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Stars not so bright

June 30, 2021

So at this point NBA finals could feature Bucks without Giannis Anteokounmpo, Hawks without Trae Young or Clippers without Kawhi Leonard. Western Conference finals a long way from over but ABC’s got to hope someone puts Chris Paul in bubble wrap.

So who knew when Toyota’s been saying “Let’s Go Places,” they might have meant ‘to the US Capitol?”

The Rockies’ German Marquez came a ninth-inning single away from a no-no against the Pirates tonight in Denver. Almost seems like a one-hitter at Coors Field should count as a no-hitter.

Herschel Walker is running for Senate in Georgia? This is good news, for Senator Warnock.

Maricopa County officials say they will not reuse voting machines that have been in the hands of Cyber Ninjas because they could have been tampered with… So on top of everything else, how much is this dangerous circus costing Arizona taxpayers?

– Report that eight NC State Players Tested Positive for COVID-19 Delta Variant

The Vanderbilt coach mentioned other teams going out on the town. And the College World Series has has capacity crowds over 20,00 per game. What could have possibly gone wrong?.

Two doses of Pfizer and Moderna are reportedly 88% effective against the Delta variant. But okay, that leaves 12%. Only 10% of Americans are left-handed. As a leftie myself know that’s still a pretty big number… Not throwing away my masks.

Many places in California now have signed, masks required only for unvaccinated customers. Only problem is, do we really think the people who are ignoring the science on vaccines will pay attention to the signs?

Velveeta Voldemort had 4th of July rally in Mobile canceled by park commission.

“It became apparent it was going to be a partisan political event, rather than just a patriotic event planned for that evening,

How often do I say this? “Well-played Alabama.”

The Pope told Secretary of State Anthony Blinken he has “affection” for the American people. How about affection for the U.S. President who is a good Catholic and one of the most decent men of faith in Washington DC?

f you are upset by someone “disrespecting” the American flag at the Olympic trials, but not by someone using the flag like this on January 6, may I respectfully suggest you STFU?


Man smart, woman smarter.

June 29, 2021

“The WNBA says 99% of league’s players are fully vaccinated, all 12 teams have met threshold.” If we needed any more evidence to shatter the myth of male supremacy.

Definition of impossible: Watching Angel Hernandez umpire a baseball game without putting any money in the virtual swear jar. #SFGiants#Dodgers

What time Tuesday does Vanderbilt get their College World Series trophy? (And will the Commodores thank NC State players who didn’t get vaccinated and basically handed them the championship.)

GOP Rep Adam Kinzinger & I disagree on a lot. But when asked about MT Greene -She really doesn’t do anything but travel country & attack people & come up w/crazy conspiracy theories & try to be famous. She’s done a good job of being famous. We all know her, so congratulations.”

Former Guy Chief of Staff Mark Meadows thinks it was “disgusting” Olympic athlete Gwen Berry turned away from flag during National Anthem at US Olympic trials. What Meadows didn’t call “disgusting?” Insurrectionists using flag poles to attack police at US Capitol on January 6.

Rachel Maddow reports how the Apple Daily, last pro-democracy Hong Kong newspaper sold final issue last Thursday & today police arrested one of their journalists trying to board a plane to London. If The Former Guy had won re-election this could be happening here. No joke.

So who’s gonna be the first Republican to attack Nancy Pelosi’s January 6 commission for not being bipartisan enough? Gosh, if only there had been an option for a truly bipartisan commission.. #sarcasm

Fox News headline Monday was “Cops under siege.” I missed that headline about January 6.-

Interesting stat from Hawaii Tourism Authority on visitors in late May. While 76% rated trip excellent, “those w/ household income below $100,000 were more satisfied w/ their trip than those w/ household income above $100,000.” Translation, rich ARE more likely to be snowflakes.

Almost a day late.

June 28, 2021

ESPN headline -“Are the Dodgers still MLB’s best team?” Uh, it’s only late June, but right now the Dodgers aren’t even the best team in the NL West.

Seattle Mariners’ Hector Santiago, ejected for something in his glove, “all I used was rosin.” So is MLB going to have to start a program like drug testing for sticky substances they find?

Since MLB is looking for everything else, what about good old-fashioned spit?

The Diamondbacks had a 4-2 lead going to the bottom of the 7th against the Padres… which would have given them a two game winning streak.

Of course, they gave up 3 in the bottom of the 7th and lost 5-4.


The Giants have won 50 games. The Dbacks MIGHT win 50 games this season. Maybe.

Not that I really wanted her and hubby there for photo ops, but Ivanka is renting a condo in Surfside and now lives a block or two from collapsed building.. Absolute crickets from her on social media asking her 10 million plus followers to donate to support victims’ families etc. Very on brand.

Chair of Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners Jose Diaz says once cause of building collapse is confirmed “I guarantee you, legislation will be taking place so this will never happen again.” & how long afterwards will Gov DeSantis say “we don’t need no stinkin’ legislation?”

Wonder how many COVIDiots refusing vaccines and mask mandates because they’re “government interference” are still happily cashing their stimulus and child tax credit checks?

Fox News headline “NYC Times Square shooting leaves tourist hospitalized. Two suspects – both described as Hispanic males – remain at large.” Man shot is in stable condition. But because suspects are “Hispanic males,” guessing Fox won’t say crowd had a “festive atmosphere?”

Why are we surprised that Fox News didn’t cover Trump rally last night. Their whole mission is to promote the Big Lie for their viewers & pretend he was and will be a great President. But actually seeing & listening to him now makes it obvious how pathetic he is

Wonder who paid for Velveeta Voldemort’s plane ride to Ohio yesterday? Tangentially, wonder how long it took to disinfect Air Force One?

I’m beginning to think Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t want to admit it, but she has a serious crush on AOC.

Toyota turns out to be the number one donor, by a lot, to those in Congress who supported the Big Lie on January 6 and tried to overturn election results.

