DACA in headlines. While he may not remember life in Canada, Ted Cruz lived in Calgary for 1st four years of his life & only came to US when his mom decided to reconcile w/ her estranged husband who had moved to Texas.How is this different from DACA kids?

Healthcare workers in hospitals now must be viewing unvaccinated COVID patients in ICU the same way they look at seriously injured accident victims who didn’t use their seat belts.

Thinking Nancy Pelosi can make it easy: Veto those who by their votes encouraged the insurrectionists, and tell Kevin McCarthy he can replace them with anyone he wants, as long as he or she accepted the results of the 2020 election.

US State department isssued a “Do Not Travel” advisory for the UK today. Uh, Great Britain doesn’t want Americans anyway. They still have a 10 day quarantine. So this is like turning down a date with someone who hasn’t asked you out in the first place.

Just pointing out, Twitter isn’t scr*wing around with their own employees. As the company reopens to allow some in-person work, they are requiring proof of vaccination upon re-entry to a Twitter building.

“Talk to your doctor….You & your doctor make a very important decision for your own safety…, you also have a right to medical privacy.” Sean Hannity talking about abortion on Fox News. No wait, my bad, he’s talking COVID vaccines.

After 9-11, we first thought death toll around 3,000. Then many 1st responders ended up getting cancer & related illness…. In 2020 World Trade Center Health Program, 3,496 deaths now attributed to 9-11 illnesses. What’s it’s going to be w/ COVID & long-haul illnesses?

Amy Klobuchar points out at Senate Rules Commitee hearing in Atlanta that Democrats invited their colleagues “on the other side of the aisle” to find witnesses to DEFEND their new Georgia voting laws

GOP hasn’t called, or found, a single witness.

Some people already waited longer last year to vote than it took Senators to fly to the hearing… Yes, even longer than it took Senator Padilla on his redeye … only about 4 1/2 hours from California.

Another thing GOP hopes you won’t see in Georgia voter suppression laws… ANYONE can challenge someone else’s ability to vote & they can challenge as many as they want? What could possibly go wrong?

Kevin McCarthy named Jim Jordan to the 1/6 select committee. This is like naming a Sinaloa cartel member to a jury for El Chapo trial.

CNN is spending more time on Bezos space joy ride tomorrow than they did on Shuttle flights. I really don’t care, do U?

And the hits don’t keep on coming?

July 19, 2021

Bad news for Mets fans: Jacob DeGrom is on the IL.

Worse news for fans of other NL playoff teams: Mets lose ground while DeGrom is on IL, they get a wild card, and someone has to face a rested Jacob in a win or go home game.

Meanwhile, if it’s Sunday night baseball, it must be Red Sox Yankees.

Coco Gauff tweeted that she will not compete at the Tokyo Olympics after testing positive for COVID-19. Again, why is ANYONE competing at the Tokyo Olympics?

And hey, as an SF Giants fan in the SF Bay Area I can always see the Giants, as well as whoever the As are playing. But MLB complains they have no national audience, then they make sure that most Americans never see players like Juan Soto and Vladimir Guerrero Jr, except during the All-Star game. And forget smaller market good teams.

Watching SF Giants today with Crawford back in lineup – realizing yesterday EVERY single one of their starting infield, 1st base, 2nd base, SS, 3rd base & catcher were unavailable due to injury.

CNN this am covering last night’s mass shooting outside Nationals Park Can we stop calling them “isolated incidents” when they happen in America almost every single day?

Don’t think monopolies matter?
Trivago running ads claiming they will give you a choice so you’ll end up with cheaper hotel rates.Uh, Trivago happens to be owned by Expedia, who owns, Travelocity and Orbitz etc.

Wonder why GOP didn’t try a counter event to Amy Klobuchar & Stacey Abrams voting rights event today – with white suburban voters thanking Republicans for trying to make it easier for them to vote. Maybe because for white suburban voters, it’s already easy to vote.

