Oh say can you what?

Will someone explain to me why we need the National Anthem before the Home Run Derby?

Always All-Star snubs: But w/ SF Giants Kevin Gausman unable to pitch, why not Anthony DeSclafani 10-3 w/ 2.68 ERA. Or worse snub, Tyler Rogers, 10 saves, 17 holds, 42 all “high-leverage” appearances – 1.47 ERA.

Because he throws 70-85 MPH instead of 100mph? And All-Star manager Dave Roberts doesn’t want to embarrass AL stars?

Meanwhile, Max Scherzer starting tomorrow’s All-Star Game? So after he blows 8-0 and gives up a grand glam to rookie relief pitcher Daniel Camarena, Roberts figures Scherzer is the All-Star most likely to turn tomorrow’s game into a Home Run Derby?

Do people commenting about MLB players using an interpreter realize many of them do speak some English, but are justifiably nervous about making an interview mistake or misstatement in their 2nd or 3rd language, and having it make headlines? (Ohtani, btw, also speaks Spanish.)

So let me get this straight, Texas Republicans want to stop 24 hour voting in the state, but they’re fine with round-the-clock gun sales

RIP Edwin Edwards, 93. He served 4th terms over 3 decades as Gov. of Louisiana & eventually, served 8 years in prison. When he ran in 1991 for 4th term against David Duke, Edwards inspired perhaps best political bumpersticker of all time “Vote for the crook, it’s important.”

Marco Rubio is upset because “12 hours later” Joe Biden hadn’t said anything about people ‘bravely taking to the street against tyranny” in Cuba. Uh, six months later, Marco Rubio isn’t saying anything about the would-be tyrant who started an insurrection right here in USA.

Some “conservatives” apoplectic about Texas Democrats taking off to Washington, DC to prevent quorum while Texas GOP tries to take away voting rights. Maybe if DC were a state, Republicans would have a better chance of demanding interstate extradition? #unintendedconsequences

Apparently a bill in California passed a “key committee” today that would make “To-Go” cocktails permanently legal. Laissez les bonne temps roulez!

Now Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says Texas Dems who fled the state “will be arrested when they return to Texas, and forced to get back to work.” Gosh, I missed Abbott making the same threat to Cancun Cruz.

One of the problems now with COVID is that for all scientists KNOW the Delta variant is mutating we’re dealing with lots of unvaccinated folks who don’t believe in science or evolution.

Velveeta Voldemort is calling January 6 “a love fest” between insurrectionists and police. If that’s “love”, well, if you had any doubt about sexual assault allegations from Mr. “Grab Them By the P*ssy.”

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