“We do not believe it is appropriate to judge members of Congress solely based on their votes on electoral certification,” Toyota spokesperson said in statement to Axios.”

What’s next, “we do not believe it is appropriate to judge actors solely based on their actions one night in Ford’s Theater?”

Sign of the times

June 27, 2021

A major crash in the Tour De France today happened when a fan with a sign saying hello to their grandparents got too far into the course, and dozens of cyclists went down, including one whole (Jumbo Visma) team

If you needed any more proof that the world forgot how to behave during the last year of this pandemic.

We’re a LONG way from October. Less than halfway through the season. But the SF Giants, in June, have 50 wins. Las Vegas over-under on their wins for the season? 74.

On the other hand. I don’t care that SF Giants won Saturday night’s game.

I still hate the extra innings man on second rule. It shouldn’t kick in until at least the 11th or 12th inning.

Uh oh, Jacob deGrom gave up 2 runs in 6 innings Saturday. I hope this isn’t a sign of the apocalyse.

So not only was Stanford one strike away from eliminating Vanderbilt, it looks now like the Cardinal was one strike away from the CWS finals… As NC State basically eliminated themselves.

(for those not following, as I understand it, the NCAA didn’t mandate all players be vaccinated, but all unvaccinated players had to be tested, and positive tests meant testing the entire team….)

Headline “NC State’s baseball season ends in Omaha, dealt a final defeat by COVID-19 protocols.” Better headline “NC State players’ decisions not to be vaccinated against COVID protocols ends their season” (and hopefully doesn’t end any lives.)

While some NCState players not being vaccinated caused team to be tested during College World Series, NCAA proves there is no situation they can’t make worse. None of 23,000 fans got tested. & “Masks are not required, though unvaccinated attendees are recommended to wear them.”

Fox News is actually headlining the Miami condo collapse on their website. But for some reason I can’t find any of their usual stories bashing Biden and Democrats for excessive government regulations.

Getting a lot of the “What’s your perfect White Claw moment” ads so finally figured I’d respond: My perfect White Claw moment is not drinking White Claw.

While media discusses the Former Guy’s cult rally anyone know what the actual President of the United States was doing on Saturday night? (insert crickets here.) Nice, isn’t it?

Dear Ohio: You put Sherrod Brown in the Senate. If you put Tim Ryan there to join him in 2022, Velveeta Voldemort will probably be so mad he’ll never come back to your state again. Love, democracy

Since I have to assume almost everyone at tonight’s MAGA rally is unvaccinated how long until Ohio and neighboring states have a big spike in Delta variant cases?

Guessing if you asked most Americans to name House Representative, other than their own, or maybe Pelosi/McCarthy, most of them would name AOC or Greene. That’s part of what is wrong w/ media & politics now. It’s not about making headlines, it SHOULD be about getting stuff done.

I’m so old that I remember when Republicans pretended they wanted most Americans to vote.

There are 34 Senate seats up for election in 2022 – 14 Democrats, 20 Republicans. Sinema and Manchin are NOT up for election until 2024. So can we as Democrats focus now on the seats we can actually potentially win next year? With a bigger blue majority they matter a lot less.

Science is always the home team.

June 25, 2021

Now the 23rd MLB team has reached 85% COVID vaccination threshold for players & other on-field personnel, which allows relaxed protocols, but vaccinations have slowed to crawl. Can @MLB release names of 7 teams who haven’t met threshold so we can root against them if we don’t already?

I admittedly know very little about the NHL these days. But when they ask pundits to predict the Stanley Cup Finals… uh, the Canadiens have been a near unanimous choice to lose to the Maple Leafs, the Jets AND the Golden Knights.

N.C. State will have only 13 players for their College World Series game today vs. Vanderbilt due to one player testing positive & others held out due to COVID protocols. ALL of team & coaching staff had opportunity to be vaccinated. Not all unforced errors show in the box score.

Wolfpack coach said he didn’t want to “indoctrinate” his players. Uh, if you have to use the word indoctrinate about a life-saving vaccine, you’re already indoctrinating them.

More from NC State baseball coach Elliott Avent on team not being vaccinated: “If you want to talk baseball, we can talk baseball. you want to talk politics or stuff like that, you can go talk to my head of sports medicine.” “Politics or stuff like that?”

Who wants to tell him?-

Another reason I really like SF Giants Lamont Wade Jr:

“Wade usually is an outfielder, but he does enjoy playing first, which is a much more social position.

He got a kick out of meeting Albert Pujols, for instance, when the Giants played the Dodgers.“

That was pretty cool, I talked to my dad about that,” Wade said. “You always say ‘hello’ and ‘good swing’ to the guys who come over there, just be professional and talk about other things. I know everybody’s out here working hard and that little moment that you get to relax is cool.”#adorable

As the Surfside condo collapse potential death toll rises, Governor Ron DeSantis is responding – by sending 50 law enforcement officers from Florida to the Texas-Mexican border!!?

Uh, if he’s got extra manpower, maybe he should train those officers to inspect buildings?

Florida Governor Ron De Santis says of the Surfside building collapse “this is a unique kind of tragedy.” Uh, considering how much De Santis hates regulations, maybe not so unique going forward.

President Biden says he has spoken to Ron DeSantis about the Surfside building disaster and has offered federal help. And I bet our President didn’t tell the Florida governor to rake anything.

Sad irony, one of the missing women in the Surfside condo collapse is a lawyer who, per NY Daily News “specializes in representing building owners, contractors and developers who run afoul of city codes and regulations.”

Frontier Airlines instituted then rescinded a $1.59 per flight segment “COVID recovery charge” after bad press and passenger complaints. So wonder how many other airlines dropped planned “COVID recovery charges” they were planning on instituting this summer?

If Velveeta Voldemort thought it would have helped him get re-elected, he’d have cheerfully convinced his followers that seat belts were a Democratic hoax.

