Losing your shot.

MLB says 22 teams now at vaccination threshold, but no team of the remaining eight is close to that 85% threshold.

Can MLB put in a rule if your team isn’t at the threshold and an outbreak stemming from one of yourplayers causes a game with a vaccinated team not to be played, instead of postponing you just forfeit?

Yeah, Mets’ Jacob DeGrom might be the best pitcher in baseball. But he only has one shutout. But Giants pitcher Anthony Descalfani has two. #SFGiants

SPN’s Scott Van Pelt just (grudgingly) referred to SF Giants as “the best team in the National League. ” And as of June 11, they are.

Anthony Rizzo is a cancer survivor who was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2008.. Now he says he wants more data before he gets the COVID vaccine. Wonder if Rizzo was treated for his cancer with leeches?

Jill and Joe Biden love their kids and grandchildren. But unlike Velveeta Voldemort they didn’t bring any of them to crash the party and meet Queen Elizabeth II. It’s so nice having a President.

I’m noticing something in common with all these world leaders at Joe Biden’s first G-7 meeting in Cornwall – SMILES!

Putin today praised Velveeta Voldemort as “extraordinary, talented and colorful.” Same phrasing could have been used by Geppetto about Pinocchio

Ron Johnson on Fox News, “He’s weak, and don’t ask me to get inside the mind of a liberal, progressive socialist, Marxist like President Biden.” “a liberal, progressive, socialist, Marxist?” Ron Johnson clearly has not spent even 5 minutes with rose Twitter.

Let me be very clear, while I admire him, not that I ever thought Merrick Garland should be deified, either as potential SCOTUS judge or current AG. But the man has been in office three months. Could we all maybe be just a little patient in reserving judgment?

It’s the DOJ today, but how long until we find out what Former Guy had the FBI do? And what suggestions were made to local police departments? You cannot convince me there weren’t Trump supporting police trying to start race riots because they felt riots would benefit his re-election.

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