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Saturday night’s not alright for fighting

May 30, 2021

Atlanta Braves star outfielder Marcell Ozuna was arrested on Saturday in Fulton County, Georgia, on domestic battery and aggravated assault charges for allegedly choking his wife.

While expectations are the Braves may cut ties with Ozuna, the outfielder had been recently placed on IL with broken fingers on his hand and was expected to miss about six weeks. Which is about how long he’d be suspended if he were in the NFL.

One more thought about Friday night’s game – who’d have imagined a month ago a Giants Dodgers’ May 2021 classic would come down to Albert Pujols being robbed by Mike Tauchman?

As much fun as this Giants-Dodgers rivalry is, if the Padres don’t cool off it’s all going to be about who gets home field advantage for the wild card. Just saying.

RIP Gavin MacLeod, aka Captain Stubing. Must admit I loved “The Love Boat.” Except for when I got into the travel industry and clients expected cruise ship cabins to look like they did on TV.

ESPN headline – “MLB reaches 2 million total runs when Minnesota Twins’ Josh Donaldson crosses plate.” So were 1 million of them at Coors Field?

As teams start being eliminated in round one of the NBA playoffs, wonder how many sports fans can name the NBA teams who started in the playoffs?

As a moderate liberal even though Krysten Sinema ran as a centrist in a purple state, I can accept her being to the right of me on issues. But theatrical flourishes & refusing to explain an absence for a big vote -like on the January 6 commission – isn’t helping anyone’s cause, including her own.

Yeah, I know it’s almost certainly illegal, but would be really fun if Schumer & Senate Democrats snuck into town for a day during the Memorial Day recess, invoked cloture & passed a bunch of stuff by voice vote.

Why we can’t have nice things. Or even mediocre wine: American joining Southwest in not resuming alcohol sales on board after incidents of violence against flight attendants, often over masks. Of course if Trump had criticized them, we would have had incidents over seat belts.

Since some COVIDiots now using “we don’t want to be guinea pigs” excuse to avoid mandatory vaccinations for work etc, presume they just want to stay untreated at home if they get bad case of COVID. Since all treatments are year old or less any patient IS essentially a guinea pig.

Republicans trying to make it possible in some states for elected officials to overturn election results: Just imagine, for example, if Democrats had convinced Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf to try to overturn 2016 Presidential election results?

President Biden: “I call again on Congress to pass For the People Act & John Lewis Voting Rights Act. I call on all Americans, of every party & persuasion, to stand up for democracy, protect right to vote & integrity of our elections.” Reminder on Memorial Day weekend what they died for.

The Giants win a game! The Giants win a game.

May 29, 2021

Okay, the 2021 SF Giants have won a LOT of games.

But Friday night was their first against the LA Dodgers.

Any long term #SFGiants fan remember 1993? When Colorado Rockies lost all 13 games to Atlanta Braves – ONE win would have put SF into at least a one-game playoff for the postseason. Whatever happens this season, at least 2021 Giants vs Dodgers are not the 1993 Rockies vs Braves.

Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper – discussing Dodgers’ Gavin Lux new “yoga pants” uniform look…Which is a good description of them fitting very tightly. S

So how long until we see someone slide into a base and come up with split pants?

-The NY Post posted pictures of Bill and Hillary Clinton at a “posh’ NYC restaurant dining with friends.

Hillary’s response ‘Get vaccinated, then you can enjoy a glass of wine with friends.”

Enough of a burn to mull that wine.

After a passenger assaulted a flight attendant, Southwest Airlines decided NOT to resume alcohol service in June. I’d say “Wanna get away,” but at least Southwest did ban her from flying with them, permanently.

In St. Petersburg, Florida, a concert promoter is offering tickets for $18 if you’re vaccinated.

$1,000 if you aren’t.

Sometimes I love the free market!

If Lisa Murkowski became an independent, the biggest fallout for her could be losing committee assignments. On the other hand, if McConnell removed her from committees, she’d be that much more receptive to offers to become a conservative Democrat…. And Mitch knows that. Hmm.

So let’s see… now that Senate Republicans have destroyed the chance for a bipartisan January 6 commission, how long will it take before GOP starts screaming bloody murder about what will now be a Democratric-led commission in the House?

So when will Republicans officially change their slogan to “We can’t-handle the truth.”

Fox News about Jan 6: “Mob briefly stopped certification process in Congress as lawmakers had to evacuate the chambers & take cover.” “Briefly stopped?” Uh, I stayed up to watch Klobuchar & Blunt & Pence certify results. They finished close to 4am. Maybe Fox forgot?

Reason for optimism: Senate Rules & Homeland Security Committees working on a joint report on Jan 6- due out in about 2 weeks… wonder if they may work longer. It’s Klobuchar & Peters as chairs, then Blunt & Portman as ranking members. And Blunt & Portman are retiring….

Also on a brighter note, did GOP forget that as with Benghazi, the House IS capable of having their own commissions? Pretty d*mn sure Nancy Pelosi hasn’t forgotten.

If GOP really thought there was a single Antifa supporter partly responsible for the five deaths and over 100 police injuries on January 6, a bipartisan commission would have passed unanimously.

Wee hours

May 28, 2021


Oklahoma and Nebraska are upset because their college football rivalry, “on the 50th anniversary of the Game of the Century”, will kick off at 11 a.m local time on September 18 on Fox.

Meanwhile, Stanford’s first game, FS1’s opener on Sept 4, will kick off – at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, also at 11 a.m.

9 a.m. Pacific Time.

It’s TV’s world, we just live in it.

76ers indefinitely banned fan from Wells Fargo Center who dumped popcorn on Russell Westbrook. Knicks indefinitely banned fan from MSG who spit on Trae Young. Why stop there? What’s with this “indefinitely?” And shouldn’t NBA ban them from ALL games?

My son’s little league coach was a good and patient man., he’d have benched the whole infield for this.

As the GOP obsession with masks continues who’s gonna be the first to say seat belts are an attack on our freedoms?

Nice: not to wake up every morning in 2021 and think “Now WTF did he tweet?” Not so nice: To wake up every morning in 2021 and think “Did we have another mass shooting?

LA Times headline “Tragedy in San Jose.” Uh, a tragedy involves a hero with a fatal flaw. Nothing heroic about another angry man with a gun, and a Congress that refuses to take action to reduce these mass shootings.

“They’re afraid of Donald Trump.” Senator Dick Durbin, summing up the GOP Senate in one sentence.

