All or nothing.

SF Giants struck out 17 times today in Cincinnati. But won 4-2 with 2 home runs. As a Giants fan I am quite happy. As a fan of good baseball, a little more lukewarm.

For 2021 season, Seattle is hitting .199 as a TEAM? Can we change their names from the Mariners to the Mendozas?

Good for Detroit Tigers pitcher. Spencer Turnbull. FIFTH no-hitter of 2021 MLB . But think this analytics based home run or strikeout attitude doesn’t make a difference? (And the total of five doesn’t include Madison Bumgarner’s complete game seven inning no-hitter.)

Andrew Giuliani says his experience in White House Office of Public Liaison makes him qualified to be Governor of New York. His actual job was “liaison to the sports community” helping coordinating visits from sports teams to White House. You cannot make this “stuff” up.

How can Andrew Giuliani say his experience as White House sports liaison organizing team visits qualifies him to be NY Governor? Heck, none of those tepid fast food meals even included bagels or pizza.

When Capitol public tours resume I wanna see what happens if actual tourists show up with zip ties and baseball bats, and tell guards that GOP said those items are normal.

For many the most feared words in the English language are “Ronan Farrow wants to talk to you.” For others they’re “Katie Porter is here with her white board.”

Josh Hawley is complaining about a Facebook “dark money group” Fox News says spent between $500 and $599 on ad against his antitrust efforts. Gosh, speaking of “dark money” missed Hawley’s complaint on FEC report Senate Conservatives Fund spent $64,750 to bulk buy his books.

Reminder, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is now on zero committees and mocks the work of Congress, is being paid $174,000 plus an expense account out of OUR taxpayer dollars to do the job she is not doing. Where do we apply for a refund?

The Former Guy bragged about cheating on his taxes. “That makes me smart.” Why do we think any of his supporters will obey the honor system regarding vaccines and masks?

Wonder how many supporters of the Former Guy even know he and Melania are vaccinated?

NYAG investigation into Trump organization: “No longer purely civil in nature.” But really, could you say ANYTHING connected to the Former Guy was “civil?”

Got news for the Former Guy – if warrants are issued for his arrest, Chris Christie no longer has any authority in NJ to close bridges on the way to Bedminster.

A wise journalist once told me that when a public figure faced derision for acting like they were hiding something, it was generally because the truth was worse than the derision. So what is Kevin McCarthy worried about with a January 6 commission?

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One Comment on “All or nothing.”

  1. Frank Workman Says:

    If it’s not too late to play the When-Will-FormerGuy-Be-Indicted pool, put me down for Juneteenth.

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