Anyone informed Senator Lindsey Graham, threatening to leave DC fo an infrastructure vote, that not only doesn’t work for bill votes (you only need 51), he can’t even win if he convinces fellow GOP members of Rules committee? Guess Lindsey forgot as Judiciary chair he ignored ALL Dems not being present for Barrett charade SCOTUS vote?

Thousands of people in Cuba have taken to the streets in Havana and other towns, demanding vaccines and food. And here in the US, GOP is dissuading Americans from plentiful vaccines just to make President Biden look bad. Once again, four words “Pro Life My A**.”

Many in the media love to interview people who voted for the Former Guy. So here’s a suggestion, next time you interview one of them, ask first up – do you know he and Melania have been vaccinated?

In the same vein, hey Twitter, how about a simple requirement. Every time someone shares disinformation from the Former Guy about the COVID vaccine, can you add a simple truthful disclaimer? “HE IS VACCINATED!”

If you don’t believe in the science of vaccines, why not just stay home when you get really sick with the Delta Variant. Hospitals will also just treat you with science.

Why are people comparing Velveeta Voldemort to Jim Jones? Jim Jones only was responsible for the deaths of about 1,000 people.

Anyone heard of Adam Putnam?

Now CEO of Ducks Unlimited. No joke.

5-term GOP FL congressman, then Florida Agriculture Commissioner. Establishment 2018 GOP choice for Gov, beaten by TFG mini-me Ron DeSantis in Primary.

Not a Putnam fan but he’s a garden variety conservative. Not bat-sh*t crazy. And in today’s GOP, crazy sells.

So REPUBLICAN Senator Rob Portman was on today with CNN’s Dana Bash, reiterating that he was in a COVID-19 vaccine trial back in November 2020, and that he believes Americans should be vaccinated. Wonder why I can’t find this on Fox News?


July 18, 2021

As SF Giants fan who is very fond of Tyler Rogers I’ve been hoping the Giants could trade for his twin brother Taylor, who actually PLAYS for the Twins.

Taylor’s ERA though in past week…. 36.00. Maybe SF could get him cheap?

The SF Giants are going to throw the biggest retirement party ever for Paul Goldschmidt.

(yes, he hit another home run to beat the Giants Saturday)

Seriously? Teaser on local news tonight – “why this NBA finals is going at least six games.” Uh, well, since it was 2-2 in best of seven, the short answer to why it was going six games might be “math?”

Last night the first positive test, tonight it’s “two athletes residing in Tokyo Olympic Village test positive for COVID-19; another athlete also positive.” “Siri, explain to me how exponential math might work?”

Diamondbacks had a 2-1 lead on the Cubs with two outs and no one on in the 9th inning. Chicago scored 3 runs to win 4-2. When you’re historically bad, you’ve got to get creative with your losses.

You know GOP has a losing message when their COVID and vaccine disinformation is killing their own voters…. and their response is just to try to stop more Democrats from voting.

Some people’s retirement plan is buying lottery tickets. Wonder how many of those people are unvaccinated. Americans are really bad at calculating odds.

As Louisiana cases skyrocket – in blue New Orleans, 63% of Orleans Parish residents are fully vaccinated.

In the state overall, 36% of residents are vaccinated.


No lie too small -in conservative Daily Mail “The Texas Democrats have been staying at a plush hotel in Washington, DC…” Uh, ask any travel agent. Washington Plaza is 3-star, comfortable but somewhat dated property near Thomas Circle. Cheaper than Courtyard or Holiday Inn.

Three vaccinated Democratic Texas lawmakers who are in DC now have tested positive for COVID-19. Have to wonder… how many unvaccinated GOP Texas lawmakers are positive, but haven’t and won’t be tested, unless they end up in the hospital.

Remember back when rich & privileged all did whatever they could to jump the queue for vaccines? Imagine if Velveeta Voldemort had accused liberals of trying to keep all the life-saving shots for themselves? Red state vaccine rates would be through the roof.

All these jokes about Greene and Gaetz now needing to have their hate event at Four Seasons Landscaping. Please. Four Seasons Landscaping has standards. Knowing what they know now they probably wouldn’t even allow Rudy to have an event there now.