Marco Rubio talking about one of his amendments, acknowledging it won’t pass, but “I still want to take this opportunity to talk about this and have a vote on it.” UH, WHERE WERE YOU SENATOR RUBIO WHEN MCCONNELL WOULDN’T HAVE VOTES ON ANYTHING?

Many like to talk about intent of the Founding Fathers:

Amy Klobuchar on with Chris Hayes tonight before Jan 6 commission vote: “Our job isn’t just about winning. Our job is about getting things done for people and getting things done for our country.”

I think Amy nailed it.

Average Americans still can’t get onto the grounds of the Capitol. Heck, even local Washington D.C. florists can’t deliver flowers to a member of Congress. (Seriously.) But GOP wants to pretend nothing happened January 6?

I don’t care what BS reasons GOP Senators gave in early hours of May 28 to delay bipartisan Science & Technology bill. The ONLY reason they were still talking was to delay vote on the January 6 commission bill.

So at 3am Senate decided to take six hours off for naps? Then GOP delaying tactics for the January 6 commission start again at 9a..

Can we all remind anyone we know with a Republican Senator we are paying them big bucks for this BS?

Late night reminder: If Democrats had managed to save Senate seats for Mary Landrieu (LA) & Claire McCaskill (MO) not only would we not be fretting as much about Sinema and Manchin, but we wouldn’t have John Kennedy and Josh Hawley.

As a travel agent I know flights are exceptionally full for this Memorial Day weekend. Is it wrong to hope that Ron Johnson has caused some of his GOP Senator colleagues not only to miss tonight’s flight but to be unable to find a flight home tomorrow?

Too high a cost.

May 26, 2021

Apparently Panda Pablo Sandoval is still being booed in Boston after the Red Sox let him go midway through a 5-year $95 million contract. Uh, shouldn’t they be booing the guy who gave him the contract?

Former SF Giants Randy Winn just talked about “going through your mental rolodex” on a pitcher. Great image. Google it, children.


Former MLB pitcher and veteran pitching coach Mickey Callaway was suspended by MLB through end of 2022 season & fired by Angels over sexual misconduct allegations by 5 women in the media industry over 5 years.

Callaway can be rehired after 2022. Since he’s a white guy, assume the question will be not “is he rehabilitated,” but “can he help us win?”

Adam Vinatieri, 48, has announced he is retiring from the Senate. So soon? Looking at Biden winning the Presidency, Brady winning the Super Bowl and Mickelson winning the PGA, have to figure Vinatieri might be a favorite for 2021 NFL scoring title.

Republicans taking a fair amount of heat and looking suspicious for opposing the January 6 commission. So what part of the truth can’t they handle?

I understand Majority Leader Schumer has his reasons for things: But Kristen Gillibrand and Joni Ernst and Chuck Grassley and 64(!) co-sponsors on the Military Sexual Assault bill? C’mon Chuck, bring the damn bill to the floor.

Have no idea how long this NY Grand Jury is going to take to do its work. But expect panicked media handwringing starting in about a week.

Biden has doubled to $1 billion FEMA fund that helps communities prepare for natural disasters. While wildfires do affect California, guessing most of this money will go to red states with tornados & hurricanes. Think GOP and conservative media will give Joe any credit at all?

And now sadly to the mass shooting du jour.

As at least eight people are victims of today’s mass shooting, your reminder that Texas wants to make it even easier to carry a gun than to vote.

Saying “the shooter is no longer a threat,” is not exactly comforting to the families of at least eight people. #SanJose

Fox News headline: “San Jose shooting leaves 8 dead, deceased suspect identified.” So yeah, that’s how I knew the “deceased suspect” was a white guy.

But seriously, white (alleged) mass shooter in San Jose, many of the eight victims were brown and/or foreign born.” For some reason reason conservative media like Fox News, who always make sure to put “immigrant” in their headlines when a shooter isn’t US born, are barely mentioning that.

Oh say can you not see democracy?

May 26, 2021

Not the Onion:

Bill passed by Texas legislature & expected to be signed by Gov. Abbott will REQUIRE all sports teams in Texas to play the national anthem before sporting events or risk losing millions of dollars in state & local tax subsidies. GOP #Priorities

Sexual assault case against Deshaun Watson case has entered into discovery, but his 22 women accusers will be deposed first & Houston Texans star QB can’t be be deposed before Feb. 22, 2022.

The Super Bowl is Feb 13, 2022. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Phil Mickelson yesterday on winning. “It’s very possible that this is the last tournament I ever win… But the point is that there’s no reason why I or anybody else can’t do it at a later age. It just takes a little bit more work.” Good rule to live by for more than golf.

Watching Maddow cover the horrible story about a plane being forced down by a fighter jet to arrest a journalist Belarus’s dictator didn’t like. With the Former Guy and DeSantis both residents, I think we can all thank God Florida doesn’t have an Air Force.

Rachel Maddow points out a recent poll showing 53% of Republicans believe the Former Guy is the “true president.” It happened in my college days but in all seriousness I thought Jonestown was the worst cult involving Americans I would see in my lifetime.

While many call for resignation of Dianne Feinstein, 87, I challenge anyone to listen to Chuck Grassley, also 87, for more than a minute and tell me why a lack of similar calls for his resignation illustrates anything but misogyny?

So will Gym Jordan’s forthcoming memoir include a blank chapter about his time as an Ohio State wrestling coach?

I believe in common ground where possible but wondering where all these Republicans demanding Biden compromise now on legislation were when Democrats were begging McConnell to bring even the most uncontroversial legislation to the Senate Floor for a vote?

If you missed “The West Wing,” and the incomparable Allison Janney as C.J. Cregg putting idiots in their place as White House Press Secretary, yeah, Jen Psaki with Peter Doocy is like that.

Very few things put as consistent a smile on my face as Jen Psaki consistently dunking on Peter Doocy. “I think you’re misunderstanding how this process actually works.”

How can Bob Dylan be 80? Still remember arguing with a college roommate whether his or Joan Baez’s version of “Simple Twist of Fate” was better. “People tell me it’s a sin, to know & feel too much within.” Or “People tell me it’s a crime, to feel too much at any one time.”

Just because Liz Cheney correctly pegged the Former Guy as a dangerous liar doesn’t mean she’s become so radical as to support something like all citizens having the right to vote.

Satan was trending on Twitter today. Did he endorse Marjorie Taylor Greene?

Amy Klobuchar & John Cornyn have bipartisan bill to create new “resource centers” for ex-prisoners, providing assistance w/ housing, medical care, job searches & legal services to help them get a fresh start. Looking like this bill might be a bit of good news for the Former Guy.

