Unevenly matched.

Jacob DeGrom looked great in striking out eight and walking none over three shutout innings Thursday during a rehab start for the St. Lucie Mets, New York’s low Class A affiliate.

But of course, that is against low A ball hitters. I guess the Seattle Mariners weren’t available.

Actually, SF Giants are not being showy about it… But when you buy single game tickets for June, you have a choice, “Socially distanced,” or “Fully Vaccinated.” “Select the Fully Vaccinated Locations – 20% off offer.” Well played, #SFGiants, well played!

19-4 final score today for Giants-Reds -. Heard on Youtube broadcast – this is the most San Francisco has scored against Cincinnati since the Super Bowl.

Wonder when it got to be 14-1 if Tony LaRussa would have told the Giants to stop swinging.

Washington Wizards started out 3-8, then got hit with an COVID outbreak and didn’t play after Jan 11 until Jan 24, lost four more games, and now have ended up the NBA’s Eastern Conference 8th seed. Can we blame Biden?

(At least whoever wins this NBA season, they’ll actually probably want to go to the White House.)

CNN reports Trump’s DOJ secretly obtained one of their reporter’s phone and email records.Does anyone think they only stopped with ONE reporter?

Some conservative media giving Joe Biden hard time for having 68 mask-less & not socially-distanced guests at at COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act signing ceremony. Not mentioning that all 68 of them are vaccinated!

Not that I can stand to listen to Senator Ron Johnson (R-Moscow) under most circumstances, but today he’s ranting about the Mexico border. Because that’s such a pressing issue in… Wisconsin?

-Fox News Headline “Biden tries to claim credit for Israel-Hamas cease-fire, even though he didn’t broker peace deal.” Amazed Fox didn’t try to credit Jared.

I’m so old when I remember journalism had some basic standards of accuracy. This is from http://USAToday.com on Prince Harry’s series “The Me You Can’t See.” “He reveals he is triggered by London, where his mother Princess Diana died…”

(I didn’t watch the interview, but pretty darn sure Harry, didn’t say that, because along with most of the world he knows his mother died in Paris.)

Ron DeSantis at a GOP fundraiser tonight “”I can tell you this: in the state of Florida, with me as governor, I have only begun to fight.” Interesting that DeSantis quotes John Paul Jones. Does he know in later years, Jones became a rear admiral for Russia? (No joke.)

There should be one question for ANY person charged and asking for bail in regards to the January 6 insurrection: Do you think the election was stolen?

So when the NY AG comes out with actual charges, maybe they can arrest members of the Former Guy’s administration using zip ties – you know, for a “festive” atmosphere.

In high school, I had a conservative ex-Marine American History teacher tell us that Watergate was actually just Nixon trying to take care of our national security. Trying to imagine what he’d have said about January 6.

Thinking ahead to when U.S. Capitol at some point reopens to the public on at least limited basis… Why am I sure GOP members of Congress downplaying Jan 6 will freak out if unarmed women quietly march in with pink pussyhats?

So if Democrats were as good as Republicans claim at cheating in the 2020 elections don’t they think we’d have grabbed a few more Senate seats while we were at it?

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One Comment on “Unevenly matched.”

  1. Gwenneth Rae Says:

    And wouldn’t some of the Republicans elected really have lost ?

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