So if Marjorie Taylor Greene wants to prove COVID-19 is harmless to most people and vaccines are unnecessary why doesn’t she visit a hospital COVID ward, unmasked, for a photo op?

When Ted Cruz starts spewing his anti-immigrant anti-DACA rhetoric again, remember, he was born in Canada, his father left the family in Canada when he was about 4 years old for Texas and Ted himself only moved to US when his dad and mother reconciled later that year.

Testing, 1.2.3…?

July 17, 2021

ESPN reports that Olympic organizers have reported 1st COVID-19 case in the Olympic village. Why does it feels like the first raindrop of a deluge?

I get that waiting a year was difficult for athletes. Would it have been THAT much harder to have waited two?

Aaron Judge has tested positive for COVID. MLB says all unvaccinated All-Stars players have been tested and are so far negative.

And estimated average incubation period for the virus – 5 to 7 days.

What could possibly go wrong?

My ob-gyn used to get her patients to wear seatbelts by pointing out if we went through windshields & survived not even plastic surgeons could fix all the scars.

Maybe we could get anti-vaxxers to get COVID shots by pointing out they might not ever be able to taste beer & food again?

All this GOP BS that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans…. So where are those Americans now as the restaurant and travel industry desperately seeks employees?

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen who declared DACA an “illegally implemented program” was appointed by former President George W. Bush. Elections have consequences. Long term consequences.

We need to protect voting rights.

And we need to VOTE.

If Tucker Carlson and other Fox anchors feel so strongly vaccines & masks are unnecessary. a really easy way to demonstrate it would be to have an unmasked Fox town hall type event – inviting only unvaccinated unmasked viewers. Indoors. As close together as possible.

CDC says “this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” A 2021 version of “voyage of the damne

Lindsey Graham said he’d ‘go to war’ to defend Chick-fil-A. Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting for voting rights.

See the difference?

If the Southern states secede can the rest of the USA require a visa and a vaccine passport to visit?

Mailed something with tracking on Tuesday first class from SF Bay Area to Chicago…. was shocked to see the estimated delivery, not the usual 2-3 days, but 4 days.

Now the update says 4 days was optimistic. No schedule delivery date but it’s ‘in transit.”

If Louis DeJoy was hired to destroy the post office, unlike many of the Former Guy’s appointees he turned out to be very good at his job.

Amy Klobuchar tonight on The Last Word pointed out yet another aspect of GOP attempted stealth voter suppression: Georgia GOP wants runoff elections, like January’s Senate runoffs, 28 days after general election. But voters need to register to vote 29 days before ANY election.

The stars are out…

July 15, 2021

Aaron Judge was among six New York Yankees who tested positive for COVID today. Aaron Judge was an All-Star. So the worst thing that came out of that MLB All-Star game might not turn out to be those hideous uniforms.

MLB decided Red Sox & Yankees, scheduled to play on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights, w/ last two games scheduled to be on national television, should also be the ONLY game today & of course on national television too. Maybe karma is tired of Red Sox-Yankees too.

Fox News is apoplectic because the NFL 2021 season will apparently include the Black national anthem. Well, we could be done with this and stop playing the national anthem before games altogther.

Now Senator Tommy Tuberville whining about government spending taxpayer money on people. But Tommy Tuberville didn’t have a problem with taxpayer money being spent on himself when Auburn told him to resign and paid him over $5 MILLION to go away.

As we see increasing stories about vaccinated people getting COVID-19, reminder that flu shots aren’t 100 percent either. Also, vaccinated people getting COVID, unlike the unvaccinated will almost all live to complain about it.

So is Donald going to have another book ghostwritten “If I did attempt a coup?”

Ted Cruz defending the right to peaceful protest… when it’s in Cuba. Can he talk to his buddy Ron DeSantis who wants to lock up peaceful protesters in Florida?

This is the view from Fox News World – “Tucker Carlson: The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff should be fired. Why? Because Mark Milley describes the Former Guy as “the moral equivalent of Adolph Hitler.” If you didn’t already know that Milley nailed it.