I remember a fair amount about Salem history. They didn’t convene grand juries for witch hunts.

Some Republicans and conservative media still pretend there were liberals and “Antifa” in January 6 insurrection crowd. So uh, wouldn’t that be all the more reason to have a BIPARTISAN commission to investigate it?

Royal Caribbean is doing some US “test cruise” in June with only volunteer passengers. But vaccines will NOT required. Volunteer passengers will be evaluated for symptoms before embarking & tested 3-5 days post cruise. If not vaccinated they need documentation from a health professional or must at least “self certify they aren’t at heightened risk for COVID-19.”

“Self-certify? What could go wrong?

CNN headline “House Republican leaders condemn Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Holocaust comparison after 5 days and a wave of outrage.” Uh, Kevin McCarthy issued a statement that briefly said “Marjorie is wrong” then attacked “Democrat” party and Nancy Pelosi. Do better, CNN!

How many of us until recently never heard until the Tulsa Race Massacre? And how many Fox News viewers will never hear about it?

Again for those in the back. I am not a big fan of Manchin or Sinema. But today on Kristen Clarke confirmation they voted yes. Murkowski voted no. It’s not about who we want to have beer or glass of wine with; for Biden’s agenda the worst Democrat is better than best Republican.

Numbers are just an age.

May 24, 2021

Only one game down in the playoffs. But Golden State Warriors out, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers and NY Knicks losing on their home courts.

This might be how the ratings-driven media felt when it looked like boring by comparison Biden was going to beat the Former Guy.

And okay, who figured of the “old guard” that it would be Phil Mickelson, 50, and not Tiger Woods, 45, who would win a tournament this year? Now all you liars put your hands down.

On the other hand, how excited was Tiger, 45, to realize as he recovers he’ll still have chances in 5 years.

Just heard on CBS, odds on Phil Mickelson winning the PGA Championship last Thursday? 280 to 1. Guessing even Lefty wouldn’t bet on himself.

When Phil Mickelson won his first tournament President Joe Biden was still in his 40s.

Wonder after his PGA victory if Phil Mickelson will be invited on any of Monday’s late-night talk shows? Of course Lefty may first have to schedule a nap to stay up that late.

GOP’s Roy Blunt says “scope of what White House staff wants to call infrastructure is way too big.” Uh, Senator, guessing you’ve never dealt w/ child care or elder care issues derailing your life, or had your broadband internet go down for more than about 20 minutes?

Charleston Church killer wants federal conviction to be tossed out. Attorneys say “his delusional belief he’d be rescued from prison by other white supremacists prevented him from failing previous competency hearings.’ Uh, is any expectation delusional w/ white supremacists these days?

(But yes, they are saying that if the guy – I won’t use his name -thought he’d be stuck in jail, he’d have deliberately pretended to be crazy.)

We know best ways actually to reduce number of abortions are sex education and readily available birth control. But somehow I’ve missed GOP efforts on both.

Rand Paul says he’s not getting vaccinated because he already had Covid-19. So he’s not getting Shingles shot because he’s had chicken pox?

Whenever you’re afraid you won’t be good enough to reach one of your goals…remember, Rand Paul got into Duke University School of Medicine.

Reports last week were 92% of GOP Senators were vaccinated against COVID-19. So who are the three other COVIDiots besides Rand Paul?

Age and treachery.

May 22, 2021

In 2021, Joe Biden became President, Tom Brady won another Super Bowl and now Phil Mickelson is leading after the third round of the PGA Tour. Does this mean Steph Curry was just too young to singlehandedly lead the Warriors to the playoffs?

For those who already think the NBA season has been too long… as of Saturday May 22, we are only 2 MONTHS away from NBA finals game 7.

So if we’re all getting secretly implanted with a microchip via the COVID vaccine at least it means if Boomers get dementia our family and friends will be able to find us.

Pete Davidson on NBC SNL season finale: “AIDS is a lot like SNL, it’s still here, but no one’s gotten excited about it since the 90s.”

As SNL has Anya Taylor host reminder that many fans of Queen’s Gambit still know nothing about actual chess. Which seems quaint considering the consequences of fans of the Former Guy still knowing nothing about actual democracy.

Seriously? Some right-wing media making big deal of Joe Biden accidentally calling Korean President Moon Jae-in “prime minister”& Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “president” Uh, at least he didn’t insult either of them on Twitter.

What upsets Ted Cruz – Being called #CancunCruz or #KremlinCruz. What doesn’t upset Ted Cruz – Having his wife called ugly or his dad called a murderer.

Whether or not we are pro-choice, can we stop pretending overturning Roe V. Wade will stop even all legal abortions in US?

Girls and women who can afford to travel to states like California will be fine. The rest of them will risk dying with DIY attempts or in back alleys.

Just imagining what GOP response would be if Democrats tried to close or limit polling places at gated or semi-gated communities like Florida’s The Villages?

And then there were 16.

May 22, 2021

ESPN reports that NBA commissioner Adam Silver said his personal preference is for the play-in tournament to continue in future seasons. Well, he said that before the Grizzlies beat the Warriors.

But wonder what Silver would have said if the Lakers were eliminated in the play-in game?

Well, as a Spurs fan I no longer feel quite as disappointed over being knocked out of the playoffs by the Grizzlies.

So forget the playoffs, can Steve Kerr and Gregg Popovich now get together in their unexpectedly early offseason and figure out how to change the world?

Insult to injury department: So one day after scoring the most runs in a game of the 2021 season – nineteen – against the Reds, not only do the SF Giants come home to San Francisco and score one run on two hits against the Dodgers, their record gets broken by the Braves scoring 20 runs against the Pirates

It’s only two rounds, but okay, at the beginning of 2021, who had Phil Mickelson atop the leaderboard Saturday morning at a major PGA tour event… and not Tiger Woods?

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki regularly dunking on Fox News’ Peter Doocy is as good as any West Wing script Aaron Sorkin ever wrote featuring C.J. Cregg.

Eight states w/ fewest COVID vaccines administered per capita: Miss, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas, Wyoming, Idaho, Georgia & Tenn.

Eight states w/ most doses per capita: Vermont, Mass., Conn, Hawaii, Maine, Rhode Island, New Mexico & NJ.

Gosh, wonder what these two groups have in common?

So the idea that we have enough investigations into January 6 MIGHT be a plausible argument. But how many investigations into Benghazi? ICYMI, TEN, Six by GOP controlled House committees.

