Outta there.

NBA MVP Nikola Jokic ejected from tonight’s elimination game for Nuggets vs Suns after he was assessed a Flagrant Foul 2 for taking a frustrated swing at Phoenix’s Cameron Payne. Now, I know the rules. But anyone think they’d have ejected Lebron James if he did the same thing?

Pre-covid memory: I had flights booked to DC to see Wizards-Thunder game with a friend on March 14, 2020. Reason I picked that game -wanted to see Chris Paul play in person. Well, at least I get to see a lot of Paul on TV this NBA postseason.

37 playoff points at 36 years old. Age is just a number #ChrisPaul

Three runs in in four games in DC. So who on SFGiants staff gets the job of stopping by Dallas on the way home to San Francisco and figuring where at the Rangers’ ballpark the team left their bats?

As MLB finalizes its memo on rule pitchers using foreign substances, reminded of Gaylord Perry when he was asked if he ever used a foreign substance on a baseball. “Nah, Vaseline is manufactured right here in the United States.”

Mike Pompeo said today on Fox News that Trump just needed four more years to get tough on Russia. Four more years? Amazed he didn’t say “two more weeks,” you know, like Donald’s much-anticipated beautiful healthcare plan?

Florida’s State Board of Education voted to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in state schools. How long until they ban the teaching of science and evolution?

Wonder what the Venn diagram would be showing the overlap with unruly passengers on planes and anti-maskers?

One victim in Austin mass shooting has died.

Now Texas has one of highest state percentage rates of gun owners in US.

So if good guys with a gun will save us, why does Texas have so many mass shootings?

Asking for a country that is tired.

Three days of a summit and the President of the United States hasn’t insulted any G-7 members yet. Remember what that used to be like?

Lara Trump:”people that live at southern border-.guess they better arm up, get guns, be ready-maybe they’re going to have to start taking matters into their own hands.” So women & children seeking asylum are dangerous & should be shot, while Jan 6 insurrectionists were tourists?

Journalist who broke tarmac meeting story between Bill Clinton & Loretta Lynch in 2016 apparently committed suicide. Conservative media & Twitter trolls instantly treating death as suspicious. They really think Dems not only that evil but would wait 5 years to get revenge for a story?

As Indian variant of Covid-19 is now up to about 10% of US cases, reminder that the Former Guy even now could save lives by doing a PSA for all his cult members to get vaccinated.

So the media apparently is complaining that not being able to cover Biden’s tea with the Queen is a “breach of precedent.” What next? Will Joe have to hire someone to insult the press full-time so they don’t complain about losing that precedent too?

In USA in last year, over 500,000 COVID deaths, over 20,000 deaths from gun violence and 24,000 more Americans dead by suicide with a gun. And GOP trying to convince us imaginary voter fraud is the real danger.

Kayleigh McEnany claims now she never told a single lie as Press Secretary. W ell, actually, technically she has a point. Was there a statement Kayleigh ever made that contained a single lie as opposed to multiple lies.

Val Demings is moderate & former Orlando chief of police. Marco Rubio already trying to tag her w/ the S word. “But she certainly has voted for socialist things.” Voted for socialist things? Like social security?

Yeah, nobody in Florida supports that… #Sarcasm

As Marco Rubio begins his campaign to call Val Demings a “socialist,” let’s be honest – whoever the GOP runs against Joe Manchin in Virginia in 2024 will call MANCHIN a socialist.

Headline: “New book suggests Birx wanted Trump to lose presidential election.” So if Donald hadn’t lost would Dr. Birx have clutched her scarf?

Finally, Happy Birthday to Velveeta Voldemort. Next year maybe he’ll be wishing for a cake with a file in it.

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3 Comments on “Outta there.”

  1. Tony Geinzer Says:

    I’d love to see Chris Paul bring Home to the Home of the Winston Cup an NBA Finals Trophy, for a change of venue, if it can’t be Atlanta. I wouldn’t want an annoying Finals Trophy Winner or Someone that Would Be Hated.

  2. marc ragovin Says:

    I watched the excerpts of NBC reporter’s interview with Putin. I give Vlad credit. He answered all the tough geopolitical questions cogently, directly, thoroughly. But boy did he hem and haw when asked whether he’s ever used Spider Tack

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