So wait, GOP clutched their pearls when Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch had a meeting on the tarmac in June 2016. But Republicans have no problem with Kevin McCarthy meeting with the Former Guy when they both could be called as witnesses before the January 6 select committee.

Both Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy were at Wednesday night’s White House dinner for Angela Merkel. Wonder if President Biden wanted her to tell them stories of German history from 1933 to 1945.

As Biden says “Cuba is a failed state and repressing its citizens,” wonder how many democracies around the world are thinking “Florida/Georgia/Texas etc are failed states and repressing THEIR citizens?

Texas’ GOP House Speaker Dade Phelan says he is chartering a plane and demands Democratic lawmakers in DC get on it “and return to Texas in order to do the state’s business.” Gosh, when people were dying of cold in Texas, wonder why Phelan didn’t make same demand of Cancun Cruz?

So there are actually conservatives screaming that Americans will just have more babies now to take advantage of the Democrats’ new Child Tax Credit? Uh, aren’t more babies also supposedly the point of the conservative anti-abortion movement?

Fox News personalities spreading anti-vax lies have almost all, if not all, been vaccinated themselves. It’s Russian Roulette for Ratings. But they’re playing with our lives, not their own.

Just because January 6 didn’t succeed doesn’t mean it wasn’t a coup attempt.

Road warriors

July 15, 2021

The Toronto Blue Jays apparently still have no idea whenr they will get permission from the federal government to play in Canada any time soon.

They haven’t played a single game in Toronto this year. Or in 2020.

The Jays are just a few games over .500 but not out of playoff contention. Can their team song be “Kings of the Road?”

After starting their Olympic preparation/exhibition games 0-2, Team USA men’s basketball beat Argentina 108-80 on Tuesday night. Just maybe they’re actually listening now to coach Popovich?

Pete Alonso, winner of the Home Run Derby said afterwards “I feel I’m the best power hitter in the planet.” Alonso has 17 HRs in 2021. Nationals’ Kyle Schwarber in about 10 fewer ABs has 25 HRs in 2021 Pete might not even be the best power hitter in the National League East.

The FBI – Larry Nassar story just gets worse and worse. And I have to wonder, would FBI agents have taken the case more seriously if his victims weren’t all young women and girls?

Wait, George W. Bush today is warning that Biden is making a mistake in the Mideast…. No words.

Jim Clyburn & Stacey Abrams have indicated some sort of Voter ID requirement is an acceptable compromise. Amy Klobuchar is negotiating w/ Joe Manchin & presumably Voter ID is on table.

I remain optimistic something will be passed. But when and If Democrats compromise here watch GOP say “we didn’t REALLY mean ID was most important thing.”

Ted Cruz today in Judiciary launching into his usual lies about Democrats wanting just criminals and felons to vote so they can win. Can’t wait to see Cruz next year trying to demand voting rights for convicted felons from January 6.

Chicago is telling visitors from Missouri and Arkansas they will have to quarantee for 10 days if they visit. How long until this restriction starts applying to people who live in or have visited Florida?

Rachel Maddow talking on how Ozark Country, MO Missouri has had to post that “if you are afraid of walking into a public area where you might be seen getting your vaccine we will work to accommodate a private place…” If only Former Guy had gotten HIS COVID vaccine in public….

Seriously? Marsha Blackburn is railing against President Biden’s nominees as “unserious” and unqualified for the departments they are to lead. I missed Marsha’s speeches against Betsy Devos, Ben Carson, and Rick Perry.

Alex Padilla in Senate Judiciary Committee points out that GOP always CLAIMS they want to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” But study after study proves we’ve got the “harder to cheat” part down. “.. #ForThePeopleAct

So wait, people are getting Freedom Phones to “push back” on Big Tech? And they’re bragging about it on Twitter and Facebook? Who wants to tell them.

Break time.

July 14, 2021

The day after the MLB All-Star game, used to be considered the biggest drought night in sports.Now we have game 4 of the NBA finals.Don’t anyone tell me we are close to normal yet.