A big part of our media problem right now: Biden is a quiet, competent, no drama politician who has a pretty sedate and loving personal life with his family. This, however, does not provide the media with hourly “breaking news.”

Due to salmonella worries, the CDC issued a statement yesterday “Don’t kiss or snuggle backyard poultry.” So how long until MAGAs react with “get close to your chicken” parties

Wyoming State Senator Anthony Bouchard, now running to primary Liz Cheney in Wyoming says he “impregnated” a 14 y/o when he was 18. “ She was a little younger than me, so it’s like the Romeo and Juliet story.”

It was statutory rape, she committed suicide when she was 20 after they married and divorced, but he’s trying to get out in front of this story because HE’S the victim here? Who are these people?

So first it’s the Former Guy and Kevin McCarthy, now it’s admitted statutory rapist Anthony Bouchard. What kind of deal with the devil could the Cheneys have made to have Liz Cheney look so good by comparison?

If the CDC said we shouldn’t eat boogers would Tucker Carlson and Fox News have a nose-picking harvest and cooking festival?

We’re now more than six months after November 3, 2020. I’m so old I remember SCOTUS blocking a simple Florida hand recount of presidential ballots, less than six WEEKS after the 2000 election.

Looking like cruising will resume from US ports this summer… But with Gov. Ron DeSantis’s new law prohibiting businesses from requiring customers to document they have been vaccinated, would be karma if Florida becomes a “no-sail” zone for cruise ships.

Hey GOP. If you insist that many of the January 6 insurrectionists were liberals and Antifa, wouldn’t you WANT a bipartisan commission to dispel reports to the contrary? Asking for a country.

Now Cancun Cruz is doubling down with his anti-military tweets. “Dem politicians & woke media are trying to turn them (the military) into pansies.’ How much would we all pay to see Ted Cruz and Tammy Duckworth in a cage match? And where do I go to bet on Tammy?

Unevenly matched.

May 21, 2021

Jacob DeGrom looked great in striking out eight and walking none over three shutout innings Thursday during a rehab start for the St. Lucie Mets, New York’s low Class A affiliate.

But of course, that is against low A ball hitters. I guess the Seattle Mariners weren’t available.

Actually, SF Giants are not being showy about it… But when you buy single game tickets for June, you have a choice, “Socially distanced,” or “Fully Vaccinated.” “Select the Fully Vaccinated Locations – 20% off offer.” Well played, #SFGiants, well played!

19-4 final score today for Giants-Reds -. Heard on Youtube broadcast – this is the most San Francisco has scored against Cincinnati since the Super Bowl.

Wonder when it got to be 14-1 if Tony LaRussa would have told the Giants to stop swinging.

Washington Wizards started out 3-8, then got hit with an COVID outbreak and didn’t play after Jan 11 until Jan 24, lost four more games, and now have ended up the NBA’s Eastern Conference 8th seed. Can we blame Biden?

(At least whoever wins this NBA season, they’ll actually probably want to go to the White House.)

CNN reports Trump’s DOJ secretly obtained one of their reporter’s phone and email records.Does anyone think they only stopped with ONE reporter?

Some conservative media giving Joe Biden hard time for having 68 mask-less & not socially-distanced guests at at COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act signing ceremony. Not mentioning that all 68 of them are vaccinated!

Not that I can stand to listen to Senator Ron Johnson (R-Moscow) under most circumstances, but today he’s ranting about the Mexico border. Because that’s such a pressing issue in… Wisconsin?

-Fox News Headline “Biden tries to claim credit for Israel-Hamas cease-fire, even though he didn’t broker peace deal.” Amazed Fox didn’t try to credit Jared.

I’m so old when I remember journalism had some basic standards of accuracy. This is from on Prince Harry’s series “The Me You Can’t See.” “He reveals he is triggered by London, where his mother Princess Diana died…”

(I didn’t watch the interview, but pretty darn sure Harry, didn’t say that, because along with most of the world he knows his mother died in Paris.)

Ron DeSantis at a GOP fundraiser tonight “”I can tell you this: in the state of Florida, with me as governor, I have only begun to fight.” Interesting that DeSantis quotes John Paul Jones. Does he know in later years, Jones became a rear admiral for Russia? (No joke.)

There should be one question for ANY person charged and asking for bail in regards to the January 6 insurrection: Do you think the election was stolen?

So when the NY AG comes out with actual charges, maybe they can arrest members of the Former Guy’s administration using zip ties – you know, for a “festive” atmosphere.

In high school, I had a conservative ex-Marine American History teacher tell us that Watergate was actually just Nixon trying to take care of our national security. Trying to imagine what he’d have said about January 6.

Thinking ahead to when U.S. Capitol at some point reopens to the public on at least limited basis… Why am I sure GOP members of Congress downplaying Jan 6 will freak out if unarmed women quietly march in with pink pussyhats?

So if Democrats were as good as Republicans claim at cheating in the 2020 elections don’t they think we’d have grabbed a few more Senate seats while we were at it?

Air and not air balls.

May 20, 2021

With less than a minute left in 4th quarter. Lebron James did a great Steph Curry imitation.

Meanwhile DeRozan and Murray eight for 36. San Antonio’s starting PG Derrick White out. And the Spurs almost pull it off against the Grizzlies. Not sure if this was his last game. But Gregg Popovich is a heck of a coach. #GoSpursGo

Six no-hitters now in MLB this season, not counting Madison Bumgarner’s seven-inning complete game no-hitter. Can anyone imagine how many no-hitters Nolan Ryan would have in this home run or bust era?

So if Ivanka really is her father’s mini-me, will she turn on him before The Former Guy turns on her?

New vaccine idea – instead of gifts for vaccines, offer unvaccinated Americans the opportunity to have their names and pictures in local newspapers. If people want to proudly display their ignorance of science, at least the rest of us will know to avoid them.

An extra benefit for many of us travelers if Europe reopens this summer only to Americans with proof of vaccination: it will be a largely MAGA free zone.

Texas – Local governments can’t make health decisions for other people by regulating masks.

Also Texas, private citizens can make health decisions for other people by suing abortion providers. Damn I miss Molly Ivins.

Greg Pence voted against a January 6 commission despite insurrectionists chanting to hang his brother Mike. And you thought your potential summer family get-togethers might be awkward.

GOP Michigan legislators have bill requiring Whitmer to notify lawmakers if she plans to travel out of state. “What happens if Gov. leaves, decides not to tell anybody & we have real emergency arise?” Gosh, for some reason TX legislators don’t have similar bill for Cancun Cruz.