22 1/2 years isn’t as much as I would have liked. But it’s better than I was worried about him getting.

And don’t forget, Derek Chauvin still faces federal charges for murdering George Floyd.

There is nothing I do not like about this headline: “Trump Organization could face criminal charges in New York as soon as next week.”

Not quite worst to first, yet…

June 25, 2021

The Montreal Canadiens, who will now play the NY Islanders or Tampa Bay Lightning for the Stanley Cup, were the NHL team with the worst regular season record in the playoffs. Another team that had the worst regular season record in the postseason? The 2014 SF Giants.

The Dodgers just got no-hit by four Cubs pitchers. No punchline. No punch in LA bats either.

Japan’s Emperor Naruhito says he is”extremely worried” that the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics could accelerate the spread of COVID-19. So will he be “extremely sad” after the Olympics when people start dying?

So how long until GOP condemns Nancy Pelosi’s House select committee into January 6 and demands a bipartisan investigation? Oh wait, never mind.

So it finally really is infrastructure week?

Both Manchin and Sinema were part of the infrastructure deal. So if McConnell finds a way to scuttle it will this be the cover they need at least to adjust the filibuster rule?

This IS in many way a chess game.


Has Mitch McConnell announced why he won’t vote for the infrastructure bill yet?

Mike Pence contradicts the Former Guy about the election the same week stories emerge that Ivanka is distancing herself from her father and Ron DeSantis is a more popular choice for many conservatives for President in 2024.
Maybe Pence figures his former boss will be too outraged at Ron and Ivanka to notice?

Anyone expecting Governor Ron DeSantis to tighten potentially lax building/inspection codes in Florida after today’s deadly condo collapse in Surfside, clearly hasn’t been following DeathSantis’s response to deaths from COVID.

We don’t know and may not know for a while what caused the horrific condominum collapse today in Surfside, Florida. But pretty sure it wasn’t too much government regulation.

Sticky situation

June 24, 2021

I’m sure it’s just coincidence that MLB decided MID-SEASON to start checking pitchers for sticky substances since hitting is way down… but ignored steroids for years during the “Chicks dig the long ball” era.

Of course as a San Francisco Giants fan I want Giants to finish ahead of the San Diego Padres. But it still warms my little heart to hear the “Beat LA” chants at Petco Park.

He was 0 for 5 with five strikeouts, then hit a three run home run in the 13rd.

“Hello, Southwest Airlines, this is the SF Giants, we’d like to cancel that booking we made today from Orange County to Sacramento – the last name is Tauchman.” #SFGiants

After losing 17 games in a row, the Arizona Diamondbacks won Monday night, but now are on another two game losing streak. They are 28 out in the NL West.

I suppose it’s not quite possible to be eliminated from the postseason before the All-Star Break?

Harrison Ford, 78, was injured filming a fight scene in his latest movie. Wonder what the title is “Indiana Jones and the Lost Keys, Wallet, Phone…?

Same Florida Governor Ron De Santis who banned private companies from asking about vaccinations against deadly disease, just signed bill requiring public universities & colleges to survey students, faculty & staff about their beliefs & viewpoints.

Add satire to Florida’s hidden COVID death toll.

Democrats have tried for years to tell people how much their votes matter.

But an unintended consequence of everything Republicans are trying to stop people from voting, might be to finally convince many of people how much their votes matter.

Stephen Colbert showed Senator Klobuchar yesterday in the Senate talking about the voting rights bill “my Republican colleagues, this is not the end of the line”

And Colbert added “hanks to GOP, that’s something many a lot of voters will be hearing -‘this is not the end of the line…It stretches 3 blocks that way around the corner….& no one can give you water.'”

Last week police raided newsroom of the Apple Daily, Hong Kong’s final pro-democracy publication, now, the newspaper says it has published its final edition.

If the Former Guy had won the 2020 election how wonder if any pro-democracy publications would have survived the next four years.

Do these numbers mean anything to you? 4,076,186 to 4,043,723 They should. They are the 2018 vote totals in Florida’s gubernatorial race. DeSantis beat Gillum by less than 32,500 votes.

Florida can rectify this mistake in 2022.

Outside the lines.

June 23, 2021

Los Angeles Lakers guard Alex Caruso arrested today in Texas for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Silly man, pot is legal in Los Angeles. In Texas he’d have been better off carrying a couple unregistered guns.

So is it wrong to start rooting for a team just because their amazing goalie has the same name as your son? Asking for a friend, eh? #GoHabsGo

Stephen Colbert perfectedly sums up the decision New Yorkers faced today “who will replace Mayor Bill DeBlasio as the person getting booed at Mets games?”

So Max Scherzer and Sergo Romo came close. Who’s gonna be the first MLB pitcher actually to drop his pants upon being checked for sticky stuff by an umpire?

No one ever accused MLB of putting ethics over profits. But by checking pitchers for Spider Tack etc, the league is showing they care more about integrity of a game than GOP cares about the integrity of elections.

Apparently the Delta COVID variant from India now is responsible for over 20% of infections. Up from 10% 2 weeks ago & from 2.7% a month ago. Sadly, guessing unvaccinated COVIDiots are as good at expotential math as they are at science.

Can anyone imagine if in California, where several close congressional races went for Republicans, the majority Democratic state legislature tried to overturn those elections with conjured up arguments?

One thing to have 60 votes to pass a bill. But to require 60 votes even to TALK about a bill? Doesn’t seem very democratic to me.

Many GOP Senators today touting how well 2020 election went with high turnout and claiming Democrats trying to change the system. Forgetting to say it’s because GOP led states ARE changing the system.

The Former Guy was mocked for saying “I just want to find 11,780 votes.” But really, what Mitch McConnell is saying now against For the People Act boils down to “I just want to find a way to suppress enough votes so GOP will win.”

Not that Andrew Yang is the only one guilty of this. But perhaps if he really wants to stay involved in politics he can find a place to start other than the “top?”

