Break time.

The day after the MLB All-Star game, used to be considered the biggest drought night in sports.Now we have game 4 of the NBA finals.Don’t anyone tell me we are close to normal yet.

For all #SFGiants fans who thought “nothing could be worse than those orange Creamsicle uniforms,” MLB just proved with their All Star uniforms it could be worse.

Who says there’s no good news these days? Per commissioner Rob Manfred “Seven-inning doubleheaders and starting extra innings with runners on second are likely to be dropped by Major League Baseball after this season.”

Some Democrats in their feelings over President Biden nominating Republican Jeff Flake as Ambassador to Turkey. Uh, if we want Republicans to cross party lines for good of the country, seems like rewarding them with a nice but relatively inconsequential position is a good thing.

Amazing how same GOP who considers the 2nd Amendment gospel for gun rights is quite happy to ignore the Constitution for voting rights.

Pounding your head into wall is bad for you, right?

The Former Guys’ Former acting DNI Ric Grenell, running in CA governor recall election today ” Gavin Newsom announced we have to conserve water because of the drought. This is ridiculous. We live on the ocean. Last thing Californians should be worried about is water.”

For those who don’t know the acronym – DNI is “Director of National INTELLIGENCE!”

Missing a vote in a special legislature is grounds for arrest per Greg Abbott? I missed the Texas Governor calling at LEAST for felony charges when Ted Cruz abandoned the state in a crisis?

So since Governor Ron DeSantis signed a law saying basically that protesting is a crime does this mean if people in Florida take to the streets to support the protests in Cuba he’ll have them arrested??

Justice Clarence Thomas rejected emergency request to block Biden administration’s Covid-19 mask requirement for public travel. Translation: Thomas who is high risk on age, race, weight, still probably flies commercial at times & doesn’t want to risk it with unmasked COVIDiots.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been vaccinated. He’s not playing Russian Roulette with his own life, he’s playing it with everyone else’s.

In Texas, GOP wants individuals to be able to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. But if a Texas toddler gets hold of mommy’s gun and accidentally shoots themselves, well, that’s God’s will?

Give me a bleeping break – conservative Daily Mail posts headline “Texas lawmakers live it up at $200-a-night DC hotel:

Uh, travel agent here: The Washington Plaza, which was pictured and named in the article. is older, even dated hotel – prices July 20-27 for discounted weekly stay. started with a queen room – $89-109 nt – Est ttl: $762.15 (& sure they got group rate.)

Maybe it’s time to start reminding people again, you absolutely don’t need to wear a mask in your coffin.

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