Many GOP lawmakers in DC met with police officials last week during National Police Week. Wonder if they told those officials they planned to try to kill the January 6 commission?

GOP more concerned with hypothetical terrorists allegedly trying to get into US from Mexico than they are with actual terrorists who got into the US Capitol from the Trump rally.

So Democrats did all this work to agree to GOP demands about making the January 6 commission bipartisan… And now Republicans are backing out. Lucy did a better job pretending to hold the football.

All or nothing.

May 18, 2021

SF Giants struck out 17 times today in Cincinnati. But won 4-2 with 2 home runs. As a Giants fan I am quite happy. As a fan of good baseball, a little more lukewarm.

For 2021 season, Seattle is hitting .199 as a TEAM? Can we change their names from the Mariners to the Mendozas?

Good for Detroit Tigers pitcher. Spencer Turnbull. FIFTH no-hitter of 2021 MLB . But think this analytics based home run or strikeout attitude doesn’t make a difference? (And the total of five doesn’t include Madison Bumgarner’s complete game seven inning no-hitter.)

Andrew Giuliani says his experience in White House Office of Public Liaison makes him qualified to be Governor of New York. His actual job was “liaison to the sports community” helping coordinating visits from sports teams to White House. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

How can Andrew Giuliani say his experience as White House sports liaison organizing team visits qualifies him to be NY Governor? Heck, none of those tepid fast food meals even included bagels or pizza.

When Capitol public tours resume I wanna see what happens if actual tourists show up with zip ties and baseball bats, and tell guards that GOP said those items are normal.

For many the most feared words in the English language are “Ronan Farrow wants to talk to you.” For others they’re “Katie Porter is here with her white board.”

Josh Hawley is complaining about a Facebook “dark money group” Fox News says spent between $500 and $599 on ad against his antitrust efforts. Gosh, speaking of “dark money” missed Hawley’s complaint on FEC report Senate Conservatives Fund spent $64,750 to bulk buy his books.

Reminder, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is now on zero committees and mocks the work of Congress, is being paid $174,000 plus an expense account out of OUR taxpayer dollars to do the job she is not doing. Where do we apply for a refund?

The Former Guy bragged about cheating on his taxes. “That makes me smart.” Why do we think any of his supporters will obey the honor system regarding vaccines and masks?

Wonder how many supporters of the Former Guy even know he and Melania are vaccinated?

NYAG investigation into Trump organization: “No longer purely civil in nature.” But really, could you say ANYTHING connected to the Former Guy was “civil?”

Got news for the Former Guy – if warrants are issued for his arrest, Chris Christie no longer has any authority in NJ to close bridges on the way to Bedminster.

A wise journalist once told me that when a public figure faced derision for acting like they were hiding something, it was generally because the truth was worse than the derision. So what is Kevin McCarthy worried about with a January 6 commission?

Not quite triple crowned.

May 18, 2021

Just saw an NBC commercial during Giants game on Monday May 17 today for the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. So it’s not just us working at home who forget what day it is.

While the investigation into Medina Spirit and the Kentucky Derby is ongoing, Bob Baffert won’t be allowed to run any horses in the Belmont. TBF, with different Derby & Preakness winners, does anyone care about the Belmont?

Anyone remember Little League when teams would try double steal w/ runners on 1st & 3rd? Point was just to stay in rundown long enough from 1st to let runner on 3rd score? SF Giants remembered it. Apparently Reds didn’t.

(Former Little League mom here, haven’t seen that in 20 yrs.)

So the same people who completely ignored what the CDC said about masks are now saying the CDC says it’s okay to take off masks. Got it.

Fox News headline “Josh Hawley’s ‘canceled’ book now a bestseller:” Not a Fox News headline “the Federal Election Commission data shows the Senate Conservatives Fund spent $64,750 in February for ‘donor books’ supporting Hawley.” Sure it’s just a coincidence.

This line from Liz Cheney’s interview with Jon Karl – on January 6 during the insurrection, she remembered looking across aisle & seeing Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), who held up his phone and told her, “Liz, there’s a Confederate flag flying in the rotunda.” Yeah, tourists.

Apparently President Biden stayed in DC working all weekend. But many Americans missed it because he wasn’t tweet bragging about doing his job.

President Biden has vowed to send 20 million doses of US-approved Covid vaccines overseas. Will be interesting to see GOP & right-wing media try to spin this as not putting America first at same time they do nothing to encourage vaccine-hesitant Americans to get their shots.

None of us have any idea what Joel Greenberg has told prosecutors about Matt Gaetz. But feds don’t drop all but six of almost three dozen charges including sex trafficking of a minor against someone just because they feel like being nice guys.

So would some anti-abortion “conservative” like to answer this question: What happens if you refuse to be vaccinated and/or to wear a mask, and you transmit COVID to a pregnant woman?

So as Trevor Noah on The Daily Show talks about being vaccinated and not wearing masks, your reminder, most of the same people who demand the honor system for vaccines are absolutely against any honor system involving voting.

GOP thinks that everyone should carry an ID card to be able to vote. But telling everyone to carry a card as proof of vaccination is a privacy violation. Once again, pro life my a**.

Gosh, as big a story as guilty plea from Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg is, for some reason Fox News website isn’t mentioning it at all. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

So with the plea deal for Matt Gaetz’s friend, is Kevin McCarthy working with House Rules Committee to see about GOP members being able to vote by proxy from prison?

US taxpayers paid apparently almost $13,000 just in room nights at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi for Secret Service to accompany former “Senior White House Advisor” Jared Kushner on a May trip to the UAE. 50 nights at $259 each, room only.

Which doesn’t sound so bad unless you’re a travel agent. The regular non-discounted rate for king bedded rooms now at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi – AED 500 plus tax, totaling AED 577 a night. Or in USD, about $157.

(and a good travel agent can get that rate to include breakfast!)

Don’t think broadband is infrastructure? Try spending a day without internet. Don’t think child care and eldercare are infrastructure? Try juggling taking care of a kid or an aging parent while you’re working at home. (And don’t plan to get old yourself.)

Money for nothing.

May 16, 2021

Dodgers SS Corey Seager suffered fractured hand when hit by a pitch tonight. He joins Bellinger, Pollock, Knebel, May, Price & Graterol on Los Angeles’ IL.

LA now is paying more to injured players than the total payroll of 12-13 teams in MLB.