In the NYC Mayoral Democratic primary with ranked-choice voting it could take weeks to determine the winner. They still might finish before the 2020 Democratic Iowa caucuses…

Lisa Murkowski made a nice speech about voting rights on the Senate Floor today, but said ultimately she would vote against S-1 – the For the People Act. Okay, Senator Murkowski, I believe while we disagree on things that you act in good faith. So all snark aside, do what Joe Manchin did, talk to Amy Klobuchar and talk about what changes you would need to support the bill.

You had a bad month

June 22, 2021

Minnesota Twins SF Bryon Buxon missed 40 games with a strained right hip. On Saturday he was hit by a pitch in the fourth inning of his first game back, and X-rays revealed a fractured hand. Buxon will be out probably another month.

After making probably MLB’s highlight reel for the year for taking advantage of several Pittsburgh Pirates brain cramps to steal a run, , Cubs star Javier Baez tonight forgot how many outs there were in the inning and ran all the way to third on a routine fly ball, only to be doubled off first.

“I lost the outs,” Baez explained.

Another reason to love baseball. It has a way of reminding everyone rules are rules. And math, at least counting to three, is immutable.

Carl Nassib, DE for Las Vegas Raiders, becomes first active NFL player to come out as gay

Good for him. “Openly gay” is of course the operative phrase. But look forward to the day when being openly gay is no longer a headline.

Apparently Velveeta Voldemort didn’t realize Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is in Cuba. You mean he didn’t even watch “A Few Good Men?”

Mitch McConnell today wore a tan suit. So by GOP standards this means we can impeach him, right?

Remind me again what Senior White House Advisor position President Joe Biden appointed Hunter Biden to?

Was it great that Sheldon Whitehouse defended his decades-long membership in an all-white private beach club as a “long tradition in Rhode Island?” No. But would the conservative pundits criticizing him like to tell us what clubs they belong to?

As a California voter, I feel pretty confident my state will protect voting rights. As an American, I understand that democracy depends on voting rights in all 50 states.

Rolled my eyes at this headline -“Khloé Kardashian insists she’s only had one nose job.” But I must confess, I miss the days when headline writings looking for crazy clickbait could rely on the Kardashians more than GOP politicians.

An anonymous friend told me Michael Bloomberg switched to run as Republican in 2001 New York mayoral primary because he didn’t want to deal w/ insanity of the Democratic primary. Never a huge Bloomberg fan, but more I see of New York City primary insanity the more it makes sense.

Just heard through a travel industry friend that clients in Mexico told of being approached with offers of fake COVID vaccine cards and/or negative COVID tests. We’re so not out of the woods on this pandemic… Please get vaccinated.

Age is just a small number.

June 21, 2021

A New York Times article on the SF Giants improbable season “”Also notably beating the odds are three graybeards…”

They’re talking about Buster Posey, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt.

Posey and Crawford are 34. Belt is 33.

The biggest media markets in the US: 1. New York 2. Los Angeles 3. Chicago 4.Philadelphia

Meanwhile: 10. Atlanta 12. Phoenix 36. Milwaukee.

If you’re expecting a bad Monday at work, imagine being an ad salesperson for the rest of the NBA playoffs.

Just how bad are the Arizona Diamondbacks? The 4th place Colorado Rockies are 12 games under .500. And they’re still 10 games ahead of the D’backs.

Jon Rahm had to drop out leading tournament 2 weeks ago, because he tested positive for COVID.. He had just recently had the shot before his positive test and says he waited too long to get vaccinated.

Today Rahm won the U.S. Open. Wonder how many MAGAs might now get the vaccine if they think it might help their golf game?

-This December speaking tour with Bill O’Reilly and Velveeta Voldemort includes two men who based on past sexual allegations against them would not be allowed to volunteer in most public schools.

Yeah, our grandparents may have been luddites. But the Greatest Generation wouldn’t have lost their collective sh*t over doordash being down on Saturday.

RIP Champ Biden. Hope he’s already cavorting with Bo Obama in heaven’s dog park

No fatalities but eight people, including two children, were shot after gun battle broke out between two groups having parties at adjoining banquet halls in Dallas early this morning. So wonder which of them were the good guys with guns?

We don’t know yet if the man who ran his truck through a Pride Parade, killing at least one person, did it deliberately on not. Thanks to Ron DeSantis who legalized running over protestors, it doesn’t matter. The driver might even face more charges if it was accidental.

After a six plus hour roundtrip drive to Sacramento I can attest that not only have people forgotten how to behave on airplanes, they have forgotten how to behave on highways too.

Most Democrats in the Senate, heck, most Democrats in America, are to the left of Joe Manchin and the right of Bernie Sanders. So why does it seem the media talks to both of them more than any other Senators?

Meanwhile, Rachel Maddow suggests Democrats cancel August recess at least until Senate gets big stuff done. These are moments I wish a mom was Majority Leader. It’s a bipartisan simple deal- “You want to go play, fine, but you’re staying inside until you finish your chores first.”

Not that jazzed

June 19, 2021

A Twitter pal said – “John Stockton’s stupidity has jinxed the Jazz.” Hey, as good an explanation as any how a #1 seed with a 22 point lead against the Kawhi-less Clippers could not only blow a lead but lose by twelve.

(For those who missed it, Stockton appeared in an anti-vaccine video…)

If as an SF Giants fan you didn’t already love LaMonte Wade Jr, he just threw Bryce Harper out tonight at second with a ball hit off the left field wall.

This would be a great weekend for the Arizona Diamondbacks to break their now 24 game losing streak.


I know baseball’s fan base skews older. But is it really best way to appeal to younger audience by making SF Giants Phillies series ONLY televised on Peacock? Managed to figure it out but am “relatively’ young luddite. Wonder how many parents are calling kids tonight? “HELP!!”

