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Testing, 1.2.3…?

July 17, 2021

ESPN reports that Olympic organizers have reported 1st COVID-19 case in the Olympic village. Why does it feels like the first raindrop of a deluge?

I get that waiting a year was difficult for athletes. Would it have been THAT much harder to have waited two?

Aaron Judge has tested positive for COVID. MLB says all unvaccinated All-Stars players have been tested and are so far negative.

And estimated average incubation period for the virus – 5 to 7 days.

What could possibly go wrong?

My ob-gyn used to get her patients to wear seatbelts by pointing out if we went through windshields & survived not even plastic surgeons could fix all the scars.

Maybe we could get anti-vaxxers to get COVID shots by pointing out they might not ever be able to taste beer & food again?

All this GOP BS that immigrants are taking jobs from Americans…. So where are those Americans now as the restaurant and travel industry desperately seeks employees?

Federal Judge Andrew Hanen who declared DACA an “illegally implemented program” was appointed by former President George W. Bush. Elections have consequences. Long term consequences.

We need to protect voting rights.

And we need to VOTE.

If Tucker Carlson and other Fox anchors feel so strongly vaccines & masks are unnecessary. a really easy way to demonstrate it would be to have an unmasked Fox town hall type event – inviting only unvaccinated unmasked viewers. Indoors. As close together as possible.

CDC says “this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.” A 2021 version of “voyage of the damne

Lindsey Graham said he’d ‘go to war’ to defend Chick-fil-A. Meanwhile, Democrats are fighting for voting rights.

See the difference?

If the Southern states secede can the rest of the USA require a visa and a vaccine passport to visit?

Mailed something with tracking on Tuesday first class from SF Bay Area to Chicago…. was shocked to see the estimated delivery, not the usual 2-3 days, but 4 days.

Now the update says 4 days was optimistic. No schedule delivery date but it’s ‘in transit.”

If Louis DeJoy was hired to destroy the post office, unlike many of the Former Guy’s appointees he turned out to be very good at his job.

Amy Klobuchar tonight on The Last Word pointed out yet another aspect of GOP attempted stealth voter suppression: Georgia GOP wants runoff elections, like January’s Senate runoffs, 28 days after general election. But voters need to register to vote 29 days before ANY election.