For all #SFGiants fans who thought “nothing could be worse than those orange Creamsicle uniforms,” MLB just proved with their All Star uniforms it could be worse.

Who says there’s no good news these days? Per commissioner Rob Manfred “Seven-inning doubleheaders and starting extra innings with runners on second are likely to be dropped by Major League Baseball after this season.”

Some Democrats in their feelings over President Biden nominating Republican Jeff Flake as Ambassador to Turkey. Uh, if we want Republicans to cross party lines for good of the country, seems like rewarding them with a nice but relatively inconsequential position is a good thing.

Amazing how same GOP who considers the 2nd Amendment gospel for gun rights is quite happy to ignore the Constitution for voting rights.

Pounding your head into wall is bad for you, right?

The Former Guys’ Former acting DNI Ric Grenell, running in CA governor recall election today ” Gavin Newsom announced we have to conserve water because of the drought. This is ridiculous. We live on the ocean. Last thing Californians should be worried about is water.”

For those who don’t know the acronym – DNI is “Director of National INTELLIGENCE!”

Missing a vote in a special legislature is grounds for arrest per Greg Abbott? I missed the Texas Governor calling at LEAST for felony charges when Ted Cruz abandoned the state in a crisis?

So since Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law saying basically that protesting is a crime does this mean if people in Florida take to the streets to support the protests in Cuba he’ll have them arrested??

Justice Clarence Thomas rejected emergency request to block Biden administration’s Covid-19 mask requirement for public travel. Translation: Thomas who is high risk on age, race, weight, still probably flies commercial at times & doesn’t want to risk it with unmasked COVIDiots.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been vaccinated. He’s not playing Russian Roulette with his own life, he’s playing it with everyone else’s.

In Texas, GOP wants individuals to be able to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. But if a Texas toddler gets hold of mommy’s gun and accidentally shoots themselves, well, that’s God’s will?

Give me a bleeping break – conservative Daily Mail posts headline “Texas lawmakers live it up at $200-a-night DC hotel:

Uh, travel agent here: The Washington Plaza, which was pictured and named in the article. is older, even dated hotel – prices July 20-27 for discounted weekly stay. started with a queen room – $89-109 nt – Est ttl: $762.15 (& sure they got group rate.)

Maybe it’s time to start reminding people again, you absolutely don’t need to wear a mask in your coffin.

Oh say can you what?

July 13, 2021

Will someone explain to me why we need the National Anthem before the Home Run Derby?

Always All-Star snubs: But w/ SF Giants Kevin Gausman unable to pitch, why not Anthony DeSclafani 10-3 w/ 2.68 ERA. Or worse snub, Tyler Rogers, 10 saves, 17 holds, 42 all “high-leverage” appearances – 1.47 ERA.

Because he throws 70-85 MPH instead of 100mph? And All-Star manager Dave Roberts doesn’t want to embarrass AL stars?

Meanwhile, Max Scherzer starting tomorrow’s All-Star Game? So after he blows 8-0 and gives up a grand glam to rookie relief pitcher Daniel Camarena, Roberts figures Scherzer is the All-Star most likely to turn tomorrow’s game into a Home Run Derby?

Do people commenting about MLB players using an interpreter realize many of them do speak some English, but are justifiably nervous about making an interview mistake or misstatement in their 2nd or 3rd language, and having it make headlines? (Ohtani, btw, also speaks Spanish.)

So let me get this straight, Texas Republicans want to stop 24 hour voting in the state, but they’re fine with round-the-clock gun sales

RIP Edwin Edwards, 93. He served 4th terms over 3 decades as Gov. of Louisiana & eventually, served 8 years in prison. When he ran in 1991 for 4th term against David Duke, Edwards inspired perhaps best political bumpersticker of all time “Vote for the crook, it’s important.”

Marco Rubio is upset because “12 hours later” Joe Biden hadn’t said anything about people ‘bravely taking to the street against tyranny” in Cuba. Uh, six months later, Marco Rubio isn’t saying anything about the would-be tyrant who started an insurrection right here in USA.

