Air and not air balls.

With less than a minute left in 4th quarter. Lebron James did a great Steph Curry imitation.

Meanwhile DeRozan and Murray eight for 36. San Antonio’s starting PG Derrick White out. And the Spurs almost pull it off against the Grizzlies. Not sure if this was his last game. But Gregg Popovich is a heck of a coach. #GoSpursGo

Six no-hitters now in MLB this season, not counting Madison Bumgarner’s seven-inning complete game no-hitter. Can anyone imagine how many no-hitters Nolan Ryan would have in this home run or bust era?

So if Ivanka really is her father’s mini-me, will she turn on him before The Former Guy turns on her?

New vaccine idea – instead of gifts for vaccines, offer unvaccinated Americans the opportunity to have their names and pictures in local newspapers. If people want to proudly display their ignorance of science, at least the rest of us will know to avoid them.

An extra benefit for many of us travelers if Europe reopens this summer only to Americans with proof of vaccination: it will be a largely MAGA free zone.

Texas – Local governments can’t make health decisions for other people by regulating masks.

Also Texas, private citizens can make health decisions for other people by suing abortion providers. Damn I miss Molly Ivins.

Greg Pence voted against a January 6 commission despite insurrectionists chanting to hang his brother Mike. And you thought your potential summer family get-togethers might be awkward.

GOP Michigan legislators have bill requiring Whitmer to notify lawmakers if she plans to travel out of state. “What happens if Gov. leaves, decides not to tell anybody & we have real emergency arise?” Gosh, for some reason TX legislators don’t have similar bill for Cancun Cruz.

Many GOP lawmakers in DC met with police officials last week during National Police Week. Wonder if they told those officials they planned to try to kill the January 6 commission?

GOP more concerned with hypothetical terrorists allegedly trying to get into US from Mexico than they are with actual terrorists who got into the US Capitol from the Trump rally.

So Democrats did all this work to agree to GOP demands about making the January 6 commission bipartisan… And now Republicans are backing out. Lucy did a better job pretending to hold the football.

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