Okay, not a huge eater, but picked up a package of precooked pulled chicken in BBQ sauce, 16 ounces total. Glanced at the Nutrition Facts while it was warming up. 90 calories a serving. EIGHT servings in the package. That’s two ounces of meat and sauce combined. Enough to make a McDonald’s hamburger look hefty.

If you’re making the fake claim that Juneteenth isn’t “American,” then assume you’ve also been protesting Columbus Day? Since Christopher actually landed in the Dominican Republic.

I guess the U.S. Catholic bishops never worried about denying communion to Velveeta Voldemort. He’d have probably asked for Diet Coke instead of wine to wash down the wafers. And complained the bread was better at Mar-A-Lago.

Can’t imagine what today’s U.S. Catholic Bishops would have done with JFK.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But considering how many GOP members of Congress still genuflect before Velveeta Voldemort despite his losing election & then TWO Georgia Senate seats, makes more sense that they’re complicit than that they still haven’t figured out he’s a loser.

Seriously, are the latest wild GOP accusations being about the FBI being behind January 6 a clue that the FBI is about to implicate GOP members of Congress?

Open question to anyone thinking cruises shouldn’t be able to require vaccines for cruisers: Have you already forgotten Grand Princess? Stuck at sea for days + 2 week quarantine for passengers. “I don’t need to have numbers double because of one ship that wasn’t our fault.”

Georgia is mailing notifications of 102,000 voter registration cancellations. Voters have 40 days to respond. Uh, MAIL? Still have two Christmas packages missing in mail & who knows how many cards got there? Also check lost this month. DeJoy’s destruction has not been undone.

Velveeta Voldemort’s former doctor Ronny Jackson wants Biden to take a cognitive test I’d love to see Joe come out some day and simply say “Person, woman, man, camera, TV.” Mic drop.

The fact that no members of Congress died on January 6 at the US Capitol doesn’t mean the intent of the insurrectionists wasn’t to kill them. The fact that Democrats may save voting rights doesn’t mean the intent of many in GOP isn’t to kill democracy.

Throwing away their shot?

June 18, 2021

For the 2021 season, unvaccinated NFL players will not be allowed on team charters for away games.

Great, just what the rest of us need, the thought of flying on commercial planes with unvaccinated people who are also plenty big enough to encroach on our physical space.

Do SF Giants put weekly comments from ESPN on clubhouse wall

. “Giants need to be active in acquiring veterans at trade deadline… already blown 14 saves this season- need to do better if they hope to stay relevant in NL West.”

Yes, it’s a tough division – but “hope to stay relevant?”

Meanwhile SF Giants scored 3 runs in four games in DC last week. This week they scored no less than five runs in any game against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Baseball is a funny game. And the Dbacks are really bad.

Happy 79th Birthday Paul McCartney. Sir Paul is now 15 years older than “when I’m 64.”

Sandra Garza, life-partner of late Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick, tells Anderson Cooper she’s been harassed & falsely accused of being paid by Trump supporters. But “no one is going to intimidate me or shut me up.” If Garza ever wants to run for office-I’m in on her side.

Reading Chasten Buttigieg’s “I Have Something To Tell You” memoir. Favorite story so far; Pete had painted kitchen in South Bend home awful shade of yellow & Chasten finally while he was campaigning secretly hired someone to paint it white. When Pete got home.- he didn’t notice.

(Chasten said he eventually told him and Pete responded “Oh, that is nice. Yeah. Well done.”)

There was a small earthquake in Indiana. Out of habit did Mike Pence praise Velveeta Voldemort for making the earth move?

Texas AG Ken Paxton is unhappy with a conservative Supreme Court upholding ACA. “ObamaCare was sold on a lie to the American people.” All you need to know about today’s GOP is that they consider lifesaving healthcare a lie & debunked election fraud malarkey the truth.

Listening today to Roy Blunt talking about his bipartisan bill to expand community mental health services. I suppose it would be wrong to say some Americans who clearly are in need of those services are some of his GOP colleagues in Congress.

“We’re Democratic party, we’re not a lockstep rubberstamp, who’d want to belong to a party like that? You can cross the aisle & do that…but at end of day we’ll have unity to promote wellbeing of American working families.” Sometimes I just love Madam Speaker. @SpeakerPelosi

If one person, especially a pretty young woman, is killed by an undocumented immigrant, GOP wants to build walls & tighten all immigration/asylum rules.

Meanwhile five people died & 140 police officers injured by a mob of Trump supporters on Jan 6. GOP shrugs – “just tourists”

Okay, Friday, June 18th will actually be the first Juneteenth Federal Holiday. Why do I have a feeling some tone deaf store or chain will come up with a last minute “White Sale?”

If any Republicans who work in the Federal Government object to the Juneteenth holiday they should certainly feel free to go into work on a volunteer basis.

And the hits just keep on coming.

June 17, 2021

After the top of the first inning tonight against Arizona Diamondbacks, SF Giants were down 2 to 0. Apparently someone found where the team left their bats in Texas. . Final score, SF 13, AZ – 7

Remember that Madison Bumgarner seven-inning no-hitter in Phoenix on April 25.that MLB refused to certify as a no-hitter? Arizona Diamondbacks haven’t won a game away from home since. The baseball gods may not be amused.

Jacob deGrom left his start today with right shoulder soreness after pitching three perfect innings. While I’m not a Mets fan for the sake of baseball hope all those Koufax comparisons don’t become too accurate.

Phillies fans are famous for booing Santa Claus

Even Santa Claus would have booed the Philadelphia 76ers in the 4th quarter today against the Hawks.

MSNBC, how about a new rule – anyone who prioritized book sales over trying to save democracy (and lives) doesn’t get an interview on your network? #JohnBolton

Just my opinion, but to my mind the best reporters are like the best baseball umpires. They don’t make the story all about them.

Things I would rather do than watch an interview with Velveeta Voldemort:

Have a root canal.

Listen to a concert of nails on a chalk board.