Some “conservatives” apoplectic about Texas Democrats taking off to Washington, DC to prevent quorum while Texas GOP tries to take away voting rights. Maybe if DC were a state, Republicans would have a better chance of demanding interstate extradition? #unintendedconsequences

Apparently a bill in California passed a “key committee” today that would make “To-Go” cocktails permanently legal. Laissez les bonne temps roulez!

Now Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas Dems who fled the state “will be arrested when they return to Texas, and forced to get back to work.” Gosh, I missed Abbott making the same threat to Cancun Cruz.

One of the problems now with COVID is that for all scientists KNOW the Delta variant is mutating we’re dealing with lots of unvaccinated folks who don’t believe in science or evolution.

Velveeta Voldemort is calling January 6 “a love fest” between insurrectionists and police. If that’s “love”, well, if you had any doubt about sexual assault allegations from Mr. “Grab Them By the P*ssy.”

At the break.

July 11, 2021

SF Giants have 57 wins at the 2021 All-Star Break. Arizona Diamondbacks are likely not to have 57 wins for the 2021 season.

Actually the Diamondbacks and the Baltimore Orioles have 54 wins – between them.

Pirates drafted Henry Davis #1. But MLB draft never gets attention NBA & NFL drafts do. This might help explain why – Spencer Torkelson, Adley Rutschman, Casey Mize, Royce Lewis, Mickey Noniak, Dansby Swanson, Brady Aiken, Mark Appel, Carlos Correa. Last 9 MLB top draft picks.

LSU president offers National Spelling Bee winner Zaila Avant-garde a full scholarship

Wow, this is an honor for 14 year olds usually reserved for football players.

For all that media loves to tout the continued strength of Velveeta Voldemort in GOP, both Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz found reasons to skip this weekend’s CPAC in Dallas…

Can anyone imagine what right-wing media would do if Hunter Biden made a speech sounding half as drugged out as Don Jr. does on a regular basis?

So when anti-vaxx cult members get sick with the Delta Variant will they just follow Lauren Boebert’s advice and tell their doctors to make their illness go away by turning off CNN?

Many Democrats, including Stacey Abrams, think there is room to compromise with GOP on voter identification: I SO want some Democratic governor to authorize vaccine cards as voter ID.

If we’re going to have someone be famous because they died because of January 6 it really should be Brian Sicknick.

Takes a special kind of evil to try to take credit for vaccine distribution at the same time you’re doing everything you can to discourage your cult members from getting their shots.

Gov Kristi Noem “We’ve got GOP governors across country pretending they didn’t shut down states, they didn’t close their regions; they didn’t mandate masks…I’m saying we need leaders w/ grit.” 2,039 South Dakota residents would argue w/ her if they weren’t like, you know, dead.

Another reason we know Democratic voter fraud is a myth: because Republicans have spent more time and money looking for proof of it lately than explorers have over centuries looking for the Loch Ness Monster.

“The only difference between men and boys is the size of their toys.” I can’t be the only one who really doesn’t care that billionaire men decided that they wanted to play space rockets?

Ted Cruz has a bill against vaccine passports which he proudly says “prohibits the feds from maintaining a vaccine database.” What’s next, he’ll demand schools not maintain records of Polio, MMR, Diphtheria, Tetanus etc. shots?

Madison Cawthorn claims President Biden’s plan to send people door to door to offer vaccines is really a plot to confiscate people’s bibles & guns. Next up, Cawthorn & the GOP attack Girl Scouts selling cookies?

In Texas black man who voted in a primary less than 2 months before his probation from a 1995 burglary arrested & given $100,000 bond.

In Illinois, white man who had guns in his 12th-floor room facing Navy Pier “in a very suspicious position” arrested & given $1,000 bond.

At this point JD Vance, a now wealthy Yale-educated venture capitalist funded by Peter Thiel, is about as authentic when when he disses New York City as the Former Guy.

