Not quite triple crowned.

Just saw an NBC commercial during Giants game on Monday May 17 today for the Preakness Stakes on Saturday. So it’s not just us working at home who forget what day it is.

While the investigation into Medina Spirit and the Kentucky Derby is ongoing, Bob Baffert won’t be allowed to run any horses in the Belmont. TBF, with different Derby & Preakness winners, does anyone care about the Belmont?

Anyone remember Little League when teams would try double steal w/ runners on 1st & 3rd? Point was just to stay in rundown long enough from 1st to let runner on 3rd score? SF Giants remembered it. Apparently Reds didn’t.

(Former Little League mom here, haven’t seen that in 20 yrs.)

So the same people who completely ignored what the CDC said about masks are now saying the CDC says it’s okay to take off masks. Got it.

Fox News headline “Josh Hawley’s ‘canceled’ book now a bestseller:” Not a Fox News headline “the Federal Election Commission data shows the Senate Conservatives Fund spent $64,750 in February for ‘donor books’ supporting Hawley.” Sure it’s just a coincidence.

This line from Liz Cheney’s interview with Jon Karl – on January 6 during the insurrection, she remembered looking across aisle & seeing Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.), who held up his phone and told her, “Liz, there’s a Confederate flag flying in the rotunda.” Yeah, tourists.

Apparently President Biden stayed in DC working all weekend. But many Americans missed it because he wasn’t tweet bragging about doing his job.

President Biden has vowed to send 20 million doses of US-approved Covid vaccines overseas. Will be interesting to see GOP & right-wing media try to spin this as not putting America first at same time they do nothing to encourage vaccine-hesitant Americans to get their shots.

None of us have any idea what Joel Greenberg has told prosecutors about Matt Gaetz. But feds don’t drop all but six of almost three dozen charges including sex trafficking of a minor against someone just because they feel like being nice guys.

So would some anti-abortion “conservative” like to answer this question: What happens if you refuse to be vaccinated and/or to wear a mask, and you transmit COVID to a pregnant woman?

So as Trevor Noah on The Daily Show talks about being vaccinated and not wearing masks, your reminder, most of the same people who demand the honor system for vaccines are absolutely against any honor system involving voting.

GOP thinks that everyone should carry an ID card to be able to vote. But telling everyone to carry a card as proof of vaccination is a privacy violation. Once again, pro life my a**.

Gosh, as big a story as guilty plea from Matt Gaetz associate Joel Greenberg is, for some reason Fox News website isn’t mentioning it at all. I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

So with the plea deal for Matt Gaetz’s friend, is Kevin McCarthy working with House Rules Committee to see about GOP members being able to vote by proxy from prison?

US taxpayers paid apparently almost $13,000 just in room nights at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi for Secret Service to accompany former “Senior White House Advisor” Jared Kushner on a May trip to the UAE. 50 nights at $259 each, room only.

Which doesn’t sound so bad unless you’re a travel agent. The regular non-discounted rate for king bedded rooms now at the Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi – AED 500 plus tax, totaling AED 577 a night. Or in USD, about $157.

(and a good travel agent can get that rate to include breakfast!)

Don’t think broadband is infrastructure? Try spending a day without internet. Don’t think child care and eldercare are infrastructure? Try juggling taking care of a kid or an aging parent while you’re working at home. (And don’t plan to get old yourself.)

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