So is explaining the NBA’s play-in round the basketball equivalent of explaining the infield fly in baseball?

Fox News headline after Medina Spirit finished 3rd in the Preakness “Karma wins.” So Fox is good with the Former Guy trying to cheat to win the Presidency. But potentially cheating to win a horse race? That’s serious.

Okay, until today who had ever heard of Rombauer as anything other than an overpriced Chardonnay? #PreaknessStakes

As MSNBC data guru Steve Kornacki covered the Preakness States for NBC two things to remember:

1. The legitimacy of this year’s Kentucky Derby is in doubt.

2. The legitimacy of last November’s election is NOT in doubt.

It takes SNL’s Kate McKinnon to point out the insanity about Liz Cheney being abandoned by conservatives: “What more can I do, I opposed gay marriage even though my sister is a lesbian.” And… “Do you know who my father is?”

December 1924 – New York Times reported that Adolf Hitler’s five months in jail had left him “tamed” and “no longer to be feared.”

November 2020 – “What’s the downside for humoring him?”

If the insurrectionists still believe the Big Lie of a stolen election, would any of them like to explain why they won’t storm the Capitol again? Asking for a country. And a lot of nervous members of Congress.

Pandemic motto that will be chanted to future generations: When the going got tough, the tough got on their couches…and sat there.

House Republicans upset Speaker Nancy Pelosi said masks will still be required for members of Congress and staff on the House floor. The same House Republicans who are 44% vaccinated. Pretty simple: Want to get rid of the d*mn mask rule? get the d*mn vaccine.

People need to be vaccinated to go without masks. Also, people need to admit Joe Biden won the Presidential Election to be interviewed on major networks.

“We need to ensure we’re increasing our party’s ability to reach out to women. I work on that in Congress. I care passionately about that. Donald Trump’s comments have not helped that effort. They’ve hurt that effort.”

Elise Stefanik, August 2015

Lindsey Graham would be proud.

Delta just announced the airline will mandate all new employees be vaccinated. Waiting to see if Gov. Ron DeSantis tries to ban Delta Airlines from Florida.

So at this point could we get people in the South to get vaccinated if we give them a coupon for ten gallons of gas?

72 is not enough?

May 15, 2021

72 game compressed NBA schedule. Made so much worse by fact that several teams had COVID issues and had to compress their schedule even further in the second half.

But yeah, players do all that…. to get to a point where 10 of 30 teams are eliminated?

Can someone explain to me why if MLB HAS to have that stupid runner on 2nd base in extra innings rule to avoid games that last forever why it has to start in the 10th instead of the 12th inning?

A sign that the baseball season might really be getting into full swing? – Giancarlo Stanton might be heading to the injured list.

NY Post headline “Biden scraps Trump Garden of Heroes honoring Kobe, Trebek, Bader Ginsburg.” Funny, the headline didn’t mention Scalia, Samuel Colt, Sam Walton & Elia Kazan, a director who ICYMI, named names for House Un-American Activities Committee.

GOP in Georgia: Rep. Andrew. Clyde “If you didn’t know TV footage was video from Jan 6th, you’d actually think it was normal tourist visit.” Also GOP in Georgia: Black woman state rep who knocked on door while Gov. Brian Kemp signed voter suppression bill deserved to be arrested.

WTF? People born between 1980 and 1985 are now being referred to as “Geriatric millennials?!” What next, they’ll demand senior discounts?

Folks, I don’t think Alan Dershowitz is ever getting invited again to Martha’s Vineyard.

One of the Former Guy’s executive orders overturned by Joe Biden today was the one requiring immigrants to have health insurance. Wonder if Former Flotus had insurance when she came over in hopes of a genius visa?

Frank Bruni in NYTimes- not fan of Liz or Kevin.. “Americans deserve truth & Cheney not McCarthy is telling it. She can’t be discounted as villain having rare good-ethics day, just as she shouldn’t be anointed St. Liz. She refuses our tidy categories. How frustrating. How human.”

Jeff Sessions was the very first Senator to support the Former Guy. He ended up under the bus. How long until Elise Stefanik joins him?

Some in GOP & conservative media are paying as much attention to that “fully vaccinated” part about not needing a mask as they do to the “well-regulated” part of the 2nd Amendment.

Why do I think it’s a pretty small overlap in the Venn Diagram between people demanding verifiable voting ID and people demanding verifiable vaccine passports?

For anyone who thinks Americans shouldn’t be required to show proof of vaccination – should we put blood alcohol levels while driving also on the “honor system”?

CNN survey found 100% of Democratic members of Congress vaccinated. 92% of GOP senators and 44.8% of GOP House members say they are vaccinated. Proud to be a member of the party that believes in science.

The Former Guy loses by over 7 million votes and GOP ousts one of their most conservative members from leadership for not supporting him. Hillary Clinton wins by 3 million votes, and many Democrats tell her to go home and knit.

Then there were 21?

May 14, 2021

So what do NBA teams drink when they clinch a play-in spot. Champagne, beer, hard seltzer?

And how long until we get “play-in game” officially licensed NBA merchandise?

SF Giants have gone 7-3 in last 10 games, won three straight, and FELL from 5 to 7 in ESPN’s MLB power rankings. But no, there’s no East Coast bias…

I guess some folks don’t see any contradiction in “I’m not wearing a mask or getting a vaccine because I don’t believe in science,” and “See, the CDC says I don’t have to wear a mask anymore.” And most of those “some folks” are Republicans.

Don’t forget – same folks complaining Biden administration changed mask rules too quickly would have screamed bloody murder if Joe had gotten new guidance from CDC then decided to take a few days to discuss it before acting.

CDC “The science is clear: IF you are fully vaccinated, you are protected & you can start doing the things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic.” The important word being “IF.” Ignoring parts of science you don’t believe in is like being a little bit pregnant.

So with the mask mandate removed from fully vaccinated people, is there going to be a run on lipstick? (and dental work?)

Wonder what would happen if Speaker Pelosi demanded an audit of Wednesday’s House vote to oust Liz Cheney?

Anyone else think referring to “Marge” Taylor Greene is disrespectful? To Marge Simpson.

For those who missed it, Gov. Ron DeSantis is suing to allow cruising to start from Florida, but then goes against cruise lines by saying it’s illegal for them require vaccinations. Yeah, I miss the days when Florida Man was just a danger to himself.

Listened tonight to Maddow discuss how Florida Gov Ron DeSantis might protect the Former Guy from being extradited from the state if he is criminally charged:

The clock is clearly ticking while Velveeta Voldemort summers in New Jersey.