How many times will CPAC meet this year? How many times will the media cover CPAC meeting

Snakes alive

July 10, 2021

Diamondbacks Beat LA with win over Dodgers Friday night.

Reminder, as bad as D’Backs are, they do, unlike Arizona Republicans, actually continue to play by the rules in search of legitimate victories.

The Creamsicle uniforms still s*ck. But maybe the SF Giants decided the faster they score the sooner they can get this game over with and take them off.

All you need to know about what is wrong with the Olympic games: During a COVID state of emergency in Tokyo smoking marijuana is considered disqualifying while not being vaccinated isn’t.

Estimated wait time w/ Southwest tonight, 53 minutes. Reported wait time from client w/ American last night, 3 hours. Going to need more than Executive Order “suggestion” to DOT that airlines refund baggage fees after 12 hours to fix problems w/ our airline oliogoply system.

Meanwhile, an Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to San Francisco was delayed and then canceled tonight because it was TOO HOT FOR THE INCOMING PLANE TO LAND at Las Vegas Airport.

I wish this were a joke. Voter fraud is fake. Climate change is real.

So who had Senator Marsha Blackburn feuding with Taylor Swift on their 2021 batsh*t bingo card?

CNN reporting that the percentages of people who voted for Joe Biden in many states almost exactly matched the percentage of people who have been vaccinated.

Watching GOP hypocrisy over government healthcare regulation makes me really wish Planned Parenthood would introduce masks saying “My body, my choice.”

Rand Paul wants to repeal mask mandates on planes. The more I learn about Rand Paul, the more I wonder, what took his neighbor so long?

Need any more proof that Republicans stink at risk assessment? GOP: Voter ID requirements should be tightened. Also GOP: We should have NO ID required to prove if you’ve had a vaccine.

Against all odds?

July 9, 2021

Wonder what kind of odds you could have gotten on the Padres with Max Scherzer on the mound for the Washington Nationals and an 8-0 lead into the bottom of the 4th against San Diego?

We’re all hearing about Daniel Camarena & his grand slam off Max Scherzer tonight. But SFGiants fans know, Camarena’s still no Caveman. 1st grand slam by MLB reliever since Pirates’ Don Robinson on Sep. 12, 1985. 2 years before Robinson traded to Giants. #ForeverGiant

The Astros’ Jose Altuve & Carlos Correa said they have decided to sit out the 2021 MLB All-Star game. Wonder if somebody gave them a sign?

While I prefer Becky Hammon to succeed Gregg Popovich someday as coach of San Antonio Spurs, still irritating to see yet another team, now Orlando Magic, likely to hire another finalist, in this case Jamahl Mosley, as their head coach instead of her. #GoSpursGo

July 7 was anniversary of 1865 execution, by hanging, of 4 conspirators in assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Not that anyone will be executed for January 6. But that no member of Congress (or VP) was assassinated, certainly wasn’t for lack of some of insurrectionists trying – for starters to hang the Vice President.

Shouldn’t Tomi Lahren be put on a no-fly list for calling flight attendants trying to enforce mask mandates “nazis of the air?”

Mitch McConnell says he doesn’t want to stop ‘everything’ Biden proposes, just the ‘worst’ Translation, Moscow Mitch wants to stop EVERYTHING President Biden proposes.

I guess it’s sadly not surprising that the same people who don’t believe in evolution don’t believe that viruses mutate.

Mitch. McConnell: “I’m perplexed by the reluctance of some to get vaccinated, totally perplexed.”

Also Mitch McConnell – “I’m going to keep genuflecting before the Former Guy who is still downplaying COVID and the need for vaccines.”

If we were all vaccinated, not wearing a mask in public makes sense: But I don’t have a good feeling about the Venn Diagram overlap between those who believe the Big Lie about the 2020 election & those who will lie about being vaccinated to avoid wearing a mask.

Definition of evil: When you’re smart enough to know virus is deadly, but hide it from everyone, then hide being seriously ill AND downplay your own vaccination, even though you know many of your disciples will die if they don’t get vaccine themselves. #VelveetaVoldemort