Watch the Dodgers win a game. For starters. (I am aware some of my friends may disagree on the last one.)

Why do we just think of antitrust & competition issues affecting high-tech? Airfares are high from SFO to Dulles. But remember Independence Air? For just one example. Lasted less than 2 yrs w/ cheap fares. United matched fares at loss leader prices, put them out of business, then raised fares again

-Fox News headline “Garry Kasparov told “Fox & Friends Pres. Biden meeting w/ Vladimir Putin in Geneva implies United States “giving credibility to a brutal dictator.” Gosh, I missed that headline when Velveeta Voldemort met w/ Vlad in Helsinki AND invited him to White House.

If the media treated Putin-Biden summit any more like a prize fight they’d have to put it on pay-per-view.

New GOP logo…..? (Google Get Smart kids, if you don’t recognize this.)


Head start

June 16, 2021

SF Giants just made it hard for anyone to turn off one of their games in 2021 ever again.

(And no, I didn’t turn it off. But I won’t lie and say I was hopeful. Down 7-0 early, Giants won 9-8 with a grand slam by Mike Yazstremski)

But you thin you had a bad day at work. SF Giants reliever Zach Littell faced six batters to start the game vs Diamondbacks. He got zero out and four scored.

It’s only mid-June but right now SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler has to be the favorite for NL manager of the years.

Interesting in “chicks dig the long ball” era late 1990s how MLB, fans & players alike knew that folks were juicing. League was “move along, nothing to see here.” Now pitching is dominant – & MLB suddenly wants in- game tests and suspensions…. I’m sure it’s just coincidence.

From Marc Ragovin “I watched the excerpts of NBC reporter’s interview with Putin. I give Vlad credit. He answered all the tough geopolitical questions cogently, directly, thoroughly. But boy did he hem and haw when asked whether he’s ever used Spider Tack.”

So much absurdity, so little time… Mark Meadows tried to convince DOJ Italians used satellites to manipulate voting equipment in Presidential election. If you had to think of country doing high-tech election tampering by satellite, pretty sure Italy wouldn’t be top of the list.

Actually Mark Meadow’s Italian satellite election lie brings to mind very un-PC old joke..

Heaven: police are British. Cooks are French. Run by Swiss. Engineers are German. Lovers are Italian

Hell: Police are German. Cooks are British. Run by French. Lovers are Swiss. Engineers are Italian.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis on Monday signed a bill requiring public schools in his state to set aside at least one minute of silence for children to meditate or pray. Can they pray that Florida in 2022 can get rid of Ron De Santis?

As Ron DeSantis signs the law requiring a minute or two for prayer in all public schools, will that include prayers for the now over 37,000 Floridians who DeSantis ADMITS have died of COVID?

Facebook wanted to buy “Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 for Instagram ad. Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters “F*ck you, no f*cking way.. .this is insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything.” Guess Amy Klobuchar has another supporter of her antitrust bill.

21 Republicans vote no on bill awarding Congressional Gold Medal to Capitol and DC Metro Police for saving lives and democracy on January 6, guess it’s pretty clear – Blue lives matter ONLY when black or brown protestors are involved.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she objected to calling January 6 an insurrection. I object to calling Marjorie Taylor Greene a member of Congress.

The Giants score a run, the Giants score a run.

June 15, 2021

Five in fact. After scoring ONE run in regulation in three games against Washington Nationals, the SF Giants scored five against the Arizona Diamonbacks Monday night. Baseball is a funny game.

MLB expected to announce any pitchers caught w/ foreign substance will be suspended for 10 days w/ pay. So about same as minimum trip to IL. Not that any pitchers who know what Spider Tack can do for ball movement would risk missing a start or two for a paid vacation….

Just thinking, MLB is discussing a pitch clock to speed up games. Can the US Senate start discussing something to speed up votes?

Tuned into Late Show with Stephen Colbert and CBS commercial for Evening News “Biden. Putin. Face to Face..”. So this is like the NBA Finals for democracy vs totalitarianism? #ratings

GOP in Ohio trying to make it so physicians, hospitals and health insurance companies could refuse to provide or pay for a medical service if it violates their moral beliefs.

Okay, who is going to be the first physician to refuse to prescribe Viagra for any unmarried man?

Alabama, Arkansas, Missouri, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Wyoming have seen their COVID infection rates rise in last two weeks. They are all lower than the 43% US fully vaccinated average. I’m SURE it’s just a coincidence.

NN Chyron “Israel’s Netanyahu ousted from office but vows to return.” Is he planning to send tourists to “The Knesset?”

Great quote from Batman – The Dark Knight “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” Eric Clapton is 76 years old.

Your reminder, despite at least four mass shootings this past weekend, today’s GOP thinks voting is more dangerous than guns.

Unfriendly skies: FAA notes “nearly three-fourths of unruly behavior” reports were of passengers who refused to wear masks on flights.” I am shocked, shocked.

Fox News Headline “Biden breaks with political norms, slams Trump and Republicans on foreign soil.”

“Breaks with political norms.” Wow, that’s almost as good as Kayleigh McEnany’s “I never lied to you.”

So how long until Marjorie Taylor Greene denies apologizing for comparing COVID-19 rules to the holocaust?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says that it’s “highly unlikely” he would allow Biden to fill a Supreme Court vacancy in 2024 if he’s majority leader — or even 2023.

Uh, does anyone think Mitch wouldn’t try to stop Biden filling a SCOTUS vacancy if one happened tomorrow?

Outta there.

June 13, 2021

NBA MVP Nikola Jokic ejected from tonight’s elimination game for Nuggets vs Suns after he was assessed a Flagrant Foul 2 for taking a frustrated swing at Phoenix’s Cameron Payne. Now, I know the rules. But anyone think they’d have ejected Lebron James if he did the same thing?

Pre-covid memory: I had flights booked to DC to see Wizards-Thunder game with a friend on March 14, 2020. Reason I picked that game -wanted to see Chris Paul play in person. Well, at least I get to see a lot of Paul on TV this NBA postseason.