Adam Kinzinger,, who along w/ Liz Cheney, has criticized Former Guy regularly in media, was ranked as 35th most bipartisan member of U.S. House of Representatives during 115th Congress, Cheney was 380th. But only Cheney has been punished by House GOP. I wonder why? #misogyny

Numbers games?

May 13, 2021

Not sure which is more 2021 – all these 7 inning MLB doubleheaders. Or sportscasters talking about magic numbers for NBA play in games.

New York Yankees and Mets will soon be expanding capacity at their ballparks, and will open some “fully vaccinated” sections. But those sections are the worse seats in the House. Since vaccines in NY are now available to anyone, seriously, shouldn’t this be the other way around? Put the COVIDiots and anti-vaxxers in the nosebleed seats.

MLB apparently told Oakland A’s that after “4 years of work, league concerned w/ rate of progress on our new ballpark efforts” & to explore moving options. 4 years? Uh, how many years did Bud Selig have that “Blue Ribbon Committee” for a A’s ballpark?

Country music singer and composer Caleb Kennedy, 16, is out of American Idol after video surfaced w/ him & someone wearing KKK hood. Said he was 12 then, but “no excuse. “I’m so sorry! I pray that I can regain trust in who I am & have your respect.”

Sadly some country fans probably preferred he didn’t apologize.

Seeing #RIPGOP trending on Twitter today. Can we add this to the list of cult suicides?

Starting to wonder, how many in GOP are acting like slavish acolytes to #VelveetaVoldemort because they are afraid of him, and how many because they were complicit. (And lordy, maybe he has tapes.)

Why do I have a feeling a month from now gas companies in the US will still have prices sky high and be blaming hackers?

Ohio Gov. Mike Devine is holding lotteries for vaccinated state residents. $1 million for adults, a 4-year scholarship for residents 17 and under. What wiil Florida Gov Ron DeSantis raffle off for the maskless? Solid gold caskets?

The Former Guy did everything he could to gut cyber-security, especially where Russia was concerned. But the cyber-attack on Colonial Pipeline is all Biden’s fault? Today’s GOP in a nutshell.

For all that GOP has become obsessed with the idea of voter fraud, amazing how they don’t question ANY of the elections last November that they won.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has been asserting his state’s independence from Biden & federal overreach on COVID. Now he’s demanding POTUS do something about gas crisis – “You can’t just say it’s a private pipeline.” Irony, if you can gas up your car, your regular table is ready.

Ahead of today’s bipartisan infrastructure meeting, Chuck Schumer said “Washington cannot be small-minded” He’s talking about the same GOP who just ousted one of their most conservative members because she refused to accept one lie? WTF?

Caitlyn Jenner told CNN she didn’t vote in the 2020 election. But public records from LA County Registar-Record said she did. So let’s see, lying, dementia, or GOP voter fraud?

I’m so old I remember “What is the downside of humoring him for this little bit of time?”.

Strange bedfellows

May 12, 2021

Yeah, sometimes the truth hurts. But yeah, Liz Cheney is saying the right things about the 2020 Election. And Karma probably was okay the Dodgers win tonight in the 8th tonight against the Mariners, because Mookie Betts WAS called out on strikes with the bases loaded on ball four in the 7th

“Yankees on April 30 were able to relax MLB protocols after reaching an 85% vaccination rate among players & staff such as managers, coaches and athletic trainers.”

Today “Boone: Yanks 3B, 1B coaches positive for COVID”


Medina Spirit will be allowed to race in Preakness. Whatever happens, at least the horse is one athlete who can claim he didn’t have any idea he might be using a banned substance.

Yeah, with our recall election, California is & will continue to be justifiable butt of jokes with our candidates. But Daily Show reminds us tonight that w/ mayoral race, New York City is making a strong effort to hang onto the top spot.

Rachel Maddow points out Liz Cheney has voted w/ Former Guy 92.9% percent of time, Elise Stefanick only voted w/ him 77.8% of time. “This isn’t about policy, it’s about supplication – it’s about performative sycophancy.”

#Performativesycophancy perfectly describes today’s GOP.

So GOP Senators on Rules committee are against Jon Ossoff’s amendment making it legal to hand out water to voters waiting in line. Ladies and gentlemen, your so-called “pro-life” party.

Senators Merkley & Ossoff challenge Ted Cruz, who claims DMW automatic voter registration will result “millions of illegals” being registered to vote, to show an example of this happening in any state where DMW already automatically registers voters. We’re waiting.

Headline should be on Mitch McConnell’s opposition to For the People Act “Man who illegally changed rules to steal 2 SCOTUS seats doesn’t like that Democrats want to adopt rules to keep some red states from stealing future elections.”

The I-40 Bridge across the Mississippi River from Memphis TN to Arkansas was closed today when a Tennessee inspector found a “significant crack” on the I-40 Bridge.

Again, as GOP wants to reduce infrastructure bill, can some Republican senator please let us know if this I-40 bridge is one of the ones they are okay with falling down?

The Colonial Pipeline hack by Darkside has not only resulted in people lining up to buy gas, but also prices approaching $3 a gallon.Now, this is a serious situation… but $3 a gallon gas? Motorists in California are just giggling.

So now Ted Cruz is trying to fight current voter rights by talking alleged voter fraud back in 1960 in Nixon-JFK election…. Ted Cruz was born in 1970.

“If you can write the rules, you can win the game”: Mitch McConnell. So he’s telling us that was his playbook to steal two SCOTUS seats?

So Ron DeSantis has declared a state of emergency in Florida over the Colonial Pipeline and resulting gas shortages. Well, I trust the Governor will remain consistent and whatever happens tell the Feds not to meddle in his state.

“Millions of Americans have been misled -election is over. That is rule of law…our Constitutional process. Our duty is clear. This is not about policy; this is not about partisanship. Remaining silent & ignoring the lie emboldens the liar.” I HATE it when I agree w/ Liz Cheney

Ted Cruz is now ranting about allegedly wasting taxpayer money on elections, saying instead the money should go to rural hospitals. Uh, how much money could we have sent to rural hospitals if GOP hadn’t given huge tax cuts to millionaires and billionaires?

Ted Cruz adds amendment to keep candidates from enriching themselves w/ federal election funds. Amy Klobuchar “This is your lucky day, Senator Cruz, I also support this amendment.” Add to reasons I am in awe of Klobuchar, she can keep a sense of humor after 8 hours w/ Ted Cruz.

