Road warriors

The Toronto Blue Jays apparently still have no idea whenr they will get permission from the federal government to play in Canada any time soon.

They haven’t played a single game in Toronto this year. Or in 2020.

The Jays are just a few games over .500 but not out of playoff contention. Can their team song be “Kings of the Road?”

After starting their Olympic preparation/exhibition games 0-2, Team USA men’s basketball beat Argentina 108-80 on Tuesday night. Just maybe they’re actually listening now to coach Popovich?

Pete Alonso, winner of the Home Run Derby said afterwards “I feel I’m the best power hitter in the planet.” Alonso has 17 HRs in 2021. Nationals’ Kyle Schwarber in about 10 fewer ABs has 25 HRs in 2021 Pete might not even be the best power hitter in the National League East.

The FBI – Larry Nassar story just gets worse and worse. And I have to wonder, would FBI agents have taken the case more seriously if his victims weren’t all young women and girls?

Wait, George W. Bush today is warning that Biden is making a mistake in the Mideast…. No words.

Jim Clyburn & Stacey Abrams have indicated some sort of Voter ID requirement is an acceptable compromise. Amy Klobuchar is negotiating w/ Joe Manchin & presumably Voter ID is on table.

I remain optimistic something will be passed. But when and If Democrats compromise here watch GOP say “we didn’t REALLY mean ID was most important thing.”

Ted Cruz today in Judiciary launching into his usual lies about Democrats wanting just criminals and felons to vote so they can win. Can’t wait to see Cruz next year trying to demand voting rights for convicted felons from January 6.

Chicago is telling visitors from Missouri and Arkansas they will have to quarantee for 10 days if they visit. How long until this restriction starts applying to people who live in or have visited Florida?

Rachel Maddow talking on how Ozark Country, MO Missouri has had to post that “if you are afraid of walking into a public area where you might be seen getting your vaccine we will work to accommodate a private place…” If only Former Guy had gotten HIS COVID vaccine in public….

Seriously? Marsha Blackburn is railing against President Biden’s nominees as “unserious” and unqualified for the departments they are to lead. I missed Marsha’s speeches against Betsy Devos, Ben Carson, and Rick Perry.

Alex Padilla in Senate Judiciary Committee points out that GOP always CLAIMS they want to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” But study after study proves we’ve got the “harder to cheat” part down. “.. #ForThePeopleAct

So wait, people are getting Freedom Phones to “push back” on Big Tech? And they’re bragging about it on Twitter and Facebook? Who wants to tell them.

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