37 playoff points at 36 years old. Age is just a number #ChrisPaul

Three runs in in four games in DC. So who on SFGiants staff gets the job of stopping by Dallas on the way home to San Francisco and figuring where at the Rangers’ ballpark the team left their bats?

As MLB finalizes its memo on rule pitchers using foreign substances, reminded of Gaylord Perry when he was asked if he ever used a foreign substance on a baseball. “Nah, Vaseline is manufactured right here in the United States.”

Mike Pompeo said today on Fox News that Trump just needed four more years to get tough on Russia. Four more years? Amazed he didn’t say “two more weeks,” you know, like Donald’s much-anticipated beautiful healthcare plan?

Florida’s State Board of Education voted to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in state schools. How long until they ban the teaching of science and evolution?

Wonder what the Venn diagram would be showing the overlap with unruly passengers on planes and anti-maskers?

One victim in Austin mass shooting has died.

Now Texas has one of highest state percentage rates of gun owners in US.

So if good guys with a gun will save us, why does Texas have so many mass shootings?

Asking for a country that is tired.

Three days of a summit and the President of the United States hasn’t insulted any G-7 members yet. Remember what that used to be like?

Lara Trump:”people that live at southern border-.guess they better arm up, get guns, be ready-maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their own hands.” So women & children seeking asylum are dangerous & should be shot, while Jan 6 insurrectionists were tourists?

Journalist who broke tarmac meeting story between Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch in 2016 apparently committed suicide. Conservative media & Twitter trolls instantly treating death as suspicious. They really think Dems not only that evil but would wait 5 years to get revenge for a story?

As Indian variant of Covid-19 is now up to about 10% of US cases, reminder that the Former Guy even now could save lives by doing a PSA for all his cult members to get vaccinated.

So the media apparently is complaining that not being able to cover Biden’s tea with the Queen is a “breach of precedent.” What next? Will Joe have to hire someone to insult the press full-time so they don’t complain about losing that precedent too?

In USA in last year, over 500,000 COVID deaths, over 20,000 deaths from gun violence and 24,000 more Americans dead by suicide with a gun. And GOP trying to convince us imaginary voter fraud is the real danger.

Kayleigh McEnany claims now she never told a single lie as Press Secretary. W ell, actually, technically she has a point. Was there a statement Kayleigh ever made that contained a single lie as opposed to multiple lies.

Val Demings is moderate & former Orlando chief of police. Marco Rubio already trying to tag her w/ the S word. “But she certainly has voted for socialist things.” Voted for socialist things? Like social security?

Yeah, nobody in Florida supports that… #Sarcasm

As Marco Rubio begins his campaign to call Val Demings a “socialist,” let’s be honest – whoever the GOP runs against Joe Manchin in Virginia in 2024 will call MANCHIN a socialist.

Headline: “New book suggests Birx wanted Trump to lose presidential election.” So if Donald hadn’t lost would Dr. Birx have clutched her scarf?

Finally, Happy Birthday to Velveeta Voldemort. Next year maybe he’ll be wishing for a cake with a file in it.

Losing your shot.

June 12, 2021

MLB says 22 teams now at vaccination threshold, but no team of the remaining eight is close to that 85% threshold.

Can MLB put in a rule if your team isn’t at the threshold and an outbreak stemming from one of yourplayers causes a game with a vaccinated team not to be played, instead of postponing you just forfeit?

Yeah, Mets’ Jacob DeGrom might be the best pitcher in baseball. But he only has one shutout. But Giants pitcher Anthony Descalfani has two. #SFGiants

SPN’s Scott Van Pelt just (grudgingly) referred to SF Giants as “the best team in the National League. ” And as of June 11, they are.

Anthony Rizzo is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008.. Now he says he wants more data before he gets the COVID vaccine. Wonder if Rizzo was treated for his cancer with leeches?

Jill and Joe Biden love their kids and grandchildren. But unlike Velveeta Voldemort they didn’t bring any of them to crash the party and meet Queen Elizabeth II. It’s so nice having a President.

I’m noticing something in common with all these world leaders at Joe Biden’s first G-7 meeting in Cornwall – SMILES!

Putin today praised Velveeta Voldemort as “extraordinary, talented and colorful.” Same phrasing could have been used by Geppetto about Pinocchio

Ron Johnson on Fox News, “He’s weak, and don’t ask me to get inside the mind of a liberal, progressive socialist, Marxist like President Biden.” “a liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist?” Ron Johnson clearly has not spent even 5 minutes with rose Twitter.

Let me be very clear, while I admire him, not that I ever thought Merrick Garland should be deified, either as potential SCOTUS judge or current AG. But the man has been in office three months. Could we all maybe be just a little patient in reserving judgment?

It’s the DOJ today, but how long until we find out what Former Guy had the FBI do? And what suggestions were made to local police departments? You cannot convince me there weren’t Trump supporting police trying to start race riots because they felt riots would benefit his re-election.

Living the ratings dream?

June 11, 2021

Early days yet, but wouldn’t a Utah-Phoenix Western Conference final be exactly what ABC-ESPN dreamed up with this shortened ratings driven season? #Sarcasm.

Meanwhile, speaking of ratings, how about the Tampa Bay Rays and SF Giants having the best records in baseball.

Nixon resigned over coverup of break-in at DNC headquarters. Not quid-pro-quo w/ foreign leaders, not using DOJ to subpoena records of members of Congress. Not stuff we probably haven’t even found out yet. Nixon already seeming like a naughty schoolboy by comparison to Trump.

I understand that airlines are delaying returning alcohol sales on board because of bad passenger behavior. Uh, is it just possible some passengers are behaving badly because they are increasingly tense on board and can’t drink?

The Sopranos ran for six years. Velveeta Voldemort’s administration lasted four years. To be fair, Tony was a much more competent mob boss.