But ultimately:

Senator Amy Klobuchar is right. Senator Ted Cruz is wrong. Divulging the names of big donors doesn’t stifle free speech. It just lets Americans know who is really speaking.

Wildest card?

May 11, 2021

So do NBA teams pop champagne when they clinch a spot in the play-in tournament?

Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit will be at the Preakness while trainer Bob Baffert says he is staying home “to avoid being a distraction.” It’s all enough to make you long for the purity of pro wrestling.

Early days… but the LA Dodgers let Alex Wood get away to San Francisco Giants in 2021 on a one-year, $3 million deal?

How long until the season before Giants fans have to thank them?

I love New Orleans – “Organizers of a New Orleans vaccination event on Thursday will offer a free shot in the arm – and a free pound of boiled crawfish.”

Wonder if you get Pfizer or Moderna if you get a 2nd pound with your second shot?

During WWII in the US, gasoline, sugar, coffee, meats, fats, canned fish and cheese were all rationed. Now our government is just asking us to wear a mask and get one or two vaccine shots And many conservatives call liberals “snowflakes.”

United Airlines pilot reiterating mask rule. “Wear it except eating or drinking. And no that does not mean putting a water bottle on your tray for 4 hours and claiming you are drinking.

Caitlyn Jenner said she is prepared to be California governor, because “entertainment is a business, and you have to run that business. But I’ve also done other things. We sold a billion dollars’ worth of exercise equipment on television…” #NotTheOnion

Yes I know Liz Cheney probably wants to run for President. No, I’m NEVER going to vote for her. But to me being American means that we celebrate increasingly rare common ground when we find it. And about the Former Guy and the Big Lie, Liz is right.

Kevin McCarthy said in a letter calling for the ouster of Liz Cheney from GOP leadership that “unlike the left, we embrace free thought and debate.” Wow. So is McCarthy auditioning to host SNL?

Let’s not forget. The Former Guy tried to gut the USPS and GOP tried in many states to limit voting in urban areas. But they weren’t able to cheat enough to win. So now Republicans are just trying, not to be better, but to cheat better.

Maybe it’s not that GOP are big fans of the Former Guy. Maybe it’s just that they like the idea of being able to cheat to win.

All you need to know if you haven’t read much about #ForThePeopleAct – the Republican leading the fight against it is Ted Cruz.

Tale of two parties.

Tuesday: Democrats led by Amy Klobuchar will hold markup on For the People Act, to defend our right to vote in future elections.

Wednesday, GOP led by Kevin McCarthy will strip far-right Rep. Liz Cheney of leadership position, because she defended the last election.

And down the test they come?

May 10, 2021

Ugh, Kentucky Derby winner Medina Spirit fails drug test. Will he blame it on tainted hay from a stablemate?

Forget the Kentucky Derby winner. Thinking our Former President is a “Junky.” (Can you OD on Diet Coke?)

LA Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer after losing to LA Angels 2-1 Sunday- “I freakin’ hate losing. I wanna win. That’s why I came here.” Well yeah, that and $102 million more guaranteed reasons for 3 years.

If Tucker Carlson actually hadn’t been vaccinated he’d be loudly proclaiming it to his cult followers. But the truth hurts. Starting with ratings.

One man is dead & “several others” injured after a shooting Saturday night at Hyatt Regency Phoenix after police say a group “got into an altercation.” Police add it was an “isolated incident.” Uh, nothing “isolated” about it when US gets several mass shooting incidents a week.

Kevin McCarthy is now backing Elise Stefanik to replace Liz Cheney in house leadership “We need to be united.” Because McCarthy knows that once this “crisis” is over, the Former Guy can be counted on to stand with those who have supported him?

Elise Stefanik does realize that as soon as she makes a misstep the Former Guy will claim he hardly knows her and she wouldn’t have been his type?

Whatever they say, remember the only real reason GOP suddenly made it a priority to ram through all these new voting laws: THEY LOST.

Liars dice?

May 9, 2021

And didn’t we all have the #SFGiants as the first National League team to 20 wins in 2021?

Meanwhile, Dodgers fans have to be happy about beating the Angels 14-11.

Well, maybe less happy about that score after LA Dodgers led 13-0.

(and no, Coors Field wasn’t involved.)

If you’re not a baseball fan you can skip this link. But trying to pass a clubhouse spat off as a “rat or possum” discussion might be the best ‘That’s so Mets” story of the year.

Nice thing about 2021: Coming back to social media after an hour or two off without wondering “now WTF did POTUS tweet?” Not nice thing about 2021: Returning to social media after an hour or two off and going “WTF, another mass shooting?

ICYMI, we taxpayers are actually paying Marjorie Taylor Greene $174,000 a year for bragging about what a “dirty rotten job” being a Congresswoman is and how little she does in Washington, DC.

So for many of us there was a question tonight. So what are we all doing Saturday night instead of watching SNL with Elon Musk?

(And look, I don’t care that Musk is an eccentric billionaire. I care that for over a year he’s been spouting lies about COVID-19)

So if Jen Psaki is only going to stay as Press Secretary for a year, anyone talked to Allison Janney about a C.J. Cregg comeback?

Despite some in Palm Beach trying to block the Former Guy from living at Mar-A-Lago (he signed a 1993 promise not to allow residents, town attorney ruled he can live there as a ‘bona fide employee’ As if Donald has done any bona fide work ever.

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that a party that elected a man who boasted about grabbing women by the p*ssy, now has no problem with a congressman allegedly sleeping with underage girls.

If we could only guarantee none of it would hurt anyone or anything, regular space junk falling to earth does seem to be a great way to distract the media from making up controversies regarding President Biden.

So has Fox News blamed the all the recent angst over Chinese Rocket falling to earth on President Biden’s somehow mishandling Space Force?

Don Jr. tried to insult Joe Biden by comparing Joe to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter is the most beloved ex-President ever. Meanwhile, future historians criticizing future Presidents will always add “But at least he wasn’t Trump.”

A small point that says so much about Fox News: Major Biden biting someone was headline news for days. But not a word about the death of beloved Former First Dog Bo Obama.

Amy Klobuchar says in her “Antitrust” book there is basically no antitrust humor

But as as a travel agent have to say those emails from airlines after a merger claiming the merger will benefit consumers are pretty unintentionally hilarious.

Maybe we are doing this wrong. Maybe we need to spread a rumor to vaccine hesitant MAGAs that liberals are trying to scare them away from vaccines to order to kill off Trump supporters.