Boris Johnson on Joe Biden “A breath of fresh air.” Understatement of the year.

Caitlyn Jenner refuses to say Donald Trump lost the election. “I’m not going to get into that.”

Anyone who can’t answer the question – “who won the 2020 Presidential election? should have their televised interview terminated immediately. Period.

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine speaking against state GOP anti-vax bill. “Before modern medicine, diseases such as mumps, polio, whooping cough were common & caused great, great suffering & death to thousands of people every single year.” How long until GOP tries to censure Dewine?

Biden opened his vaccine remarks at G-7 in Cornwall – “I want to express condolences on behalf of Jill & I, to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II & entire royal family & people of United Kingdom. Today would’ve been Prince Philip’s 100th birthday.” It’s so NICE having a President.

June 10, 2021


Lefty pitcher Sam Long, 25, who pitched four plus inning on one hit for SF Giants today, has been released before and in 2018 started taking some EMT classes. Announcers commented on his calm on the mound. Depending on those classes, thinking Long saw and thought about things a little more stressful than giving up some runs in a baseball game.

Well this could make for fun conversations in the huddle: As Panthers QB Sam Darnold says he’s still “evaluating” whether to get a COVID vaccine or not, reminder that Carolina’s star RB Christian McCaffrey was an Academic All-America at Stanford.

NFL’s Montez Sweat is still vaccine adverse, with the Washington football team player saying he “won’t treat Covid until he actually gets Covid.”. Can only imagine what his thoughts are on say, birth control.

Compared to Charles, Anne and Andrew, I know comparatively little about Prince Edward, 57, Queen Elizabeth’s youngest son. But I think I like him. In an interview touching on many issues including his parents, Harry and Meghan, etc “That’s families for you.”

Interviewed on Senate report on January 6, Amy Klobuchar talked about “the haunting words of one of the officers who said “Does anyone have a plan?'” Sadly, the one who DID have a plan was the Former Guy.

Why is anyone shocked that Louie Gohmert wonders if Forest Service or the Bureau of Land Management can alter the orbit of the moon or the Earth? Gohmert’s cult leader thought you could alter the path of a hurricane with a Sharpie.

If Governors of Florida & Texas really want to make a point in their battle with cruise lines over vaccine requirements why don’t both of them go on a one week cruise vaccation with some of their unvaccinated constituents.

Know almost nothing about Mark Greenblatt, the Inspector General of Department of the Interior, who just said DC police didn’t clear Lafayette Park for a photo op. I do know he was confirmed in 2019 after being nominated for the position by Donald Trump.

How fantastic for our whole country would it be if in 2022 we not only could get rid of Florida’s Ron DeSantis and Marco Rubio, but also that we could replace them BOTH with women – Nikki Fried and Val Demings?

Must be very confusing for those who only watch Fox News: Network has been telling viewers COVID-19 is largely harmless and vaccines aren’t necessary…. but they should be outraged because the virus allegedly came from a lab in China.

Tucker Carlson claiming Americans should apply for asylum in El Salvador, it’s safer than Baltimore and Chicago. Waiting for Carlson to do a show on location in San Salvador to prove his point.

So how long does it take for the magnetization to kick in with the vaccines? Now feeling disappointed that I went to Hawaii for a few days last month and didn’t attract any coins or buried treasure on the beach.

Rachel Maddow points out scandal of Rob Porter resigning after accusations of domestic abuse by ex-wives would’ve been massive story in any other administration… Had almost forgotten it. TFG’s White House was like perfume testing for scandals..after a while they blur.

Long gone.

June 9, 2021

Cubs rookie Patrick Wisdom has 8 home runs in his first 40 ABs. It’s a heck of a story. But as an SF Giants fan, it’s a lot more fun when he’s hitting them against the San Diego Padres.

AVirginia gym teacher was suspended for refusing to allow transgender girls to compete because he claimed it went against his Christianity. Now judge ordered guy reinstated.

So if “Christianity” matters so much to this teacher, will he demand virginity pledges from all student-athletes?

So apparently it was either an earthquake or a sonic boom that got #SanDiego trending Tuesday night. I can’t be the only one who was relieved it wasn’t a mass shooting.

CNN chyron- “Senate Jan 6. report reveal new details on security failures, omit Trump’s role.” Uh, Senate committees were for WHAT happened & future Capitol security- not WHY it happened or who incited it.

That’s why Amy Klobuchar keeps saying we still need a bipartisan committee. Do better CNN!

Uh, travel agents have a “duty to warn” customers about any negative information we have. And Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines caved to Ron DeSantis about requiring vaccines for sailings from Florida. So now we tell everyone “so it MIGHT be a 7 day cruise or you might get stuck on board indefinitely?”

Still wrapping my head around some COVIDiots who don’t want to be guinea pigs with a vaccine, but they’re perfectly willing to be guinea pigs to go on a cruise ship without being vaccinated. Hope they’re negotiating open-ended vacation time.

So how long until Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues his campaign for individual freedoms by saying he’ll eliminate seat belt and DUI laws?

As Democrats figure how to go forward for voting rights without Senator from West Virginia, your reminder if we had won more Senate seats in 2020, or held onto Bill Nelson and Claire McCaskill’s seats in 2018, we wouldn’t need him or Sinema. Litmus tests belong in labs.

Stormy Daniels has indicated she would “would love nothing more” than to cooperate with NY Grand Jury investigating the Former Guy. So sounds like it will be a lot more satisfying for Stormy to do to him what Donald did to her.

Same GOP that had 10 investigations over more than two years into a fatal attack on American diplomatic facilities in Benghazi, Libya, thinks we should just move on from a fatal attack on our own US Capitol six months ago

Let’s be honest. If Democrats hadn’t won those two seats in Georgia, Mitch McConnell & Senate Republicans now saying “move along nothing to see here,” about January 6, would have committees focused nonstop on Hunter Biden’s laptop.